Ask Matty > November 1 Edition

POE: Toy lines often “evolve” in terms of design and style as they go along (e.g., Batman > DC Super Heroes > DC Universe Classics). How much evolution is going on behind-the-scenes for DC Infinite Heroes? MATTY: While we are trying to keep the general line look of IH the same, we are constantly improving […]

Mattel announces NYCC ’09 exclusive: MOTUC Faker!

Believe it or not, I came across this on without encountering it on any other website or forum. Weird. I know many of us–myself included–would like to see a more Terminator-esque Faker one day, but I’m more than happy to get this one, too. There’s a chance I may even get to go to […]

Intereviews > Despero (DC Universe Classics)

Oh man, am I finally on the last one of these? I think I’ll go back to the round robin format next time. That, or spread the intereviews out over a longer period. Anyway… My intereview today is with Despero, one of the Justice League’s oldest and most formidable villains– Puny human! What do you […]

Poe’s Point > Top Five Batman outfits

As I’ve documented before, I have conflicting feelings about Batman and his various outfits. I grew up on the blue-and-gray costume with the yellow oval, but I’ve come to realize that outfit isn’t particularly menacing. In an attempt to make sense of it all, I give you Poe’s Top Five Batman costumes (as represented in […]

Intereviews > Ares (DC Universe Classics)

Welcome back to my week-long series of “intereviews” with the members of DC Universe Classics Wave 4. For those unfamiliar with the format, I basically pretend the figures are real and “interview” them, sneaking in my review in the process. My guest today is Ares, the Greek God of War. Thanks for being here, Mr. […]

Joe the Plumber and Louie the Plumber: Separated at Birth?

When the whole “Joe the Plumber” thing started, I noticed Joe looked a bit like the similarly-employed C.O.P.S. lackey. No political statement here–I just thought it was amusing there was a slight physical resemblance. But then, I have a history of thinking people look like other people when they don’t really.

Huge sale at CornerStoreComics/AmazingToys

Just passing along some news from my good friends at CornerStoreComics / AmazingToyz. –Poe CornerStoreComics & AmazingToyz THE LAST HURRAH SALE! It’s the end of an era… two actually. After a (mostly) successful test of our long-awaited new website, the time has come to put the old ones to bed. In an effort to minimize […]