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Joes For Tots > Sponsorship Spotlight: Luke’s Toy Store


Well the time frame for entering Joes for Tots is now over, but that doesn’t mean that we’re all done with checking out what the sponsors are up to. Today we’re checking out Luke’s Toy Store, the awesome sponsor that donated 9 Mini-Mates gift sets from 24, Back to the Future, and The Spirit. Let’s check ’em out!

Joes for Tots > More Cool Peeps

Joes for Tots entries are still coming in, but if you haven’t donated yet there is still plenty of time to help out. While many places are closed for actual toy donations, you can still donate even a small amount online. Aside from helping someone out and possibly getting a nice bonus, remember Poe offered up a sweet unmasked Dark Knight figure as well. Remember, you have until the 31st of December to submit your entry!

Anyway, I thought I’d share a few more of the photo entries I’ve received. This time the theme is pulling some of the entries that qualify as, “The Ladies of Joes For Tots.”

Joes For Tots > Sponsorship Spotlight 80sTees.com


It’s still not too late to enter Joes For Tots and you don’t want to miss out because cool sponsors like 80sTees.com and their awesome gift cards are hard to pass up. Seriously, they have some cool shirts. Let’s check some out!

Joes for Tots: Want to win a 6″ unmasked Dark Knight Batman?

ATTEN-TION, Poesters! Paul tells me the number of entries for Joes for Tots ain’t quite up to snuff. Some of you have been derelict of your duty–your duty as a toy collector, as someone who wishes to pass on a love of toys to another generation, as someone who stands a chance to win a lot of awesome prizes, and last but not least as a human being.

The good news is, it’s very easy to rectify the situation–just make a donation to Toys for Tots today. The deadline for actual toy donations has passed in most places, but you can still make a cash donation via the Toys for Tots website. Don’t worry about how big or little your donation is–every bit helps.

And once you’ve made that donation, forward your confirmation email to winbigprizeswinbigmoney@gmail.com and you could win a prize pack worthy of a Magi.

Joes For Tots > Awesome Peeps


Today I’d like to share some pics of entries we had from awesome people donating to Toys For Tots. If you’ve been living under a rock, there’s a contest here where you can win lots of great prizes for giving to the charity. Today I’ve decided to share a couple of contestants being super awesome to encourage you to send in your pics:


Now that’s a lot of toys!

Joes For Tots > News Round Up


Hey y’all, I’ve got to hit you up with some quick news items related to the Joes For Tots contest. Let’s do this!

Item: Toy reviewer extraordinaire Michael Crawford of MCWtoys.com will be doing the honor of randomly picking the winners this year. Thanks, Mr. Crawford.

Item: Articulated Discussion has done an interview with me about the contest. Be sure to watch for it over there when it is up!

Item: If you’re entering the contest (and why wouldn’t you?) keep in mind that for every G.I. Joe toy sold, Hasbro is donating a toy to Toys For Tots. Sweet!

Item: Speaking of other cool charity events this year, the store G.I. Joe Heaven is going to be donating a percentage of their sales to Toys For Tots.

Item: I’d like to thank everyone who has covered the contest including, but we still need to raise awareness for this contest, so below are some new banners that we’ve worked up.

JoesForTots120 by 120


Joes For Tots > How You Can Help


Well now that the official Joes for Tots contest announcement has been made, I’m hoping you all are keeping it in the back of your minds when you start your holiday shopping this year (be it Christmas or one of those crazy snake worshiping ones). I’ll be hitting you up with reminders as well as sending out notices around the web to let everyone in on this great chance to try to selfishly win things for helping kids, but I can’t do it all on my own. I need some help!

Paul’s Peg > It’s Coming… The Return of “Joes For Tots”


One of my pledges last year was to bring back the “Joes for Tots” contest come hell or high water. Well both came and I’m busy working behind the scenes to ensure that Joes for Tots once again encourages collectors to give to kids. If you’re unfamiliar with how it works let me get you up to speed quickly: If you donate a toy(s) to Toys For Tots you can send a picture of yourself doing so and that counts as an entry to the contest. You can also donate cash to their website and send in the proof of the online donation (they give you a receipt with no credit card info on it). Either way, your good deed might get you just a little something extra.

Odds ‘n Ends


  • OK, I’ve got like three entries into my Odds ‘n Ends contest. Again, I’ve changed the rules so it’s just the person who correctly identifies the mosts items from the photo above–you don’t have to name them all to win, just the most. I’ll pick a random winner in the event of a tie. Now email me that list!
  • Incidentally, don’t forget to donate to your local Toys for Tots and take a photo of yourself doing it, so you can enter Toy Bender‘s Joes for Tots contest for way-awesome prizes. Why not hit one of those KB Toys going-out-of-business sales? Their loss is less fortunate children’s gain!
  • I watched A Miser Brothers’ Christmas over the weekend, and you know what? It was good! For one thing, it was so refreshing to see actual stop-motion animation, rather than the CGI they’ve tried to use for these Rankin-Bass sequels over the last few years. The characterization of the Misers was dead-on, and I enjoyed their constant fraternal squabbling. The songs weren’t as catchy as those from The Year Without a Santa Claus, but it was great to have Mickey Rooney back in the sleigh as the voice of Santa. Also, the North Wind looked like the result of some bizarre genetic cross-breeding between Jay Leno and the Purple Pieman.
  • On a related topic, I’ve got a contest running over on my Snow Miser fansite. You can win one of three Miser prize packs, courtesy of ABC Family. Enter now–or y’know, after you enter my Odds ‘n Ends contest.
  • Looks like Hot Toys has finally obtained the rights to make 12″ figures of the original 1987 Predator and–could it be?–Dutch Schaefer!
  • Do any of you watch The Big Bang Theory? I thought last night’s episode was great–Sheldon’s reaction to Penny’s gift was priceless.
  • The MOTUC He-Man and Beast Man figures my wife ordered for me for Christmas still haven’t arrived at her parents’ house in Los Angeles. And they were shipped two weeks ago from Ontario, California–which is about seventy miles away. Wha-huh?
  • As implied above, Dr. Mrs. Ghostal and I will be spending the holidays at her parents’ house in LA, on the other side of the continent. However, thanks to her brand-new laptop and her parents’ wi-fi connection, I should be able to handle all my updating myself this year, so there shouldn’t be any noticeable break in your daily doses of PGPoA (except for Christmas Day, of course).

“Joes for Tots” contest at Toy Bender

The spirit of the season has moved PGPoA ally site Toy Bender to run one of the coolest contests in recent memory: Joes for Tots, in which you need merely donate a toy (preferably a G.I. Joe toy, but any toys are acceptable) to Toys for Tots, take a photo of yourself doing so, and email it to Paul at TB for a chance to win Fabulous Prizes™. Paul has lined up some fantastic sponsors and prizes, so if you’re the sort of person who needs motivation to get off your butt and do good deeds, now’s your chance.

Toys for Tots is reportedly having trouble getting donations this year, so I wholeheartedly encourage you to participate in the contest!

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