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Onell Designs’ Rig goes back on sale tonight

Just a heads-up, Onell Designs’ awesome Rig goes back on sale tonight at 9pm ET (this is the Mk II version, with blue highlights instead of green). I’ve got the first release, and it’s a great toy. I may just get this one too. The first one was $25, so I imagine this one will be as well.

Onell reveals Rig

Over on the Glyos Transmission Blog, Matt Doughty of Onell has unveiled the new Rig toy (which he was working on when I interviewed him a few months ago).

Outer Space Men Invade SDCC, Enact Strict Hygiene Laws

(OK, I added that last part.)

From the Horsemen Four:


The Four Horsemen are excited to announce their Outer Space Men Comic Con 2010 exclusives!

Dubbed the “Alpha Phase Waves”, each exclusive OSM character will be done in a color that represents them as they utilize their “phase” mode to secretly invade Comic Con. These color versions are completely different from their upcoming regular edition versions!

Interview > Matt Doughty, Part II (The Outer Space Men)

You can read Part I of this interview, about the history of Onell Design, here.

PG: So tell me how Outer Space Men came about.

MD: I love toys that go all the way back into the 1920s. Anything that was a toy, I was fascinated. The Outer Space Men came out after Major Matt Mason…

And they were supposed to be kind of like those old Remco He-Man knock-offs–“plays with” Major Matt Mason.

Exactly. But what happens when someone “knocks off” someone else but they are superior to it? That’s sort of unprecedented now. Outer Space Men was so damned cool, it would replace playing with Major Matt Mason.

Interview > Matt Doughty of Onell Design (Part I: Onell)

Real Name: Matt Doughty
Specialty: Toymaker
Base of Operations: Onell Design
History: Onell Design is a small, family run toy company that strives to create an environment filled with creative potential. Building out just a little bit every year, each person involved in the day to day operations does their work with a passion matched by a desire to connect with those that enjoy what Onell has to offer, however tiny it may be! Matt Doughty, Michelle Doughty and Marc Beaudette love running Onell, and it continues to grow only because of the incredible people out there who support all the crazy projects they get into! So get ready for more interchangeable figures, 8-bit games, special collaborations and sporadic blog posts as 2010 rolls on…and remember to stay creative!

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