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Vincent’s Viewpoint > The SDCC G.I. Joe / Transformers Set!


Howdy folks, it’s been a long time since I shouted at you on Poe’s site, but here I am again with my impressions of the 2013 SDCC G.I. Joe exclusive Transformers themed set. You may know me from my musings over at The Robot’s Pajamas, but I decided to write this piece up for Poe since he was so kind to provide me with this set. No, he didn’t just give it to me. I had to pay… and pay dearly. Was it worth it!? Let’s see…

BREAKING: American Godzilla Revealed?

Godzilla is taking on SDCC and he looks fantastic! Via Skreeonk! (link: http://ow.ly/n3KIj)

Courtesy of SKREEONK

So, is this it?  Legendary Pictures’s new American Godzilla?  Or is this just a take on the classic Japanese design?  It looks like it’s the real thing for the new movie, folks… I’m a little concerned because it looks almost too accurate for Hollywood, but the nerdy landscape has changed a lot since 1998, and movie studios seem to recognize the value of pandering.

So, what do you think?  Good, bad, GINO, or probably not the real thing at all?

New List at Topless Robot > Ten Video Games that Should Have Gotten Toys

I missed the fact that my (possibly final) Topless Robot list went up yesterday (thanks to PrfktTear for pointing it out to me.)

Ten Video Games that Should Have Gotten Toys

I don’t know yet whether the Bricken-less TR will want to continue the lists, so as of right now, my plan is to start doing the occasional list right here at PGPoA. They’re great for traffic and fun to write.

Oh, and for the record, it wasn’t my idea to create a graphic that gives away the whole list before the page-turn. But I’m using it here because you’re gonna see it anyway when you click, but you can still go enjoy my lovely prose.

Paul’s Peg > Lego + Dune = Awesome

I’m a huge fan of the 1980s sci-fi epic Dune by David Lynch. In fact, I believe I’m one of the select few or should I say the elite with great taste. Anyway, I love Lego and I love Dune so this sandworm fits naturally into my wheelhouse like peanut butter and chocolate or even machine guns and chocolate.


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