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Pic of the Day > Superman’s Fortress of Solitude by chevy2who

Superman's Fortress of Solitude

Superman’s Fortress of Solitude by chevy2who

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Pic of the Day > the big blue boy scout by Johnson Cameraface

the big blue boy scout

Pic of the Day > S is for… Redux by fengschwing

S is for... Redux

It’s Sy-Klone Day!

Sy-Klone Masters of the Universe Classics

It’s that time again! There hasn’t been a major non-sub item since the Eternian Guards pack in January, so it will be interesting to see how today’s sale tests Mattycollector.com.

I think it was probably a bad idea to have three very high-demand items–the Weapons Rack, Panthor and the reissued Moss Man on the same day–but the fact that it’s happening hardly surprises me.

Here’s the link to the all-in-one page.

On sale today:

Good luck to all, and may CAPTCHA not be your downfall.

Review > 12″ Christopher Reeve Superman (Mattel)

I don’t collect 12″ figures. The main reason for that is my dislike of all soft goods on action figures–no fabric for me–but it’s also a cost and space issue. So when I review the 12″ Christopher Reeve Superman, which Mattel very kindly sent me a sample of, you should know you’re getting the review of a 12″ neophyte. If you want a review by a 12″ connoisseur, you’ll have to wait for Michael Crawford’s review. (There may be other good 12″ reviewers out there, but MWC is the only one I read.)

For most people, Christopher Reeve is the definitive screen Superman. He has yet to be supplanted by a Christian Bale-like performance (though it’s possible the upcoming Chris Nolan-produced, Zack Snyder-directed film might finally do so). And unlike most superhero actors, the spandex works for him. Of the original films, Superman II is my favorite, but both of the first films are pretty good, while the latter two leave quite a bit to be desired (though I must admit some fondness for the ridiculous Nuclear Man).

There hasn’t been a whole lot of Christopher Reeve Superman merchandise until recently, aside from some Mego toys in the late 1970s. But in the past two years, DC Direct has produced a statue, Mattel has this figure and soon, Hot Toys will release their own 12″ version.

The Mattel Superman is currently available for $60 on their Mattycollector website. You can also get a 12″ General Zod, and a Gene Hackman Lex Luthor is coming sometime in 2011.

Toy Aisle Trolls > Man or Superman?

OK, this one’s just weird.

MOTUC He-Man coming to TRU in exclusive 2-pack

In other news I was totally not paying attention to, this month’s ToyFare features the announcement of a two-pack of MOTUC He-Man and DCUC Superman, which will be available exclusively at Toys ‘R Us. Thanks to Newton Gimmick for the scoop.

Happy Randor Day!


The daddy of Prince Adam and popular fast food mascot goes on sale at 12pm ET today, alongside the Goddess, a reissued Skeletor and a ton of other stuff, including:

  • DCUC Animal Man/B’wanna Beast 2-pack
  • DCUC Wave 11 Boxed Set
  • 6″ Flight Stands
  • 6″ Prototype Suit Bruce Wayne
  • 6″ Ghostbusters Winston Zeddemore
  • 12″ Ghostbusters Egon Spengler
  • 12″ General Zod
  • Super Friends Robin & Hawkman
  • and more (note: the sale date for the Retro-Action DC Super Heroes Green Arrow was pushed back to December 23)

Here’s a link to the all-in-one order page.

Why the flood of items in December? I dunno…maybe it’s for tax reasons or something. Incidentally, if you look to the sidebar you’ll notice I added a small at-a-glance Mattycollector calendar.

I’m definitely getting Randor, the Goddess, and Winston. I thought about the Skeletor reissue, but changed my mind when I found out that the “tighter grip” left hand is actually just the same hand with slightly more curled fingers–rather than the Zodac/Webstor hand, which is what I thought it would be. UPDATE: the word from Matty himself is that figure WILL have the Zodac/Webstor left hand. Which means I’ll be getting him.

Anyway, use this post as a discussion thread for all things Matty. The next Q&A should be up sometime later today.

Also: sign me up for a MOTUC Santa Claus.

5 Questions With > Dr. Mrs. Ghostal

Poe’s note: I’ve got a special treat for you all today: an interview with my one and only, Dr. Mrs. Ghostal. What can I say about my lovely, understanding wife that I haven’t said on this blog a dozen times already? Brilliant, beautiful, geeky, and more than I probably deserve.

Code name: Dr. Mrs. Ghostal, DMG, DottyGale
Specialty: Biochemistry, Knitting
Base of Operations: Brighton, MA.
History: Born and raised in SoCal as a child of the 80s, but was more into TV and books than toys. Got pulled into the world of action figures when I started dating Poe 5 years ago, and have had a house full of plastic men, women and creatures ever since.

1.) What were your favorite toys as a kid?

Like I said, as a kid I wasn’t all that into toys.  I had a lot of stuffed animals of various sorts.  My mom says that I was a “social doll player” in that if someone else wanted to play with the Barbies or the Cabbage Patch Kids I would play, too.  I think the toys I really remember the most fondly were these little animals that my sister and I collected.  They were plastic, but furry, and wore tiny doll clothes.  We had bears, rabbits, little baby moles.  I can’t remember what they were called, but we sure had a lot of them.

Perhaps the funniest thing I can remember is that when my friends, my sister and I played with toys, the story lines were really influenced by the TV my babysitter watched, which included a good share of talk shows and soap operas.  I’m pretty sure that Barbie’s Dream Wedding was interrupted by a mysterious stranger with a scandalous past!

Odds ‘n Ends for 8/11/09

Odds N Ends

  • As you can see, I’ve brought back the original Odds ‘N Ends picture. The newer version just never grew on me. Further bulletins as events warrant.
  • I noticed in the poll that a good number of people have listed “Other” for toy message boards they visit regularly. Just curious, what are they? What did I miss, or what am I missing?
  • In case you missed it, Mattel’s going to have flight stands for DCUC in early 2010. The post would seem to indicate they’ll work for MOTUC too.
  • As you may have heard, the Walmart DCUC 5-pack is popping up here and there. It retails for about $55, and in case you didn’t know, you can get the de-mulleted Superman and black-and-gray Batman separately.
  • Received my He-Ro. Review forthcoming. In case you’re wondering, I got a green gem, not that it mattered much to me. Although I didn’t really want red.
  • I beat Ghostbusters: The Video Game last night. It’s a great game, with what’s easily the funniest dialogue I’ve ever heard in a video game (slight spoiler: there’s a scene where the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man is climbing a building to get at them, and Peter looks over the edge and says, “I’m impressed with his agility, considering his complete lack of bones.” Murray nails the line and I had to pause the game until I stopped laughing). I initially beat it on the easy difficulty, and now that I’m on normal, I see why one reviewer referred to it as a “medic simulator.” The other ‘Busters go down every few seconds in the middle of a tough battle. Still, it’s a blast, and if anyone wants to try some multiplayer ‘busting let me know.
  • I can’t keep up with all the conventions. Seems like SDCC just ended and yet WizardWorld Chicago is already over, and now Joecon starts Thursday. Anyone going? I imagine this will be a pretty momentous one.
  • Is anyone else watching Warehouse 13? Have I asked this before? Well anyway, Dr. Mrs. Ghostal and I have added that and Eureka to our viewing pleasure. We have a lot of catching up to do on the latter, however. Anyway, regarding Warehouse 13, I like the new cast member they added, the computer chick–though is it me, or is that show becoming more about Saul Rubinek than the Scully/Mulder surrogates? Am I talking to myself here?

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