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Odds ‘n Ends > ThreeA Microman, Boba Fett movie, Power-Con


  • After first announcing they’d obtained the Microman license way back in July 2011(!), ThreeA has finally revealed photos of the figures (or photos were leaked, I’m not sure). They’re 6″ tall and feature fabric clothes, like most ThreeA releases. They look intriguing, and it’s cool that they’re in 6″ scale, but I’m sure they’ll come with the usual high ThreeA prices and besides, I’m not a Microman fan anyway (well, except for a brief, odd period in 2004). However, I should note that in this particular case, the cloth isn’t what’s keeping me away – ThreeA is the only company whose fabric I like in sub-12″ scale. It’s the license and, presumably, the cost.
  • Let’s start by pointing out that this all comes from Latino Review. I have no idea what their reputation is at this point, but some of the people I follow on Twitter were very snarky about them, so maybe they’re known for being wrong a lot. I don’t know and I don’t care right now because this is so interesting and I want to talk about it. A lot.
  • Anyway, Latino Review claims Joe Johnston – director of The RocketeerJurassic Park IIICaptain America and oh yeah, the guy who designed Fett’s outfit (with Ralph McQuarrie) – may be in talks to direct the Boba Fett spinoff movie. Lawrence Kasdan, who wrote The Empire Strikes Back and is writing Episode VII, is allegedly in talks to write it. But what gets me is this quote: “To counter-act the prequels, the Boba Fett spin-off movie planned for 2018 has an interesting twist pitched by Episode VII writer Lawrence Kasdan: the spin-off will start with a complete stranger killing Boba Fett and taking his armor, starting a Man-With-No-Name bounty hunter tale. So: someone kills the Boba Fett from the prequels and takes his armor and name. One this is for certain is that Kasdan didn’t like the prequel and wants no Boba Fett Clone in the spin-off film.” Does anyone? Maybe kids who have grown up with the character from The Clone Wars, which is one of several reasons I expect George Lucas to veto the idea if it’s actually at all in play. Can he still veto things? (Side note: Latino Review doesn’t understand Internet Star Wars fans very well if it starts off a rumor about killing off the prequel Boba Fett with “Strap in, a lot of you aren’t going to like this.”)
  • But here’s the funny thing about that killing-prequel-Fett-at-the-beginning-of-the-movie: I pitched this exact idea to Nemo Eight in a discussion we had last month. I even argued with him that the killing had to happen at the beginning of the movie and not the end; he liked the “surprise horror twist” of killing Fett suddenly at the end, whereas I pitched a Usual Suspects-type thing where you find out at the end that prequel Fett was killed at the beginning and the guy who you’ve been watching the whole time isn’t prequel Fett. Anyway, chalk me up for hoping this rumor is entirely true.
  • On another note, that article also states that Toy Story 3 screenwriter Michael Arndt, who’s now off Star Wars Episode VII, was focused on the story of the Solo kids while Abrams (and Kasdan) felt it should focus on Skywalker. This is yet another example of something that makes me highly suspicious of Abrams. Han Solo was the audience representative in the original films – something that was sorely lacking in the prequels. Maybe I’m in the minority here, but I don’t like Jedi that much – this article covers some of the reasons why. I know it’s a geek cliché to claim some showrunner or producer doesn’t “get” a geek property. And Abrams is actually the perfect successor for Lucas in certain ways – they’re both obsessed with effects and mechanics. Abrams’ work has always reminded me of Treebeard describing Saruman: “he has a mind of metal and wheels.” To me, Abrams’s films fall somewhere between Spielberg and Zack Snyder – great overall concepts, well-directed, great action, but lacking in emotion, real characters, or compelling themes. Lacking heart. Even Super 8 felt like that to me. Abrams’s Star Trek films were fun but forgettable (and the second had some annoying fan service and lazy writing). Quite frankly, I trust Joe Johnston to make a great Boba Fett movie more than I trust Abrams to make a great Star Wars movie.
  • Power Con is moving from Anaheim to New York City. That’s big news, but what I’m more curious about is what “transforming back to its core roots” means. Does that mean Ninja Turtles and Thundercats have been given the boot? (You may also be wondering: am I going? Answer: Maybe. Not sure yet.)
  • There will be a Glyos drop tonight at 9:30 EST. Check out the link for the full list of products.
  • Spy Monkey Creations has updated the story of The Golden Age for the Weaponeers of Monkaa ahead of an upcoming new drop.
  • In the course of following various Twitter conversations I came across the H Hangar by Wave. It’s designed for Gundam figures, but I immediately saw the potential for Star Wars Black 6″ dioramas as a corner of the Death Star or a Star Destroyer. Because they’re only 6″ tall, you really need two, which I immediately ordered from HLJ.

