Monday morning MOTUC missives


Just a couple things for those of you who only come here for your MOTUC news (MisterBigBo, maybe?).

–The secret accessory that comes with Tri-Klops is an adult-size version of the glow-in-the-dark “Grayskull ring.” My thoughts: a nice bonus for particularly nostalgic fans, but not something I’m interested in. I would rather have had a second sword based on the card art. But I have no problems with the ring, and I’m glad those who wanted it get it.

One question, though–those three daggers on his back are supposed to be removable, right? They’re not mentioned among his accessories on his page.

–I really like Man-At-Arms’ bio, particularly because it incorporates the concept the Four Horsemen initially developed for the 2002 MOTU line, where Skeletor had united the two halves of the Power Sword (which was what that crazy split sword he had was supposed to be) while Duncan built the techno-sword (and the Sorceress enchanted it) as a replacement.

–Speaking of the techno-sword, in response to a poster who said it was identical to the 2002 sword, the Horsemen wrote, “We thought of that. Compare this version of the 200X Power Sword to one of the originals. We ‘classic-ized’ this version. They look similar, but they’re not the same.” For your convenience, I’ve prepared this side-by-side comparison pic.

–On a side note, I’ll try to get to my Zodac review today or tomorrow. I think it’s going to seem rather superfluous after Michael Crawford’s exhaustive review, though.

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  • I believe those daggers are just a part of the sculpt on his armor, thus not removable.

    I could be wrong, but I think Toyguru confirmed that somewhere… So they wouldn't be listed as accessories.

  • It doesn't look like the sword coming with MOTUC Man-At-Arms has the swivel parts that the 2002 sword has.

  • Thank god. Finally a 2002 sword without that stupid swivel crap. I always hated that gimmick since it never looked good.

  • The 2002 sword is growing on me. I'm glad it doesn't have the swivel feature on it as well. I'm excited about the "Grayskull ring". Didn't it come with Trap-Jaw in the original line? I hope there are more figures with secret accessories. I can't wait to see Evil-Lyn and Teela. Hopefully Mattel reveals them soon!!!

  • Toyguru revealed that the little daggers are part of the sculpt of the armor. It's non removable.

    The Grayskull ring came in both TrapJaw and Triklops figures of the original 80's line.

  • Oh Poe, I come here for all my toy news, not just MOTUC. And absolutely we need another Zodac review, so maybe Mattel will pay a tad more QC attention to the paint on these $30 toys. And give us MOC collectors some love so we can see the figures' heads!

  • @MBB: Actually, what I meant was that you may only come to PGPoA, rather than, say, or Toy News International, for your MOTUC news…

    I did incorporate the issue about being able to see the figures’ heads in-package into my review.