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born again

So after all my blather, I finally opened the SWB6″ Boba Fett SDCC exclusive last night.

Getting that…may have been a mistake.

For my wallet.

Pic of the Day > You might be more trouble than your worth Solo by chevy2who

You might be more trouble than your worth Solo

You might be more trouble than your worth Solo by chevy2who

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Star Wars Black 6″ Series 3 Pics

Hasbro sent along some nice big press photos of the three SWB figures that were shown at the Star Wars Celebration Europe over the weekend. So far we know series 3 will include a prequel Obi-Wan, a Stormtrooper, and a Bespin Luke. The fourth character remains unknown. I’m hoping for the Ice Cream Maker Guy – that will prove Hasbro’s serious about making this line as all-inclusive as the 3¾” lines. We waited too long for him the first time.

I need to make some sort of meter to chart “Poe’s Resistance to Star Wars Black” levels on a regular basis.

BS6 Stormtrooper Ep IV BS6 Obi-Wan Kenobi EpIII BS6 Luke Skywalker Ep V

Poe’s Point > Why hasn’t Star Wars Black 6″ made me obsessed with Star Wars again?

Hasbro 2013 Star Wars Black Series logo

There’s a great book by psychology professor Daniel Gilbert (you may have seen him recently in a Prudential commercial where people put stickers on a big board showing the oldest person they know) called Stumbling On Happiness. It’s a fascinating read and I highly recommend it. What it talks about is that humans are terrible about knowing what will make them happy. Predicting that some future event – a new house, a child, a promotion, getting a new toy – will finally make us really happy is an error we make over and over. But research into happiness suggests that’s not what happens. The person we are when the event actually happens will be a different person, in different circumstances, than the person who was waiting for it to happen two, three, ten years before, and so the prediction is just as likely to be untrue as it is to be true.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this in regards to Star Wars Black. For years – ever since the inception of Marvel Legends, really – I’ve been saying that if we ever got a 6″ Star Wars line, I would immediately go crazy for it. That it would drive me into a full-on SW obsession. That this site would suddenly have a vaguely SW-style theme, that I’d probably go around writing fan fiction in my head and buying Rebel-logo bumper stickers. Longtime readers know how faddish I can be. I know many of you still visit hoping to find a renewed love for MOTUC (probably my high-water mark in terms of readers – there’s one Hordak-related post from 2009 with over 200 comments. I can’t get anywhere near that today.).

I’ve been trying to determine exactly why my predicted Star Wars mania hasn’t happened. What wasn’t I taking into account in my prediction? I think there are a few factors.

SDCC: A Whole Buncha Star Wars Updates

Well, I mentioned these earlier, but now I’ve got images!  Look for them after the break.

Star Wars Black Series 2 – 6″ and 3 3/4″



Courtesy of Jedi Insider

So, is it Star Wars Black, or Star Wars Blecch?  Series 2 of the 6-inchers is confirmed to have Han Solo (finally), Slave Leia (A good thing, or exploitation of women?), Boba Fett (just not the exclusive), and Greedo (A good thing, or exploitation of Rodians?).  So, now we know for sure that Fett isn’t just a  con exclusive, and we are indeed getting our Han Solo!

SWB6″ Greedo Fully Revealed


Looks pretty good.


Star Wars Black 6″ Series 2 Figure Revealed at Entertainment Earth

Hasbro 2013 Star Wars Black Series logo

Over the next few weeks, Entertainment Earth will be taking us through the design process, from start to finish, of a figure from the second series of Star Wars Black. Here’s the link to bookmark. And the figure is…Greedo!

This basically confirms we will not be getting pure A-listers in the early series, but will get a mix of major and minor characters. What do you think? Good idea or bad idea? Is Hasbro risking a situation like Joey the Ball, Patron saint of figures we got instead of figures we really wanted? (Not that I don’t want Greedo, but if I get a Greedo and no Han Solo in his A New Hope getup, the seas will run red with the blood of my enemies I’ll be very sad.)

Joe Amaro taunts us yet again, this time with his 6″-scale Jabba the Hutt

Joe's 6" Jabba, with the best 6" Batman figure ever made for scale

Joe’s 6″ Jabba, with the best 6″ Batman figure ever made for scale

When you and I hear that there’s going to be a Star Wars Black 6″ exclusive Boba Fett as this year’s San Diego Comic Con, we think, “Damn. I’ll never own that.” But when Joe Amaro hears it, he thinks, “I’m going to sculpt a gigantic 6″ scale Jabba the Hutt!” And that’s what he did. Click the link to see many more pics.

Star Wars Black Boba Fett Possibly One of the Greatest Action Figures Ever Made


You’ve already failed to get this figure at SDCC.

In what may be the greatest SDCC exclusive of all time as well as possible the greatest action figure ever made, Hasbro has unveiled their Star Wars Black 2013 SDCC Boba Fett exclusive courtesy USA Today.

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