News roundup, 1/9/09


  • On the Matty Mattel Facebook page, they’ve just announced they’re almost sold out of MOTUC He-Man and Beast Man. If you’ve been holding off on ordering and don’t want to miss out, now’s the time.
  • SOTA Toys rises from the (presumed) dead to produce Robot Chicken humping robot–with real humping action. (TNI)
  • Ghostbusters videogame gets release date–June 19, same day as the Blu-Ray disc. (IGN)
  • Transformers 2 teaser poster revealed (Yahoo) – What am I looking at here?
  • Target taking pre-orders for upcoming G.I. Joe & Cobra collector packs (Hisstank)
  • Interview w/ Hobby Figures (Figures.com) – They make anime statues.
  • He-Man.org’s advanced review photos of Stratos and Faker – I really like this pic of Stratos. It reminds me of the old days, in a good way.

News roundup, 12/27/2008

  • newspoeI will be sorely, sorely tested in my resolve not to collect 12″ figures by the Hot Toys original Predator, Dutch and yes, even Billy. (Cool Toy Review)
  • Corner Store Comics having year-end sale–20% off in-stock items (CSC)
  • First official Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen pics may be released on my birthday (Seibertron)
  • JLU Amanda Waller figure coming in 2009 (MattyCollector)
  • If you haven’t entered Toy Bender’s “Joes for Tots” contest, there’s still time! (Toy Bender)
  • Weekly OAFE update (OAFE)
  • More NECA Street Fighter photos (Action-Figure) I’m really curious whether these will be in scale with SOTA’s figures.

Review > E. Honda and Dhalsim (SOTA)

While some people were initially skeptical that a license like Street Fighter could carry an action figure line fifteen years after the height of its popularity, many collectors jumped on board SOTA’s SF line in 2004 when they saw the incredibly high quality of design and execution of the figures. SOTA made it through four waves before SOTA went through a significant restructuring, ending the line before a few characters from the most recognizable game, Street Fighter II: The World Warriors, had been produced.

SOTA decided to reboot the franchise as Street Fighter Revolution and released a “preview” wave featuring two brand-new sculpts of Ryu and Ken. The Revolution figures were very similar to the original SOTA figures, but with slightly different sculpting styles–the character looked a bit more stylized, as they did in the comics and game art. And finally, at long last, Revolution Wave 1 is out, which features World Warriors heavy-hitters Zangief, E. Honda and Dhalsim, as well as R. Mika from Street Fighter Alpha 3.

SFII is pretty much the only fighting game I was ever been able to get into (aside from Super Smash Bros), and E. Honda was my favorite fighter–or at least, he was the one I was the best with, which translated into him being my favorite, of course. From the moment I started collecting SOTA’s Street Fighter figures, I’ve been waiting for Honda, as well as Dhalsim, another favorite of mine (and also my father’s, when he deigned to let me thwump him in SFII as a kid).

It looks like this may be SOTA’s last hurrah with the SF franchise–NECA has secured the action figure rights to next year’s Street Fighter IV, and I would think SOTA has either lost the license or, more likely, wouldn’t want to try and press on with a competing line out there. To my knowledge, there’s been no official word on whether or not SOTA’s SF days are done, but the very lack of news probably isn’t a good sign.

Nonetheless, SOTA has gone out on a pretty high note.

Pic of the day

SotA_Street Fighter_Sagat by Zelevol

Poe’s note: While all of SOTA’s Street Fighter figures are pretty awesome (and I should be receiving my E. Honda and Dhalsim today, at long last), Sagat is one of my favorite figures not just of SF, but of all time. Very well made action figure.

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