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Final Thoughts: Mattel’s SDCC Reveals


Hey guys, I want to thank all of you – everybody who corrected my flubs, everyone who posted and brought the conversation, all you readers, and Mr. Poe Ghostal for giving me this awesome opportunity!  Remember to check out my regular column at Nerditis – Life In Plastic runs on Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays.  Okay, self-shilling is over.

Mattel’s showing this week was going to be huge, no matter what.  With the company’s recent horrible financial fortunes, we have to wonder just what the future holds for these low-print run, low-profit margin fan-pandering lines like DC universe or Masters of the Universe Classics.  And we know that MOTUC is nearing the natural end of its lifespan, and the next two years have been redesigned to give it a grand finale (even if it survives past 2015, the idea is to wrap up all the vintage heavy-hitters by then).  So their showing this year is hugely important, and I’ll spend more time on it than DC.  But let’s talk Mattel at the Con…

Final Thoughts: NECA’s SDCC Reveals


Well, the con is winding down, and everybody’s shared all their secrets.  Since I am currently embroiled in an illicit affair with NECA (or so my critics say!), I feel I should give my final thoughts on their reveals this week.

The Return of MUSCLE?


For the second year in a row, Mattel has teased the return of MUSCLE to store shelves.   Please read on after the break.

SDCC: A Whole Buncha Star Wars Updates

Well, I mentioned these earlier, but now I’ve got images!  Look for them after the break.

Gothitropolis Ravens Update: The Screaming Eagle!




Well, we’re still about $9K off from unlocking it, but the last of the Ravens figures – the secret one – has been revealed to be a Screaming Bald Eagle!  In red, white, and blue colors! And yes, the Horsemen are thinking of giving him a tattered American flag.  So, since I picked Quetzalcoatl, does this make me a bad person?

As always, go here for the kickstarter.

DC Collectibles Panel News


Okay, this is NOT Mattel’s DC figures!  I got it this time, I promise!

So, from their Panel, we’ve got some news!

-The 50th Batman Black & White statue is going to come out.  And wow!  I never would have thought it could last that long!  Is there somebody out there who’s got each one?

-Speaking of statues, they have a lot coming up.  Greg Capullo Batman & The Joker, Man of Steel, Wonder Woman, and all sorts of other stuff.

TMNT News From Last Night’s Panel


Well, now that Mattel’s shown off its stuff, let’s have a look at the Playmates panel!

-To start with, Bebop and Rocksteady are coming some time in the Fall.  Probably Winter, but they haven’t been cancelled!

-And Series 3 of the Classics?  Movie turtles.  Not Shredder, Splinter, or anybody else.  Turtle variants.  Well, at least we got Rocksteady.

GI Joe Interview with Derryl DePriest: GI Joe Will Continue

Well, here is an interview with one of the GI Joe people, and there are a few important things that you can clean from it.

1. Retaliation merchandise is really only going to last for this year, and

2. They have plans for next year, including a 50th Anniversary plan.

Star Wars Black Series 2 – 6″ and 3 3/4″



Courtesy of Jedi Insider

So, is it Star Wars Black, or Star Wars Blecch?  Series 2 of the 6-inchers is confirmed to have Han Solo (finally), Slave Leia (A good thing, or exploitation of women?), Boba Fett (just not the exclusive), and Greedo (A good thing, or exploitation of Rodians?).  So, now we know for sure that Fett isn’t just a  con exclusive, and we are indeed getting our Han Solo!

Discussion Time: Modulok


Thanks, Fwoosh!

Well, now we know that Modulok is coming to MOTUC.  And not just that, but all of his limbs will be removable, just like the original figure!  So it makes me wonder a few things: How do you think it will turn out?  I can imagine a few results:

1. Modulok will be just great.

2. Modulok’s plastic will be too soft, and begin to stress and tear.

3. Modulok’s plastic will be too hard, and eventually crack from the strain.

4. Modulok’s pegs will be too tight, and take undue effort to remove – and stress and tear.

5. Modulok’s pegs will be too loose, and fall off.

But either way, I suggest we complain that Modulok’s shoulders are reversed!

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