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I love the Tick. For one thing, he was invented just a few towns over from where I grew up. In 1986, teenager Ben Edlund created the Tick as a mascot for New England Comics, the chain of comic shops I frequented as a kid (and still patronize today). His appearances expanded into stories in eventually, in 1988, a comic book, which has been published at odd intervals ever since and inspired a number of spin-offs including the Chainsaw Vigilante, Paul the Samurai, and the Man-Eating Cow.

Like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Tick was an independent comic book character whose black-and-white comics were later turned into a popular cartoon in the mid-1990s. The cartoon was largely faithful to the look and spirit of the comics and would become a cult classic in its own right. Finally, in 2001 there was a short-lived live-action series starring the ubiquitous Patrick Warburton as the title character. Ben Edlund, by the way, would go on to work on such geek-beloved projects as Firefly, Angel, and Supernatural, and had a hand in the creation of The Venture Bros.

As you’d imagine with a Saturday morning cartoon character, there have been plenty of Tick toys. Most of them were created in Bandai in the mid-1990s, and while the toys were fun, they were also fairly under-articulated, even for the time. Years later, N2 toys squandered the success they’d had with their mediocre Matrix line by sinking it into an even-worse line of live-action Tick figures (one of my worst-reviewed toys ever). Legend has it the line bombed so bad, it’s why N2 changed their name to Mirage Toys. (I don’t know what happened to the company after that–is it still around?)

Toy review roundup (via Fanmode)

fanmode-copy Artemis reviews the Diamond Select Toys Star Trek Deep Space Nine Chief Miles O’Brien figure. Excerpt: “This figure could’ve been better – and hopefully someday DS/AA will revisit him with a sleeves-up version, and give the head another try – but it’s good enough.”

Artemis reviews the Playmates Toys Star Trek Warp Collection Cadet Chekov 6-inch figure. Excerpt: “… there’s not a lot that says Star Trek about this figure, and aside from the lack of leg joints, that’s really the biggest weakness it has to deal with.”

Scott Rubin reviews the Playmates Toys Terminator Salvation T-R.I.P 3¾-inch-scale figure. Excerpt: “It’s got the looks and the size, just lacking a little in the articulation and accessory departments.” (See also.)

Toy review roundup (via Fanmode)

fanmode-copy Michael Crawford reviews the Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics Mer-Man Mattycollector.com exclusive figure. Excerpt: “… my favorite of the series so far, and in hand, really impresses me with it’s quality and design … But in the end, it’s still tough to say it’s worth a whopping twenty bucks plus shipping.”

Poe Ghostal reviews the Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics Mer-Man Mattycollector.com exclusive figure. Excerpt: “… the great sculpt, excellent accessories and interchangeable head make him a must-buy.”

Nathan Newell reviews the Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics Mer-Man Mattycollector.com exclusive figure. Excerpt: “… another fantastic showing for The Four Horsemen and Mattel.”

Toy review roundup (via Fanmode)

fanmode-copy yo go re reviews the Shocker Toys Indie Spotlight Kabuki figure. Excerpt: “… Shocker Toys did a better job on these toys than anyone expected they would.”

Michael Crawford reviews the Playmates Toys Terminator Salvation T-600, T-700, T-R.I.P and Marcus (Battle Damage version) 3¾-inch-scale figures. Excerpt: “These are quite a bit better than the 3 3/4″ Star Trek line from Playmates, also on pegs right now, and they’re a bit better than I’ve seen most folks giving them credit for.” (See also.)

Philip Reed reviews the Hasbro Marvel Universe The Thing figure. Excerpt: “… if it wasn’t for The Thing’s articulation this would be a great action figure.”

Toy review roundup (via Fanmode)

fanmode-copy Corey Tincher reviews the Shocker Toys Indie Spotlight ShadowHawk (variant) figure. Excerpt: “You’re … getting a character in plastic form that you would probably otherwise never see, so paying a little extra premium is more reasonable.”

Nathan Newell reviews the Shocker Toys Indie Spotlight Scud (Sol version) figure. Excerpt: “… a pretty solid figure.”

yo go re reviews the Diamond Select Toys Marvel Select Anti-Venom figure. Excerpt: “The Marvel Select figure isn’t as articulated as it could be, of course, but it’s still … more than acceptable …”

News round-up, 12/1/08

Merry Christmas-time, everyone! Or happy holidays, if you are of a non-Christmas-celebrating persuasion. Or happy secular time of celebration, good will and consumerism for you atheists.

You’ve no doubt noticed we’ve made a few little design changes to the site. Hope you like it! I want to thank webmaster OB1 for his tireless work on the site. Let us know if there’s anything you particularly like or don’t like–PGPoA is a continuing work-in-progress.

And now on to your regularly scheduled news…

  • Add comic book writer Gail Simone to the list of people who have had dust-ups with Shocker Toys. Somehow the topic came up at Simone’s creator forum at Comic Book Resources, Shocker Toys responded and the situation escalated from there. (via RTM)
  • Can anyone explain this Shortpacked to me? Wait–never mind, Willis did it himself. (Toynewsi)
  • The Marvel Legends Nemesis wave pops up overseas. Is a new avatar for OAFE‘s yo go re in the cards? (Action-Figure)
  • MOTUC He-Man and Beast Man go on sale at 12 p.m. EST today on Mattycollector.com. I’m hoping to have another post about this topic up later today.
  • Hisstank has in-hand photos of the G.I. Joe: Resolute Duke, Cobra Commander, Cobra Trooper and Blowtorch figures.

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