Sponsored Review > The Weaponeers of Monkaa (Spy Monkey Creations)

My association with Spy Monkey Creations goes back three years ago, when I first reviewed the Master Blade of the Empyrean and the Witching Axe of Ruination. Since those early efforts, Spy Monkey Creations has grown from a small outfit of three devoted fans making toys in a basement to a full-fledged independent toy operation with factory production overseas.

Sightings > Weaponeers of Monkaa

The rumors have been percolating for months now, and Spy Monkey Creations is finally starting to reveal their much-anticipated new line. Titled Weaponeers of Monkaa, the line has teased two factions called “Gearos” and “Vilhains” and, as seems obvious, the line will feature actual action figures in addition to weapons.

From SMC’s announcement:

The Mysterious Armory. Behold it’s myriad of colors, powers, and configurations. Where did it come from? Why is it here? Who or What is responsible for arming the cosmos with such powerful weapons?

Well, we at Spy Monkey Creations are about to reveal the answers to those very questions this fall! The answers have some wondrous new surprises. Join us at www.weaponeersofmonkaa.com and the following link every Monday thru Thursday at 9am PST beginning Monday, September 3rd and ending on Wednesday, September 19th. Each day we will reveal a new chapter in “THE STRANGER’S TALE” as he embarks on a grand adventure of discovery and action.

Then on Saturday, September 22nd join the entire Spy Monkey Creations crew at Power-Con as we reveal everything The Stranger will witness and encounter in the coming weeks. It is sure to awe and amaze.

“We are the architects of the cosmos. That destiny must be forged wisely.”

I don’t have any inside information, but my suspicion is that the line will continue to offer interchangeable, multi-part weapons that are compatible with your other action figures, but the weapons will be integrated with a Glyos-style action figure line featuring a full backstory.

The concept seems really interesting, but of course, the proof will be in the plastic, so to speak. We’ll find out soon enough.


Sponsored Review > Spy Monkey Armory: Solid State Series, Metal Series, Toxic Glow

The good folks at Spy Monkey Creations were very kind in passing along samples of their newest weapon sets, which will go on sale at spymonkeycreations.ecrater.com today, Friday the 13th, at 3pm ET (12pm PT).

Spy Monkey Armory Series 1 Goes On Sale Today at 3pm ET

Just a reminder, the Spy Monkey Armory Series 1 will be on sale exclusively at www.spymonkeycreations.ecrater.com at $20 per set/colorway starting at 12pm Pacific Time (3pm ET) today. Be sure to check out my review, and also check out the neat designs Matt Doughty of Onell Design created with them.

Some notes from SMC:

PayPal will be our exclusive payment provider. We will no longer be accepting checks or money orders.

Shipping costs:

Domestic USA:
– 1 or 2 sets ship for $2.82 via First Class Mail
– 3-6 sets ship for $5.15 via USPS Priority Mail
Small Flat Rate Box
– More than 6 sets ship for $10.85 via USPS Priority Mail
Medium Flat Rate Box
Canada and Mexico:
– Up to 6 sets ship for $12.95 via USPS Priority Mail Intl.
Small Flat Rate Box
– More than 6 sets ship for $32.95 via USPS Priority Mail Intl.
Medium Flat Rate Box
– Up to 6 sets ship for $16.95 via USPS Priority Mail Intl.
Small Flat Rate Box
– More than 6 sets ship for $47.95 via USPS Priority Mail Intl.
Medium Flat Rate Box
We are charging the exact shipping rates provided by PayPal from the USPS, and tried to go with the most cost effective shipping methods available. We wanted to add a low cost shipping option for small International orders however our current store and payment set up does not allow for that. We will continue to explore shipping options as we grow and will do our best to give our customers the best options available to us.

A Few More Spy Monkey Armory Pics

I didn’t even realize that the Spy Monkey Armory came with a plug that could be used on Roboto, Trap Jaw and Hurricane Hordak until after I’d taken most of my photos for my review, so here are a few new ones.

