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Review > Reforged Hun-Dred the Conqueror and Origin Enemy the Dictator (Robo Force, ToyFinity)


Six years ago, I wrote an article in ToyFare #132 about the 1980s toy line Robo Force. It was developed by the CBS Toy Company (formerly Ideal, who, side note, created the original Teddy Bear). Like dozens of toy lines in the 1980s it came and went fairly quickly. In my interview in ToyFare with Robo Force artist Paul Kirchner for ToyFare, he theorized that Transformers, which debuted at the same Toy Fair as Robo Force, crushed any chance Robo Force had.

However, in the 1980s even a short-lived toy line often had a production run that many modern toy companies would envy. And so many children had, among the assorted Transformers, He-Man or G.I. Joes in the toy box, an occasional Maxx Steele or Coptor.

New Robo Force figures on sale this Friday from ToyFinity

There will be a new Robo Force drop from ToyFinity this Friday! This time the figures come with paint applications and look absolutely fantastic. I’m getting increasingly excited about this line. It’s an interesting time – soon the Power Lords will be able to interact with Robo Force and Mordles, with Manglors waiting in the wings.

More info from ToyFinity about the drop below. –PG


Enemy the Dictator

Hello Zetonian Fans!

The next release of ROBO FORCE product will be this Friday, December 20th, at 9:30 pm Eastern Standard Time.

It has been a blast coming up with new colors for the Robo Force. The colorways in this release match the recent Onell Gendrone Rebellion/Ecroyex Initiative colors exactly, so you can upgrade your Robo Force with Glyos pieces (or vice versa)!

Odds ‘n Ends > Atari action figures, Robo Force comics, NECA stands, Bayformer Grimlock, Grayskull credit card issues


Odds ‘n Ends > SWB6″, Power Lords, Mordles & Robo Force, ReAction Figures


  • I hope you all enjoyed Star Wars Black Week! I’ll also be reviewing Han Solo, Leia and Greedo soon. And of course, don’t forget to enter our Trygg Poftu contest for a chance to win a Series 2 Boba Fett!
  • Our partner CollectionDX has had some great reviews recently, including OMFG! Series 3 and the Four Horsemen’s Power Lords Ggrapptikk, as well as the vintage Power Lords Sydot, which I owned as a kid (although I had the version with the chrome chestplate, and the non-chrome one never looks quite right to me).
  • ToyFinity has updates on their Mordles and Robo Force lines, as well as the news that the next Robo Force drop will feature more paint apps on Maxx Zero (née Maxx Steele, but Mattel’s trademark on the name nixed that). I missed the drop for the gray Maxx, a mistake I shall not repeat next time. One interesting tidbit about Maxx, according to Matt Doughty (who aided ToyFinity’s John Kent in the figure’s development), is that there are lots of secret builds in Maxx’s design “from old Tomy robots, ZOIDS and Zeroids to the Trapping Rigs used by our own Rechlen and Aves.”
  • I went ahead and pre-ordered the Alien from Super7/Funko’s ReAction series. Now that they’ve announced all those licenses for ReAction, I just have to try one. Doing vintage-style 3.75″ figures as a kind of retro-aesthetic for both classic and modern properties seems like the most obvious thing in the world now. I think the price tag might limit their collectability, unless Funko can get them down into the $10-$12 range like their POP line. But certain figures, like the Alien, will be hot sellers.

Odds ‘n Ends > Robo Force, SWB6″ Han Solo production pics, Castle Grayskull


  • ToyFinity has released the first photo of its Glyos-compatible Robo Force figures. An orange “test-shot” preview version of Maxx Steele will be available at NYCC this weekend. ToyFinity will also have three new colors of Mordles and the all-new jumbo-sized Mordle available (and all will be made available online later).
  • At Hasbro’s “Twas the Night Before…” party on Wednesday night, they gave out free samples of Star Wars Black 6″ and Ron of ActionFigurePics got Han Solo. How I hate him. The good news is, I was worried about how this head sculpt would come out – the prototype seemed a little David Duchovny-y – but it seems to have turned out pretty well.
  • Here’s an update from ToyGuru on Castle Grayskull.
  • Speaking of MOTUC, here are a couple more reveals – Flogg and what appears to be a battle-damaged, Terminator-style Faker head, probably part of a rumored “head pack.” Check out the pics here.
  • Please welcome new PGPoA sponsor Nerd Rage Toys, who happen to have Star Wars Black 6″ available for pre-order.
  • Cool links: Dinosaur Dracula has a write-up on obscure Freddy Krueger merchandise and the giant, random Gorzak toy from the 1990s; Nerditis reviews the Heap from McFarlane Toys.

Interview > DoctorKent of Toyfinity talks new Robo Force



Code Name: DoctorKent, Doc Kent, or the Doctor
Real Name: John Kent
Base of Operations: Planet Uzalek, home of the Mordles. Also Toyfinity.com.
History: the journey to Toyfinity started for John Kent as it did for so many kids of the 70s – with Star Wars. Over the years, he collected the big lines – Joe, Transformers, MOTU – and the obscure – such as Rocks and Bugs and Things (RBT), Roadblasters, and Wheeled Warriors.

After closing the only officially-endorsed site about RBT on the Internet, John formed Toyfinity.com with Charlie Parry to help people see the connective tissues that run through every toy since Barbie. Moderator of the Glyos forum on October Toys and Producer of three full-length films (including the currently filming APOCALYPSE KISS), Doc Kent fights to bring information and entertainment to the people and propagate the legacy of Robo Force and Mordles!

Sightings > Rare Robo Force Figure “Tiltor” Unearthed

First off, big thanks to Battlegrip for pointing this out. It had totally flown under my radar.

As longtime Poesters are no doubt aware, I’m a big fan of the 1984 Ideal toy line Robo Force. They were fun, if somewhat goofy, robot figures with suction cups and accordion arms that could “grasp” when a button was pushed on the back. I wrote an article about them for ToyFare years ago where I interviewed Paul Kirchner, one of the creators behind the line. The article had a sidebar about unproduced Robo Force toys, including Tiltor, the Changer.

The line was quickly pushed out of the market by the juggernaut that was Transformers, but apparently at least one Tiltor did make it out into the wild somehow. A collector and diehard Robo Force fan found one on eBay – for twenty-five bucks. You can see the story of the discovery of the figure here, along with plenty of photos. Then head over to Roboplastic Apocalypse for a transcript of a podcast wherein the saga of Robo Force and Tiltor is discussed at length. Like, at. length. But I kid – it’s a great, fun read.

Vintage Toy Ads > Robo-Force

Man, did I love these toys as a kid. Maxx Steele and Hun-Dred were my favorites, but there were lots of other great ones. I wrote an article about these for ToyFare way back in issue #132.

Toy review roundup (via Fanmode), 1/24/09

fanmode-copy yo go re reviews the Mattel DC Universe Classics Green Lantern figure. Excerpt: “… Hal Jordan isn’t much of a character; this mundane action figure suits him perfectly.” (See also.)

Thomas Wheeler reviews the Mattel DC Universe Classics Harley Quinn figure. Excerpt: “… this is one very impressive figure.” (See also.)

yo go re reviews the Hasbro G.I. Joe Flint (Cobra disguise version) figure. Excerpt: “… this is a good toy, even if it is everything we’ve seen before.” (See also.)



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