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Despite being old enough to own my own house, I still have a ton of junk in my parents’ attic. I’m slowly moving all of that stuff to my home. Occasionally I come across something fun, weird or amusing from my past. It Came From the Attic is a series of posts about these odds and ends.

For a while in the early 1990s, I went through a period where I did a lot of traveling. Between school and family trips, I visited a lot of places that had gift shops. Being the sort of person who needs a trinket, memento, bauble, trinket, knick-knack, or totem to commemorate every single thing that happens to me, during this time I had decided to collect keychains. This wouldn’t last – primarily because I stopped traveling as much – but it left me with a decent collection of keychains circa 1991-1994. And lucky you, you get to read about every single one of them!

Pic of the Day > Ren and Stimpy by DEADPOOLISTHEMAN316

Ren and Stimpy

Ren and Stimpy by DEADPOOLISTHEMAN316

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