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76ixers #6 by Cogito, Ergo Shoot

Todd McFarlane predicts the future

OK, this is funny. Or is it creepy? Either/or. (Thanks to Ninersphan for pointing out the article.)

It’s a “Super Bowl XLII: Larry Fitzgerald” limited edition from McFarlane Toys.

And, man, it would really be scary if it had XLIII attached to it.

It captures Larry Fitzgerald, the Cardinals’ glue-fingered receiver, in a pose very familiar to anybody who watched the Arizona-Carolina playoff game.


Tom Brady Pro-Bot

I really don’t want to do an “intereview” for this toy, for many reasons–not the least of which is having to deal once again with the pain of having drafted Tom Brady as my first-round pick in my fantasy football league this year. I can’t imagine interviewing him–or even his robot toy avatar–without breaking down into tears or a bitter rant against the unfairness of life.

I saw these last week at Toys ‘R Us. Predictably, they didn’t have Brady, since he’s the local favorite, but I was able to order him from TRU’s website. You can see the other figures on the packaging photo.

When I saw them, I initially assumed they’d been made by Foamheads, makers of the excellent Fox Sports Robot. But after looking at the package, that doesn’t appear to be the case–these figures were made by a company called Toy Quest.

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