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Today’s Caption the Pic features my Valentine’s Day present from Mrs. Ghostal-to-Be: an unbelievably awesome knitted Batman. She knitted everything on it (except for the bat symbol, which is made of felt). That’s right, my knitted Batman’s got belt pouches, bitches.

So go ahead and write up a caption for this pic in the comments below. (Praise for my fiancee’s mad knitting skillz won’t help you win, but it’s appreciated.) Deadline is next Friday. I’ll pick the one personally find the funniest, and announce it with the release of the next photo.

This week’s winner will receive: a carded Savage Dragon figure (shirtless) from Marvel Toys’ Legendary Comic Book Heroes line.

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  • *Plastic Batman*: "What do you think Supes, he looks a little soft to me, I think we could take him"

    *Plastic Superman*: "Take him? Im ready to take him home, he would make a great pillow!"

  • This post is not a submission…just a compliment in regards to the "mad knitting skills"….it is very impressive. Knitting always amazed me when its just a simple 2-D scarf or something…..the 3-D Batman boggles my mind. Very nice work by your fiancee. Now you just need her to knit you a full size version so you can wear it on Halloween. 🙂

  • "Nimble little minx, isn't he?"

    or, similarly:

    "Supes, when someone asks you if you're a god, you say YES."


  • SUPERMAN: Nice doll. Did your mom make that for you?

    BATMAN: ….

    SUPERMAN: Ooh, right.


    SUPERMAN: God, Bruce, we get it, you're rich.

    Bats looks good and peeved there, so there's got to be more you could do with that one. And Bride of Ghostal did great work!

  • Batman – "Remember when Luthor made that big speech about you being a god?'

    Superman – "Kinda."

    "Well now I've got huggably soft idols dedicated me!"

  • That last bit should read "Dedicated to me!" but eh.

    A submission I found amusing but I don't want to win since I already own that fantastic figure, woot!

  • Another one.

    Batman – "Even my keen scientific mind can't decide if it's masturbation or homosexual behavior."

    Superman – "Erm, can I borrow it?"


    Batman – "I can't thank you enough for the help defeating Darkseid."

    Superman – "Can I have it?"

    Batman – "Why do you want it?"

    Superman – "For an unnatural act."

    Batman – "Thank you, maskman."


    Batman – "Solent Green is…PEOPLE!"

    Batman – "So, to raise awareness. I had Ma Kent stitch this out of your parents."

    Superman – "…What?"

    Batman – "She got a needle through an invincible blanket, I figured she could do it."

    Batman – "Well, she did a great job."


    "So…that's your plan to defeat Bane?"

    "He's like a chiropractor, it'll drive 'em nuts, while I sneak off and run his green card."


    "I'm gonna put it under the giant penny and scare the hell out of Alfred!"

    "I thought you wanted me to take his glasses so you could have a fullproof secret identity, like me."

  • I've got both Savage Dragons, if I enter, can I defer my prize to like a kid or charity or something? I know it's only one toy, but I certainly loved random toys when I was growing up.

    Also, entirely unrelated question–is that bar code at the bottom of your page actually scannable?

  • When Superman and Batman journeyed to Earth-K, and met their yarn counterparts, DC Editorial realized that this whole “multiverse” concept had gotten WAY out of hand.

  • @Pete–Sure, whoever wins is allowed to do pretty much whatever they want with the figure, such as ordering me to give it to charity.

    Incidentally, I've decided to let Mrs. Ghostal-to-Be decide the winner, so maybe flattery will help…

    @J_Stone–I believe the DC Yarniverse is Earth-36. And by the way, I had to Wikipedia Argh!Yle!.

  • bats: "so, which Earth is this guy from?"

    supers: "37, the world of knits and gnats"

    bats: "i see. damn 52…"

  • I won't even attempt a caption, these have me laughing hard enough already…

    You guys might be clever, but the future Mrs. Ghostal-to-Be has it all over you in the THAT department! I've never seen anything like it! BRILLIANT!

  • Batman: I don't like it.

    Superman: Oh come on Bruce, I stayed-up all night knitting it!

    Batman: I DON'T LIKE it.

    Superman: …it's the eyes isn't it?

    Batman: Yes, Clark, it's the EYES…

  • Okay, I'll try…

    Superman "Where did this come from?"

    Batman" Dunno,I was fighting the Joker all night and when I woke up this morning,it was outside my door. Wanna help me move it into the Batcave?"

  • @Pete: The bar code is scannable. I scanned it from actual toy packaging. The question is, which toy? 😉

    @K: That is just plain awesome work. Not only the great thought in the gift itself, but the amazing execution.

  • "The question is, which toy?"

    $847.63, the monthly cost of infant-rearing in 1989.

  • As a fellow knitter, I have to give Karen some serious props for knitting Batman! That's awesome!