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He-Man Gets Even Bigger

That title is going to put my spam filter through a workout. Anyway, this seemed worth passing along…


Pop Culture Shock Collectibles Joins
with Mattel for 1:4th Scale Statues
of He-Man® and the Masters of the Universe®

LOS ANGELES, December 18, 2012– Pop Culture Shock Collectibles is proud to announce a licensing agreement with Mattel to bring 1:4 scale mixed media statues of characters from the most epic boys action brand of all time, He-Man® and the Masters of the Universe®, to die-hard collectors’ homes this year.

“Having spent many years bringing the warriors of Street Fighter & Mortal Kombat to sculptural life, I’m extremely excited to add He-Man and the Masters of the Universe to the Pop Culture Shock Collectibles lineup,” stated Jerry Macaluso, President and Founder of Pop Culture Shock Collectibles. “There are few characters that so perfectly embody the archetype of the hero, and He-Man is just that! He’s right at home with the other muscle-bound warriors in the PCSC stable.”

Sightings > Pop Culture Shock Collectibles Street Fighter Statues

A few weeks back, Jerry Macaluso, once of SOTA Toys, now of Pop Culture Shock Collectibles, was kind enough to answer a few questions about their never-produced line of 6″ Micronauts figures. So I’m returning the favor by highlighting this video of the company’s line of high-end Street Fighter statues. Though I’m not a statue collector, these do look like excellent pieces.

Sightings > A new He-Man statue in the works?

Pop Culture Shock Collectibles, whose founder is former SOTA head man and Face Off contestant Jerry Macaluso, has posted the above pic on their Facebook page, soliciting fan response as to which of the above they would most like to see as a statue.

It’s important to note the phrasing: “What would be your favorite style if Masters Of The Universe were done as 1:4 scale statues? Choose A, B, C or D” (my italics) So this may not be a done deal (I think it probably is, though).

Personally, my selection would be A. We’ve had a few semi-realistic statues from the Four Horsemen since the Millennium MOTU era, and I’m more likely to buy a purely Filmation He-Man (especially since it appears we won’t be getting one in MOTUC). But it seems to me that D seems to be winning. Anyway, go and cast your vote!

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