One important thing to note is that the plug itself (which is larger than the standard Glyos plug) doesn’t have to be plugged in to the dome-shaped part; it’s removable, with a Glyos Fit Function plug on the other side.

I really like the lightsaber-style effect you get with the translucent blue blade for Trap Jaw.

Featured Review > Spy Monkey Armory Series 1 (Spy Monkey Creations)

Full disclosure: this review will not be entirely objective, because I consider the SMC folks to be my friends. After all, they created both the Dread Axe of Darkness and the Sword of Ages as exclusives for PGPoA.

Fortunately, they’ve created such an incredibly awesome product that I feel no guilt in my enthusiasm.

Up until now, SMC’s accessories have always been produced on a very small scale using resin. The toys were great, but the production runs were small and expensive. But that’s all changed. SMC Series 1 was produced in a factory using durable PVC plastic to create a professional-looking product.

Odds ‘n Ends > MOTUC Sales, Box O Zombies, Toy Hunters

  • Mattel says that the sales of the Wind Raider were “okay,” but evidently not enough to merit a vehicle in 2012 (though they’re not ruling it out for 2013). Like many others, I’m mystified as to why a sellout of a few hours days translates to “okay.” Apparently, if people aren’t fighting the WSOD for the twenty minutes the item is on sale, Mattel isn’t happy. Bizarre. I’d love an explanation of this. It’s like that toy company exec in The Simpsons episode “Grift of the Magi” when he’s watching people riot at a store where his toy, Funzo, has gone on sale: “I’d still sleep a little easier if I saw some trampling.” CORRECTION: The Wind Raider took three days to sell out. But it still sold out. How is does that make the sales “okay”? Did they want people to order more than they had?…don’t answer that.
  • The creepily realistic Steve Jobs 12″ figure is no more.
  • I think I already mentioned this, but there is a very big, very cool Glyos drop coming this Friday.
  • It’s like a box of army men, but zombies! Check out the Box O Zombies, now on sale for $14.99.
  • I’ve got my own review coming, but be sure to check out Michael Crawford’s review of Spy Monkey Creations’ amazing new, factory-produced, Glyos/OSM-compatible accessories.
  • I’m going to try to write up my own review of the new American Pickers-style show Toy Hunters, but Cool and Collected has a great recap–recommended reading!
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Odds ‘n Ends > Lego News, Po-rtal-tato, JLU

  • There’s been a lot of Lego news this week. First off is Lego’s new girl-oriented brand. I’ve seen some knee-jerk reactions from geeks that the sets are too girly and that it’s wrong to characterize Star Wars/Indiana Jones sets as solely boy-oriented. I agree with the latter statement, but after reading the article,  I don’t think that’s what Lego is saying at all. Lego seems to have done their research on this. Girls and boys don’t play the same exact way all the time, and I’m interested to see whether Lego has indeed found a way to appeal to girls more.
  • There are also going to be Lord of the Rings Legos. My initial response was, “Did they make those years ago?” But apparently not. As much as I love the movies, frankly I’d be more excited if these were based on the books instead–I’d love a Tom Bombadil playset. But I suppose the movies are more marketable. And maybe we’ll get a videogame.
  • Dr. Mrs. Ghostal thinks this Portal 2 PotatOS Science Kit is the coolest thing she’s ever seen.
  • PGPoA contributor Monte has a post up at PGPoA Power Pal Generals Joes about the most overrated and underrated modern G.I. Joe figures. For the most part I have no idea who any of these characters are.
  • Check out the latest teaser from Spy Monkey Creations. Here’s a hint: Hammer of Chalybeous w/ Glyos fit/form function. Sweet.
  • Mattel is considering producing the last six tooled JLU three-packs for diehard collectors. The catch is that, due to the low production numbers, they would cost $50 apiece. Not being a diehard JLU collector, I can’t imagine paying that much for those figures, but I’m the guy (reluctantly) paying $60 for the Star Sisters, so who am I to judge?

Welcome to the new PoeGhostal.com! (also: a contest!)


It’s been a long time coming, but at last, the new PGPoA has arrived. As you can see, it’s a pretty significant aesthetic change. But webmaster OB1 and I wanted to make the site a bit more modular, allowing me to make easy changes when necessary, so there are some changes behind the hood that you may not notice, but will be making your browsing experience even better.

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