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Quick Review > Mutant Gorilla (Papo)

I first came across this figure from this post on Toywalker’s Blog. Being a love of all things gorilla, I knew I had to own it – fortunately Amazon had it.

I don’t know anything about this toy line or why it includes a post-apocalyptic warrior ape, but it’s awesome. (Side note: there’s a whole bunch of weird animal-men from this line, some of which were reviewed by Rustin Parr over at OAFE.) The sculpt is excellent (although I absolutely hate┬áthat sneaker, for some reason), and the paint, as you can see, is very well done too. The sword is interchangeable with the axe, although only the sword can be sheathed on his back.

Sadly, the figure has no articulation at all, so it’s mostly just a neat shelf tchotchke.

Pic of the Day

Papo Tyrannosaurus Rex by Fran Moff

Pic of the Day

Accursed Dawn by Evil Cheese Scientist

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