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Vintage Month > Homer Simpson (Mattel, 1990)

Playmates’ run of Simpsons action figures back in the early years of the decade is the gold standard for toys of the show. They produced (almost) every major character from the show, and a whole heck of a lot of minor ones too. More recently, McFarlane Toys offered a different take on the license with dioramas depicting famous Simpsons moments.

But as much as I enjoyed these lines (particularly Playmates’), I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for Mattel’s early effort in 1990. The short-lived line still offers the most articulated figures of the Simpsons ever made.

The sculpting isn’t as spot-on to the show as Playmates’ work, though, and the figures had an odd feature–they came with little plastic word balloons that could be plugged into a hole in the characters’ soft, hollow heads. You could swap out the cardboard cards with different sayings, and best of all, the cards were blank on the back, allowing you to write in whatever classics Simpsons bon mot you wanted. Homer’s other accessories were a radiation hood and an inanimate carbon rod.

The line included the Simpsons family, as well as a “Bartman” figure and a Nelson Muntz (who represented the typical action figure line “villain,” I guess). There was also a purple couch and TV playset. I used to have them all, then stupidly sold them sometime during college, in the early days of eBay. I’ve since picked up a Homer, and someday may try to track the rest of them down.

Toy news roundup, 1/28/09


  • Skeletor is sold out. Damn, that was fast. Bodes well for MOTUC, though. (Mattycollector)
  • Go Hero is making a Commando Cody 1:6 figure, which I find interesting mostly because CC was featured in a number of Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes. Incidentally, where the hell are my MST3K figures, world?! (Figures.com)
  • More pics of Terminator: Salvation toys by Playmates…that thing with the treads will look great next to my 1988 Kenner Ed-260. Y’know, I feel kind of bad for picking on Playmates, since they produced the excellent and beloved TMNT line and the popular Simpsons figures, but these are inexcusable in this day and age. (Figures.com)
  • Diamond Select Toys’ latest Q&A. (Art Asylum)
  • Dude, this Star Wars horror novel’s cover totally ripped off my Odds ‘n Ends pic. Ha ha! Okay not really. (Topless Robot)

Odds ‘n Ends


  • While you can’t order MOTUC Beast Man or He-Man off Mattycollector.com anymore, on Mattel’s Facebook page they wrote, “with only a few hundred units left, we wanted to close down sales so we can have just handful for NYCC and SDCC to help spread the word on this amazing toy line at the summer conventions.” I’m glad Mattel appearsĀ  to have met their sales goals with this line–it bodes well for its future.
  • The wait for my shipment of DCUC6 is just starting to get to me. After my ordeal with DCUC5, I knew I’d be OK for a while after wave six start popping up at retail. But now with the news that all we’re waiting on is for Mattel to get one last figure in, I’m getting a wee bit impatient, especially when I see all the great photos.
  • Just as the coolness of the Deathstroke figure got me buying some Teen Titans trades and back issues of his eponymous 1990s series, I grabbed Showcase Presents Hawkman and The Greatest Shazam! Stories Ever Told. I have to say, though, Hawkman has the most convoluted continuity issues of any character in the DCU (and that’s saying something).
  • There’s been a ton of speculation as to what the mysterious new Mattel 6″ property will be, but we now know a few things for certain: it’s not any of the Horsemen’s original properties, and it’s not Thundercats or WWE. Nonetheless, the Horsemen “can guarantee that there will be a LOT of excited fanboys.” They also say they bet we won’t guess it. According to Mattel, the first figure will be available at SDCC. I thought perhaps it might be Movie Masters Watchmen, but that wouldn’t really be a new line, since Movie Masters is pre-existing. After looking over Mattel’s previous licenses, I think it’s…I don’t know. But just to throw out some guesses: The Simpsons, Harry Potter, Captain Power, Universal Monsters.
  • Wow–quite a dogfight going on in this month’s poll. Everyone’s had the lead except poor Tytus (Megator led very briefly when I picked him after creating the poll). I do think the only way the Sorceress would work as an exclusive is if she came with Zoar, though–otherwise it would feel too much like a “regular” figure, which isn’t Mattel’s MO for SDCC.
  • Just forty-eight until Skeletor and the Starfire/Adam Strange two-pack go on sale!

Christmas Haul

And now, it’s time for the annual post-Christmas tradition of all collectors–the showing-off of the haul.

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