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Stikfas troops

First things first–the winner of last week‘s Caption the Pic. The winner, chosen by Mrs. Ghostal-to-Be herself, is googum! Here’s the award winning entry:

Superman: “Nice doll. Did your mom make that for you?”
Batman: …
Superman: “Ooh, right.”

Googum, please contact me to get your free Savage Dragon shipped to you.

The prize for this week’s contest is: a carded blue Bizarro from Mattel’s DC Superheroes! Even if you’ve already got the purple “#1” version, with this one you get the badass crumpled-axle accessory.


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  • Green Guy: Are you sure this is it?

    Guy with map: Yes, it has to be! The lair of the dreaded Mar-thas Two-Wart!

    Third Guy: Take cover! It's coming this way!

    Yeah, that's all I got for this one.

  • C'mon guys! Let's think outside the box here!


    "OK, so Phil wants the pastrami, and Carl, you want the pasta dinner, right?"

    "No, no–the club sandwich."

    "Oh. Why did I think pasta dinner?"

    "That's what he had last night."

    "Right, right. OK, who's going to make the call?"

    "I made it last time."

    "I'm calling in that paper-rock-scissors win."

    "Goddammit, I hate making the call…"


    "All right, so I think if we go down this hallway, we'll hit the checkpoint."

    "And then it'll save?"



  • Green Guy: Now where again did you get the map from?

    Map Guy: Uhhh… the back of a Denny’s placemat.

    Other Guy: This doesn’t look like “Flavor Country”…

  • More! I need MORE!

    I admit, a blue Bizarro isn't that enticing. But next week's Caption the Pic will be far more enticing. (We're going to go biweekly with the CtPs from now on.)

  • Guy reading paper: This week's family circus is hilarious!

    Guy on the far right: I'd rather be crushed and rubbed in dog feces than hear you ever say that again.

  • I'll open the image up in Paint.NET and give it another shot in my normal "being funny" environment.

    I suppose I should ask, the way I did my entry for the last contest isn't against the rules, right?

  • Guy reading the paper: "I get it Sgt. You enjoy wearing women's underwear. Now can you stop sending these pictures to me as "New Top Secret Orders from Headquarters"?

  • Far right: Uh, guys…we have enemy forces inbound. I think it's time to put the centerfold away, don't you?



    In Green: …shhh. We're in our happy place.

    Man, this one is just hard. I think it's cause the characters don't have any obvious personality traits to exploit.

  • Green Guy: Private! You think this red bandanna makes me look fat?

    Paper Guy: Sir, my horoscope says not to answer that specific question.

    Other Guy: Sir, thats not a bandanna… remember, Operation Panty Raid?