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Space Ghost

Over the last five years of this blog, I have occasionally bought figures I wouldn’t otherwise have solely for review purposes. This often turns out to be disappointing and the toy is quickly tossed into a storage bin.

I actually hit a couple Toys R Us stores this weekend, somewhat reluctantly looking for Jazwares’s new Space Ghost figure. If I’d seen it, I would have bought it. Fortunately, Newton Gimmick of Infinite Hollywood has gone where I boldly preferred not to go, so I can just refer you to his review and keep my $11 safely in my PayPal account. Thanks for taking one for the team, Newt.

Sightings > Space Ghost action figure by Jazwares

Apparently Jazwares is making a line of Hanna-Barbera toys, including this Space Ghost figure. Somehow I was completely unaware of this.

The SG figure seems to draw a lot from the earlier Art Asylum figure. It adds hinged wrists, which is good, but neglects bicep swivels, which is very, very bad, because it prevents you from doing the classic pose with the fingers touching the gauntlets as he fires. Frankly I’d rather have had that than the H-hinged legs. Sigh…anyway, I’ll still have to track this guy down, because I love Space Ghost.

Odds ‘n Ends


  • Saw Star Trek over the weekend. Review to follow anon. Short version: loved it. I’m glad the figures aren’t that great, or I might be way too tempted to collect them.
  • CornerStoreComics and ETC will begin shipping DCUC8 this week. I’m very proud to say I never broke down and got any figures–not even a single Parademon–off eBay or anything.
  • I’m surprised no one has taken advantage of my Most Wanted feature. Send me those submissions, folks!
  • I’m also going to start making the interviews a weekly thing, interviewing collectors as well as industry types. If you’re interested in being interviewed (and showing off some pics of your collection), email me.
  • On a random note, why hasn’t DC incorporated Space Ghost and some of the other Hanna-Barbara characters into the DCU now that Warner Bros. owns the H-B library? Seems to me Space Ghost would be a perfect fit for their cosmic books, and they already did the Space Ghost miniseries. I’d love to see SG face off against, say, Despero. And Space Ghost has way more name recognition than, say, The Shield.
  • Remember, Friday is Zodac Day, and the following Monday the subscription plan will go on sale. I’m very curious to see how quickly Zodac sells out compared to Mer-Man.

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