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Odds ‘n Ends > New Review Archive, Reviewing Samples Update

  • I should be able to announce the winner of the Diamond Select Spider-Man contest very soon…just waiting on FOTD to pick the winner. I will say these Mad Libs contests take forever to cut-and-paste…gotta figure out a mail merge or something.
  • I’ve finally updated the Review Archive into the searchable, versatile format I’ve always wanted. It’s completely comprehensive, covering ten years’ worth of my reviews across numerous websites (the current total is 327 reviews, incidentally, with an additional nineteen guest reviews here on PGPoA). Give it a test drive, try out the search function, let me know what you think! And of course, let me know if you find any problems or omissions. Thanks to NoisyDvL5 of IAT for the recommendation of the WP-Table Reloaded plugin.
  • The “Reviewing Samples” series has proven to be more popular than I expected. There are a few more posts coming, including one where I round up reader responses (although we’ve already received a lot of those in the comments on the actual posts).
  • Pixel Dan has been posting video reviews of all of Mattel’s SDCC exclusives. You can find them all at his website, but for the lazy, here’s Dana as Zuul, DKR MM Bruce Wayne to Batman, and good ol’ Vykron.

Tamashii Nations Unveils “Comic-Con Explosion Godzilla” S.H.MonsterArts Exclusive

Tamashii Nations has released information and pics about their S.H.MonsterArts exclusive, “Comic-Con Explosion Godzilla”!

Tamashii Nations’s Facebook page will also have a S.H. Monster Arts survey, starting today and running for one week, to help determine future releases and the direction to take the Monster Arts line.  There will be some Western monsters on the list including more obscure choices like Pokemon.

Box art by Yasushi Torisawa

TN will post more information concerning this year’s SDCC plans, including a number of un-announced prototypes for the various Tamashii Nations lines, on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

More info on the exclusive after the jump!

Mattycollector Online SDCC Exclusives Go on Sale at 12pm ET

Just a reminder, the Mattel SDCC exclusives go on sale at 12pm ET (9am PT) today.

Here’s the all-in-one page. Good luck all!

Live-blogging the Mattypalooza Panel

Update: images from the panel available at TNI.

Thanks to the texting efforts of Rustin Parr, I’ll be live-blogging the Mattypalooza panel. Click your refresh button (or F5) for updates.

Mattycollector SDCC Pre-Sale

I forgot that today is the day for the Mattycollector SDCC pre-sale, which is going on now. Looks like the White Screen of Death (WSOD) is back. How’s it going for those of you who are trying to pre-order?

Odds ‘n Ends > July 8, 2011

  • As you may have noticed, I’ve reinstated the Poester Gallery forum. It’s less comprehensive than the old one, based on the fact that most of you seem to prefer doing your discussion here on the blog, but I wanted to give you all somewhere to discuss topics I’m not covering. You do need to register to use it–however, you may already have registered for the site via the forum format I used two forums ago, so you may just need to get a password reminder. If that makes any sense.
  • I’m going to give you to the end of the weekend to enter the contest for the three-of-a-kind Poehammer. The contest ends at 11:59pm ET this Sunday.
  • Nomad of the Idle Hands blog has a fantastic, comprehensive list of SDCC 2011 exclusives. Which do you think is the best? While it’s not the one I’m most excited for personally, I think the Starscream Skystriker takes the cake. It’s the perfect exclusive–an awesome repaint that isn’t necessarily a must-have item for your collection (i.e., a unique character, a la Queen Marlena).
  • There seem to be a ton of toy-related online video shows and podcasts these days. I have to admit I am just not that into them–I prefer reading. I can read faster than a person can talk, and I have complete control over how fast and how thoroughly I read an article or review. But I’m curious–do people watch a lot of videos and/or listen to a lot of podcasts? Is this something I should be getting more into?

Ask Mattel > Answers for July 1, 2011

1.) Zach asks: Many fans, myself included, purchased all four of the Ghostbusters (including slimed Peter) when they were first released. None of these Ghostbusters came with a proton stream accessory. When will fans be able to purchase a set of 4 proton streams to go with our Ghostbusters figures?

No, there are no plans to offer the Proton Streams right now outside of that Peter figure. For the Ghostbusters line the accessories are often a selling point for the figures so we will not offering them in another format at this time.

2.) wilyjeff asks: Hasbro has clearly found a winning method of producing 3.75″ figures that are fun, detailed, highly articulated, loaded with accessories, and affordable, across both their own properties (G.I. Joe) and licensed ones (Marvel), that appeal to kids and collectors alike. Does Mattel pay attention to the production and/or marketing strategies of its competition in the boy’s action figure aisle?

Ask Mattel > Answers for June 15, 2011

1.) Josh asks: The WWE figures utilize the basic, elite, and defining moments methods of selling figures and different price points. Would this model ever be considered for DCUC to get more “deluxe” versions of figures? For instance, a Superman with a cloth cape or even a Clark Kent outfit; A batman with cloth cape and accessories.

Always a possibility but nothing is planned right now.

2.) Chris asks: Regarding WWE,the knee and elbow pads restrict movement. Would it be possible to switch to a more sponge like material that would allow free movement but retain it’s natural shape?

Attack of the Show to Queen Marlena: Drop dead.

Is the post title uncalled for? I don’t think so. Poor Queen Marlena.

It looks like AFOS wins the contest, since he guessed Marlena and Stay Puft. A few other people got one right, but not two. AFOS, shoot me an email to poe AT poeghostal.com and I’ll set you up with the gift certificate.

ItsAllTrue.net has some good screencaps of the video. Mattycollector/Facebook will presumably offer better pics later today.

More info from ToyGuru and my own thoughts on the reveals after the jump.

Odds ‘n Ends + Big Mattel SDCC Reveal tonight (maybe) + contest

  • In theory, Mattel’s summer SDCC exclusives will be announced tonight on G4’s Attack of the Show. I’ll be busy at that time, so you won’t get my commentary until late tonight. Feel free to use this post as a discussion thread until then. That’s assuming G4 actually airs the segment tonight, but either way, Mattel says they’ll announce the exclusives on Mattycollector.com on Friday.
  • Just for the heck of it: write down as many guesses as you have for the exclusives (across all lines) and I’ll send the one who gets the most right a $15 Amazon gift certificate. If you already know any of them, though, be fair and don’t play. Power Pals also excluded.
  • I still have a gigantic pile of stuff I have to review. I ended up just opening some of it and skipping the review, most notably DCUC Wave 16. I’ve been considering doing less organized reviews, and rather just sort of talking about the toys and characters in general (with plenty of pics). Do people prefer the more organized reviews–do you come for the articulation stats, the assessment of the paint and so forth? Or would pictures + general commentary do the job?
  • As I believe I’ve been hinting, PGPoA is due for a big update in just a few weeks. In the meantime, updates may be a bit spottier than usual.
  • I finished my second playthrough of Dragon Age II last week, and my feelings remain pretty mixed. The story, while thin, did present some tough choices, but the design & gameplay were lacking (I especially hated the repeated locations–the tract-housing mansions–which seemed very late 1990s to me).
  • On a final note, I asked NECA on their Twitter account whether we might see some Portal 2 toys from them. It seems Valve prefers to do their merchandising in-house. Bit of a bummer, but maybe they’ll create some Portal 2 toys of their own (they do have some plush toys).
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