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Guest Review > Holiday Spud

Mr. Potato Head is spruced up for the holidays with all new mix ‘n match parts for some Christmas fun!

Whenever a new Mr. Potato Head arrives, I am driven by some bizarre compulsion to go out and get him. Of course you might wonder why Hasbro is releasing Mr. Potato Head dressed up as a fir Christmas tree. Mr. Potato Head is no stranger to special Holiday editions. Hasbro has already covered Christmas with Santa Spud — a MPH dressed as Santa Claus, but rather than just release the same old potato they opted for a new idea!

Guest Review > SpudBob SquarePants

I have never been been much of a SpongeBob SquarePants fan. At most Ican only admit to having seen just a few episodes. The show itself is the only surviving Nickelodeon cartoon from the ’90s, having made its debut in May 1999 and is still in production today. I am however a huge fan of Mr. Potato Head, a passion that was reignited in my early adulthood and since then I have on and off collected all things spud.

Mr. Potato Head drops weight, goes from spud to stud

I missed this at Toy Fair, but apparently Hasbro unveiled a brand-new, slimmed down Mr. Potato Head called “Active Adventures Mr. Potato Head.” I’m all for encouraging kids to exercise more, but are we really going to blame the traditional Mr. Potato Head for encouraging childhood obesity?

That’s not fair. I’m making a logical fallacy here–just because Hasbro is introducing this “Active” Mr. Potato Head doesn’t mean they think the old MPH is a (ahem) couch potato. But still, this seems a bit like an excuse just to sell the public another Mr. Potato Head toy–and grab some good PR while they’re at it.

Also: maybe I’m just resistant to change, but I don’t like the pants. They look like maternity pants. The pants make him look fatter. Are we to assume that the classic MPH is so fat his pants are riding so low on his waistline only his shoes are visible? Or has he suddenly become sensitive about his spudity? I mean, nudity.

On a final note, who would you rather hang out with–MPH or NPH?

(Thanks to PrfktTear for the heads-up on this.)

Guest Post > Once Upon a Toy

When visiting Walt Disney World Resort and Theme Parks in Orlando Florida, there is no loss for things to do, especially for geeks. One could ride Pirates of the Caribbean for the five hundredth time, memorize every line to the Star Wars: Star Tours attraction, or have the highest score on every arcade game in the Polynesian’s game room. However, there is but one place of interest that is a must-see for toy collectors, and that is the Once Upon A Toy store located in Downtown Disney.

Toy news roundup, 2/2/09


  • G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra Super Bowl clip (TNI)
  • Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Super Bowl clip – I doubt I’ll see either of these films in theaters, unless you guys really want me to. I suppose a review or two might be fun, but be warned, I’m not particularly well-predisposed to these movies. (ENI)
  • If you haven’t seen it, here’s the Mr. Potato Head ad from the Super Bowl. It’s pretty cute. (Hulu)
  • I can’t get the video to work, but if you can, check out what is possibly my favorite Robot Chicken skit ever, starring MOTU’s Faker. (adult swim)
  • Since I’m such a whore for brown costume Wolverine, I’m toying with ordering the BBTS Marvel Select variant. Articulation looks like crap, though, and I hate that pre-posed torso. Also: why can’t anyone make non-warped Wolverine claws? SOTA got it right with Vega years ago. (Figures.com)
  • NECA to make Dead Space figures. Anyone played this game? Is it good? (Figures.com)
  • A nice history of Watchmen action figures. It sucks we never got those comic-based ones. Has it ever been confirmed that a falling out with Alan Moore was the reason the line was shelved? Also, I’d love a retro-styled Watchmen line like the one depicted in the original comic. (Cool Toy Review)
  • Something weird is going on over at Sideshow Toys. That’s all I know.
  • Jesse Falcon claims 6″ Marvel Legends line not dead. It’s just pining for the fjords. (Fwoosh)
  • Hasbro’s 66th Star Wars Q&A round-up. (Rebelscum)

Taters of the Lost Ark

Hi! Power Pal PrfktTear here. While I am the resident Transformers Guru, I’m also nuts about a certain little spud. With Transformers news in a lull since BotCon ’08, and over a month to go until the first Transformers: Animated toys hit shelves, I have a distant cousin, Mr. Potato head. Okay, he’s got nothing to do with Transformers, well, except that he’s made by Hasbro! Good enough!? Lets move on…

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