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Pic of the Day > Never On The First Date! by ridureyu

Never On The First Date!

Never On The First Date! by ridureyu

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The Four Horsemen are once again selling holiday editions of their Outer Space Men figures. The current set includes the Cyclops, Gemini and Orbitron.

Mattel released the packaging photo and bio for Jitsu earlier this week. Evidently Jitsu runs Snake Mountain after Skeletor leaves for space, which seems kind of out of left field to me. Was this solely for the “iron fist” joke? Because his fist is golden. Says right on the bio.

NECA Gets Valve General License

NECA lied to me.

OK, maybe that’s not quite true. They may have been telling the truth at the time, so far as they knew.

It was on April 20 of this year, when I asked them if they could make Portal 2 toys. Their response: “to date Valve does everything on their own, no outside licensing. We’d love to work on some of their titles, great stuff!”

Well, turns out Valve does do licensing, because NECA’s got it.

NECA Enters into Agreement to Produce Valve Consumer Products Based on Valve’s Game Properties

June 7, 2011 (Hillside, NJ) – The National Entertainment Collectibles Association, Inc. (NECA) announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Valve Corporation to produce consumer products based on all of Valve’s titles. Merchandise will include action figures, toys, board games, accessories, and apparel for all Valve properties. “When Valve approached us to make their content, characters and art come alive in the physical world we were of course excited at the possibilities,” said Joel Weinshanker, President of NECA Games, “We quickly realized that our two companies have a similar view on how to ensure products exceed expectations of devoted fans and are thankful to be working with them”.

About National Entertainment Collectibles Association (NECA)NECA INC. operates as a media and entertainment company in the US and internationally, with divisions dedicated to Consumer Products, Filmed Entertainment, and Online Retailing / Digital Distribution. The Consumer Products division is a leading manufacturer and distributor of entertainment related products, dominating the specialty market. The Filmed Entertainment division is investing in the production and distribution of content that will benefit from NECA’s unique and proprietary distribution and marketing model. The online division leverages NECA’s properties to provide an immersive, platform-agnostic entertainment experience through subscription and transactional models.

So…Portal 2 and Half-Life 2 action figures, anyone? What’s even better is NECA’s videogame figures typically get tons of articulation, so this we have some great toys to look forward to–never mind a full-size Turret replica, replica Portal Gun…

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