Review > Deadshot (DC Universe Classics)

I’m now cherrypicking DCUC, sticking mostly with Batman-related characters. Between his nominal status as a Bat-villain and his badass outfit, Deadshot was the only figure I planned to get from Wave 9. Of course, what were the chances I’d ever see one at retail, especially here in Boston? It usually takes months before a wave […]

Avatar’s dropship vehicle looks familiar

Mattel has released some photos of the toys for James Cameron’s Avatar, and I couldn’t help but notice this one: I liked this ship the first time I saw it…in Aliens twenty years ago. Zing! Ha ha! But in all seriousness, folks, James Cameron has been sapped of all imagination.

Odds ‘n Ends

Having some trouble getting my ducks in a row this morning, so let’s start with an Odds ‘n Ends. As the entire world knows by now, Disney is buying Marvel Entertainment. Will Disney interfere with its everyday operations or will they leave well enough alone, as they’ve done with Pixar? Time will tell. Personally, though, […]

Any questions for Mattel?

I didn’t solicit any questions from you guys for the September 1st round of Ask Mattel because I had five of my own questions (all Ghostbusters-related). However, I’ve got nothing for the September 15th round, so let ‘er rip!

Interview w/ Customizer “Sabertooth”

Last week I posted about the custom District 9 “prawn” mech that sold for a whopping $5300 on eBay. I got in touch with the customizer, Chris Hooton (who goes by “Sabertooth” on Figure Realm) to find out more about this amazing piece. What parts did you use to make your custom prawn mech? Ok, […]

Mattel summons Scareglow

Mattel has posted some great photos of Scareglow, complete with his new bio, which doesn’t quite explain that weird, awesome accessory. It does, however, clear up the whole “is he Skeletor’s ghost or just a guy who works for Skeletor?” issue–he’s an “Evil Ghost Serving Skeletor.” Better than “Evil Ghost Serving #52, Buffalo Chicken on […]

Paul’s Peg > Insight on Insight

While the Mattel Masters of the Universe debacle drove the toy collecting community into a frenzied rage, the other toy book this year has been getting a lot of respect if not the same amount of talk. When my buddy was at SDCC this year I gave him a list of stuff to pick up […]