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Get it off! GET IT OFF! / So, he's NOT the droid, or...?

It Figures > Droids, Part 3

It Figures returns for a special one-week engagement in honor of Star Wars Black Week!

Get it off! GET IT OFF! / So, he's NOT the droid, or...?

Pic of the Day

Robot Chicken Humping Robot

Robot Chicken Humping Robot by Rayne Creations

Odds ‘n Ends > Manwich Edition

  • The Dread Axes are almost gone (as in, there’s currently 1 left!), and we will be doing a second run. Thanks to all who helped make this exclusive a success! Sadly, Faker remains unpurchased.
  • In even better news, Spy Monkey and I are now discussing the possibility of a new item as the next exclusive. Nothing’s set in stone yet, but it’s an item I’ve wanted for a while now, and I think a lot of fans will like it too.
  • I’m impressed to see Mer-Man has, as of right now, overtaken Hordak in the “Least Popular Real Name” contest. I guess that’s what comes of having your name refer to a completely different-looking species–like if my real name were “Fox King.” Wait–that’d be awesome. Never mind.
  • Entertainment Earth has teamed up with Toys R’ Us’s website to create a “Collector Store,” and they’ll even be offering their SDCC exclusives (starting July 21). I’m not sure how this partnership came about, but clearly the fans win.
  • On a related note, Jazwares is offering their first Robot Chicken figure as an SDCC exclusive: the Convention Nerd. I decided I need to have him to hang out with Mo-Larr. He’ll also be available on Toys R’ Us.com on 7/21.
  • Does anyone else find it vaguely surreal we’re getting new Futurama episodes every week?

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