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Saved Photos-444

Joes For Tots > Sponsorship Spotlight: Sideshow Collectibles

If you haven’t entered Joes For Tots yet, you’re simply crazy. With all the great stuff from sponsors like Sideshow Collectibles (who donated a 12″ Cobra Commander), how could you not enter? Why don’t we check out some of the other cool stuff that Sideshow has to offer why we reflect on our sanity:

Holiday Guide


Don’t know what to get that nerd that has everything? Sideshow’s got a guide to try to help you out. I can give you a hint right now, though. Nothing from Bath and Body Works.

Shrines, Temples, and Stations

I know a number of you have admired the Moore Action Figure Display Base I’ve used to display some figures of my collection. Unfortunately, the thing is so rare as to be almost legendary.

However, I recently came across something that may serve in a pinch. It ain’t cheap, but your figures–be they 3 ¾”, 6″ or 12″–will look awesome on it.

It’s the Shrine of Dagon 12″ “figure environment” from Sideshow.

It’s designed for 12″ figures, but the nature of the design should look good with pretty much any sort of figure. After all, it’s the Shrine of Dagon, and we’re clearly talking H.P. Lovecraft’s Dagon and not the original Levantine deity, so the Cyclopean scale of the base compared to smaller figures is altogether fitting.

Toy review roundup (via Fanmode)

fanmode-copy Michael Crawford reviews the Sideshow Collectibles Star Wars Militaries of Star Wars Republic Clone Trooper (212th Attack Battalion: Utapau version) Sideshow exclusive 1/6-scale figure. Excerpt: “… this is easily the lamest exclusive ever produced by Sideshow.”

yo go re reviews the Hasbro Star Wars 30th Anniversary Collection Battle-Damaged Darth Vader figure from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Excerpt: “The attachable armor isn’t the greatest example ever, but the toy is still fun, and there’s never been a Vader like it before.” (See also.)

Corey Tincher reviews the Mattel DC Universe Classics Parademon (green and yellow version) figure. Excerpt: “… a surprisingly great figure …”

Paul’s Peg > A Star Wars and G.I. Joe News Brief

Hey y’all I know you’re all wrapped up in your He-Mans and Batmans news round these parts, but I figured that we needed a little Star Wars and G.I. Joe loving. There are three quick pieces of G.I. Joe and Star Wars news that I’ll hit you up with and then we can get back to other matters:

Win a Sideshow Stormtrooper – Yep, you heard that right. You can win your very own 12″ Storm Trooper. Better get your entry in now, the contest ends on May 14th.


Ice Viper – Hiss Tank.com has a few images of the Ice Viper figure from upcoming live action film G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra. This is notable for two reasons: 1. It’s the first Rise of Cobra figure I’ve actually wanted and 2. It’s odd that the missile he comes with is a modified missile from the Cobra Wolf vehicle. Could we see a rerelease in the future? Probably not, but I’d like to hope so.

Cobra Ferret – Also on Hiss Tank is a prototype of the Cobra Ferret, which doesn’t feature the horrid spring loaded missile launcher found on the tie-in movie vehicle. It’s a guaranteed purchase for me if they can get rid of that thing or at least make it removable.

Toy Review Roundup (via Fanmode)

fanmode-copy Corey Tincher reviews the Mattel DC Universe Classics Ocean Warrior Aquaman figure. Excerpt: “This is just an ugly costume, and they matched it quite well, meaning it’s an ugly figure too.”

Poe Ghostal reviews the Mattel DC Universe Classics Ocean Warrior Aquaman figure. Excerpt: “… because of the odd way Aquaman is hunched in the package, my Aquaman’s head was completely locked in a ‘looking up” position.”

Poe Ghostal reviews the Mattel DC Universe Classics Booster Gold (modern variant) figure. Excerpt: “… one of the best-looking DCUC figures to date.”

Toy review roundup (via Fanmode)

fanmode-copy EVA Unit 4A reviews the Bandai Macross Origin of Valkyrie VF-1J Valkyrie (Ichijo Hikaru type) 1/55-scale figure. Excerpt: “I still love the Takatoku Toys 1/55-scale sets, and this VF-1J Valkyrie (Ichijyo ver.) is no exception.”

EVA Unit 4A reviews the Bandai Macross Origin of Valkyrie VF-1S Valkyrie (Roy Focker type) 1/55-scale figure. Excerpt: “While my 1990 reissue will remain a treasured founding piece in my own collection, the Origin of Valkyrie line allows me to appreciate the quality of the design once more from a collector’s standpoint.”

Corey Tincher reviews the Mattel DC Universe Classics Blue Beetle figure. Excerpt: “This toy does Blue Beetle some of the justice he deserves by giving fans a little something to hold on to.”

Sideshow Shows Off How Awesome They Are

Sideshow Collectibles recently posted a picture featuring several of their Stormtroopers, a Darth Vader, an Imperial Officer, and a couple of very unlucky Rebel Fleet Troopers. It’s flipping awesome sauce and makes me wish I was amazingly rich so I could set up something like it.


Sideshow, please more dios like this. If I can’t own them, I’d at least like to drool over some mighty fine pictures. Or maybe you can just send me and Poe your figures to make our own pictures to promote your stuff. What do you say? Huh? Huh?

Sideshow’s Recon at Waypoint 12

For those lucky enough to get a one of the radical Sideshow Snake Eyes figures, be prepared to be at least tempted by their mini-dio that comes with…wait for it…Timber!


As much as I like little pieces to add flavor to a toy collection, I could live without the wall section if I had the figure. Still, the prospect of owning a Timber to go with the crazy cool Snake Eyes would be hard to pass up. I wonder how many collectors will be willing to drop $129.99 in this economy for what boils down to an accessory. I also wonder if they’ll ever make a Timber that looks a little less menacing for Saturday picnic dios. Maybe one that included a Frisbee in his mouth? Is that too much to ask for?

Check it out at Sideshow’s site.

Toy review roundup (via Fanmode)

fanmode-copy Newton Gimmick reviews the Character Options Doctor Who Cyberman (The Invasion version) figure. Excerpt: “Who wouldn’t want a tin foil robot with an accordion shoved on his chest?” (See also.)

Michael Crawford reviews the Sideshow Collectibles Star Wars Militaries of Star Wars Imperial Stormtrooper Sideshow exclusive 1/6-scale figure. Excerpt: “If you’re pickier than I am about the extreme accuracy of your Star Wars troopers, you may not be as happy, but I suspect most people will love this guy.”

Updatedude reviews the Hasbro G.I. Joe Firefly (2009 version) figure. Excerpt: “He’s not quite in the league of MRS figures, but that’s primarily due to the limitations of not having swivel thighs.”

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