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Pic of the Day > TMNT Classics Michelangelo by RobzyTMNT

TMNT Classics Michelangelo

Pic of the Day > Playmates Skeleton Warriors – Grimskull by Ed Speir IV

Playmates Skeleton Warriors - Grimskull

Pic of the Day > Taped-Fist Scientist by Geek Creek

Taped-Fist Scientist

Sightings > Jin Saotome’s Custom TMNT12 Slash

A new TMNT toy line, a new slew of Slash customs. Slash, the evil Turtle, remains one of the franchise’s most popular designs (despite never having gotten another toy after the original), so it didn’t take long to start seeing customs of him from the new toys. Customizer extraordinaire Jin Saotome enters the fray with this amazing piece. Click the photo or this link for more images.

Personally, I hope we get a Slash in the actual toy line – in fact, I hope the new cartoon really delves into the old Archie-verse. That seems like a rich treasure trove of characters and stories, especially since the 2003 series already covered so much of the Mirage era. Which is another way of saying I want updated versions of Slash, Ray Fillet, and Wingnut & Screwloose – hell, all the Mighty Mutanimals.

Getting back to the custom – I have to say, with that squat round head, toothy grin, beady eyes, and the bandanna ends trailing like ears, he reminds me more than a little of Max of Sam & Max fame.

Poe’s Review > Leonardo (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Classic Collection, Playmates)

One thing that has made it increasingly difficult for me to write reviews these days is that I’m often reviewing a character I’ve reviewed before. For me, the appeal of a review is often discussing the history of the character or the franchise, my own childhood memories and so forth. I’ve already covered all that for Leo and the rest of the TMNT in two previous reviews here and here, so I refer you to those if you want the flavor text. This review is going to get down to brass tacks.

Pic of the Day > Leo by HatRabies


Pic of the Day > Night Shadow Leonardo Side by Side by Infinite Hollywood

Night Shadow Leonardo Side by Side

Pic of the Day > The Yeti (Playmates Toys) by Jova Cheung

The Yeti (Playmates Toys)

Odds ‘n Ends > New Sponsor, Facebook Question, Turtles Classics Pics

  • New Sponsor: Please join me in welcoming our newest sponsor, Xenon Project. Xenon Project sells remote control and replica vehicles such as the Hawkspy Helicopter w/ Spy Camera, the Destroyer RC Boat, and the 1:18 Dark Knight Tumbler. I don’t collect RC stuff myself, but every year my family sponsors a family in need for Christmas, and this past year all the kids wanted RC helicopters, so if you’re into RC or know any kids who are, check out Xenon Project. And remember, my sponsors keep this site going, so the more you check out (and if the mood strikes you, order) their wares, the more you support PGPoA.
  • I’m trying to think of a way to add value to PGPoA’s Facebook page (without moving the site exclusively to Facebook which, fear not, I will never do). It’s the place I share any interested toy-related news I come across from my Facebook connections, but I’d like to make it more worth a visit. Anyone have any ideas? I was considering moving one of the regular features over there – maybe Toy Aisle Trolls – but I’d rather come up with something new. Something that would be worth checking the page out for if you’re on Facebook, but not so good that the people who don’t want to use Facebook feel like they’re missing out.
  • This came up in my post on the new DC MOTU comic, but I wanted to reiterate here that the new miniseries is a brand-new canon, and writer James Robinson is free to use any character from any of the various canons. So we could see the likes of Draego-Man or Vikor. It almost makes me wish they’d gotten Paul Dini to write it, as you just know he would have brought back Plundor and made him all badass.
  • If you haven’t seen them already, head over to Infinite Hollywood and check out the new close-up pics of the Turtles Classics Raphael. These come from Dave Cortes’s studio, so there’s no guarantee at all that the production figures will look this good, but there are some nice turnarounds that show off the articulation.

Odds ‘n Ends > Funko POP MOTU?, a TMNT Preview, Rise of the Beasts

  • On their Facebook page, Funko posted the following note on Wednesday: “Today, I just feel like, “I have the POWER”!!!” Could Funko POP Masters of the Universe figures be in the works? I think it’s a definitely possibility, for two reasons. First, we already know Mattel and Classic Media are making a big licensing push for the franchise’s 30th anniversary. And second, I suspect it might only require a deal with Classic Media for the Filmation cartoon rights to make the POP figures. I’m thinking this is happening. And I’m thinking I will buy them all.
  • Pixel Dan has an extremely early preview of Playmates’s new cartoon-based Michelangelo figure (not the Classic figures, just to be clear). I don’t think the figures themselves are due out until late summer.
  • PGPoA sponsor DinosaurToyVault has a big lot of G1 Transformers on sale. He’s going to be doing a big marketing push for these, so be sure to buy what you want now before the rush. And don’t forget, I’ve still got plenty of stuff at my own e-store. Ahem.
  • I was contacted by Plastic Dreams regarding a new Kickstarter project: Rise of the Beasts, a line of Battle Beasts-like  figures that will have movement at the shoulders and removable weapons. They look pretty neat, though I remain a cautiously wary of these indie projects that look so much like licensed toy lines. Best wishes to them, they all seem like great folks doing good work, but I’d feel better supporting something more original. (Yes, OMFG is very similar to M.U.S.C.L.E., but it’s not like there weren’t little PVC figures before M.U.S.C.L.E.–e.g., army men or Marx figures. These other lines are clearly inspired by the iconic designs of Crystar and Battle Beasts.) I’m much more interested in Backyard Legends’ plans for figure dioramas.

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