From MU Collector Club:

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    Hey guys back from con and spoke to Dwight Stall Product Design manager and he said Return of ML will cancel and become something else after the Jubilee BaF wave. He said they are basically gonna follow the Iron Man/Wolverine type waves for every Movie coming out. In the next couple days he said they’ll reveal some figures from the Amazing Spiderman 2 ML wave and Captain America Winter Soldier Wave, very exciting news. This will give us a wide variety of characters. He said they’ll be releasing a wave for Guardians of the Galaxy, Xmen Days of the future past and and Ant man.


Likewise, apparently Marvel universe is going to be folded into only movie tie-in lines, too.  If this is true – and I won’t say for certain until a Hasbro rep says it – then it’s not a terrible surprise, since MU’s distribution has been crazy-awful and haphazard lately.  So, now what?  Will the movie figures all have 5 POA, or will they be MU-quality?  And if marvel Legends is going down, too, what will this do to the quality of the line?  Regardless, if it is being cancelled, it’s had a surprisingly good run – and even a revival!  So I can’t claim that ML is getting killed off too soon, but… I don’t know.  It feels sad, like the end of an era.  Marvel Legends was really what championed the 6″ scale into the massive juggernaut it is today, so seeing it go is very sad.