DCUC Series 4 packaged pics

Mattel sends along these photos of DCUC Series 4 in package (not pictured: the regular Batman Beyond). According to Mattel, Captain Atom Gold and Silver will be at a 50/50 ratio and Artemis will be a chase version of Wonder Woman (about the same as maskless Deathstroke). The Cyborg with Sonic Arm and maskless Batman Beyond are KB Toys exclusives.

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  1. Great post, PG! LOVING this wave.

    I'm curious about the KB exclusives, though. Will they also come with the Despero piece? I'm assuming so (since it says on the packaging), but wasn't sure… Either way, GREAT line-up!


    aka Iron-Cow

  2. Are they actually calling that Cyborg a variant? Because one comes with extra arm pieces and the other doesn't?

    I can't see that going over well.

  3. Poe,

    The packaging for Artemis says that she is Figure 1, same as the regular old Wonder Woman figure. Figure 1 traditionally has come with the right leg of the Collect-and-Connect figure.

    It's a deduction, but it seems sound in my head 🙂


  4. I agree… great post. Even if it is just pictures. I think theres something about seeing toys in their packages, as opposed to prototypes and highly polished models.


  5. @Matt: Great post? All I did was get the pictures up before anyone else 😉 I agree, though, it’s a great wave. I’m particularly psyched for Wonder Woman and Despero.

    I’m sure the KB figures will come with the Despero piece. I assume that they’ll just replace the regular BB and Cyborg in the cases KB receives.

    I’m more curious as to which piece Artemis comes with. Since she won’t be in the Batman Beyond cases (at least the ones being sent to online retailers), will she come with the BB piece or the WW piece?

  6. ARES and Wonder Woman really look great to me. I don't know, the rest look o.k. but the reuse of the same body type over and over with new paint apps and heads has me cooled on alot of upcoming DCUCs.

  7. @ Eric….I think it's a bout a month or a little over a month when wave 4 comes out. It took around that time for wave 1 and 2 to come out after packaged photos were shown of them.

    I think Ares is the BEST figure in the series. Its cool how I thought Deathstroke and Ares would be the ones I would like the least and they turned out to be the BEST figures in their respective waves.

  8. I just know I'm going to get the gold Captain Atom in my case…and I'm gonna have to open him to make my Despero, because I'm an impatient man.

    But fingers crossed for regular Wonder Woman and Captain Atom.

  9. I'm honestly hoping I can nab both Captain Atoms…as awful as the gold one is, I'm absolutely certain I can find a use for it in the strip. 😀

  10. The only ones that are really COOL are the Wonder Women, Cyborg, Ares & Batman Beyond. Now I wonder how much they'll cost at KBToys. They tend to charge more than Toys'R'Us, Target & Wal-Mart.

    NO brake for my Wallet!!!

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