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I’ve been remiss in mentioning a couple of gigs I had recently. Topless Robot contacted me to put together a list of the best action figures of 2013:

TR’s Top 10 Action Figures of 2013

I always have a hard time putting together this kind of list because I really only collect a few lines (seriously, I think a lot of you would be surprised by how few figures I actually own – it’s a lot compared to a layman, but on the small side compared to your average collector). So this time I solicited some help, and the comments seem fairly positive about my choices. One thing to mention is I did try to enter a last-minute draft update where I swapped out Springer for Masterpiece Soundwave, but somehow it didn’t make the cut when the list went live.

I also did the whole best-toys-of-the-year thing on a podcast with OAFE.net, along with my old OAFE-mates Rustin Parr, yo go re and Shocka. You can listen to that here.

New Topless Robot List – “The Most Controversial Toys of the Modern Era, Part 2”


So, I’ve got another list up at Topless Robot – this is part two. Part one is here.

The Most Controversial Toys of the Modern Era, Part 2

The Ten Most Bizarre McFarlane Figures of All Time


Had a lot going on lately behind the scenes, but believe it or not I will be slowly getting back into the swing of things – particularly because, for the first time in two years, I will be going to Toy Fair next month.

In the meantime, in case you missed it last week, Topless Robot posted another list of mine:

The Ten Most Bizarre McFarlane Figures of All Time

This list reminded me how frigging bizarre some of McFarlane’s stuff was. The Tormentor especially – what was the thought process there? What was with Todd’s “one giant boot” fetish? That kind of creeps me out.

New List at Topless Robot > Ten Video Games that Should Have Gotten Toys

I missed the fact that my (possibly final) Topless Robot list went up yesterday (thanks to PrfktTear for pointing it out to me.)

Ten Video Games that Should Have Gotten Toys

I don’t know yet whether the Bricken-less TR will want to continue the lists, so as of right now, my plan is to start doing the occasional list right here at PGPoA. They’re great for traffic and fun to write.

Oh, and for the record, it wasn’t my idea to create a graphic that gives away the whole list before the page-turn. But I’m using it here because you’re gonna see it anyway when you click, but you can still go enjoy my lovely prose.

9 Toylines from the ’80s Based on Unusual Gimmicks

My latest list up at Topless Robot. Big thanks to Power Pal and 1980s toys expert Ben Leach for helping come up with some of the items on this list.

9 Toylines from the ’80s Based on Unusual Gimmicks

New list at Topless Robot

A new list, penned by yours truly, is up at Topless Robot: The 6 Best (and 6 Worst) Filmation-Only He-Man Characters

I have to say, it was much easier to choose the best Filmation characters than to whittle down the list of lamest. Madame Razz and Broom just missed the cut, but I decided their role in the show was a bit too big. Loo-Kee would have been on there but he actually got a figure in the ’80s.

New Topless Robot list

I’ve got a new list up at Topless Robot…

10 Exclusive Action Figures You’ll (Probably) Never Own

Happy Adora Day!

Here’s the link to the all-in-one sale page.

I’ll admit it–Adora is the first MOTUC figure I’m pretty lukewarm about. I never watched She-Ra as a kid, so Adora is even less interesting to me than She-Ra. That said, I don’t regret having bought the subscription, and I certainly don’t begrudge She-Ra fans (like Rob of Topless Robot) their long-overdue Adora. And as a completionist on this line (so far), I’m buying her no matter what.

Fortunately, she’ll be followed next month by Battle Cat and Trap Jaw, who look to be the finest examples of MOTUC figure to date. And she also comes at the same time as Battle Armor He-Man. Oddly enough, I’m pretty excited about him. As my friends can tell you, I tend to loathe variations of characters; I just want the iconic version (Trenchcoat Hellboy, Batman minus any ridiculous armor or gear, the regular Ninja Turtles sans gimmicks or costumes, and so forth). But for whatever reason, some of He-Man’s alternate looks really appeal to me, and Battle Armor is one of them. I’ve also got my fingers crossed for an Ice Armor He-Man (on a side note, check out that link…apparently I’ve been saying I “loathe variations” for years).

But don’t forget–there’s also the reissue Beast Man and Movie Masters Harvey Dent. I’m tempted to get a new Beast Man, since my original has very loose knees, but given the odds of ending up with some other QC issue–like weak ankles, which are becoming the Achilles’ heel (HA!) of this line–I figure I’ll just stick with what I’ve got. Besides, Beast Man looks pretty good hunched over.

As for Mr. Dent, I’ll just wait for Two-Face. But for those of you who have anxiously awaited an Aaron Eckhart action figure, this is your time!

(Should I even mention the CARS exclusive? Does anyone here collect those?)

Odds ‘n Ends

Odds N Ends

  • Apologies for being somewhat MIA over the last week or so…been busy. And by “busy,” I mean I bought Elder Scrolls: Oblivion and got sucked in. And Batman Arkham Asylum arrived today, so things might get worse before they get better. Just a heads-up.
  • Just a heads-up: the plugin I use for the “reply” function in the comments was updated. Now it should appear in the bottom-right corner only when you move your mouse over a comment. I can go back to the previous version if it bugs people, so let me know.
  • Fwoosh posted a two-part interview with Mattel’s Scott Neitlich, a.k.a “Toy Guru.” The interview was done back in July during SDCC, but there’s still some interesting stuff in there. For example, Mattel didn’t ask for the ring that came with Tri-Klops, the Horsemen just made it. Also, Walter Peck will have his own new suit, not the Movie Masters one.  Part 1, Part 2
  • Rambo vs. genetically-engineered werewolves? Yes please. (Via Topless Robot)
  • I know I haven’t posted the information for the He-Ro contest yet–I’m just waiting for confirmation on something. Once I have that, it’ll go right up.
  • I just wanted to mention how pleased and grateful I am to have Paul, formerly of Toy Bender, posting here. Be sure to visit his other blog, The Robot’s Pajamas.

SDCC Exclusive Reviews Roundup

Some early reviews of SDCC exclusive toys are starting to pop up. Here are the ones I’ve come across:

I’ll update the list as I come across new reviews (or as you point them out in your comments).

No sign of the review I want to see–Egon Spengler.

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