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I’ve got an extra He-Ro figure, minty fresh in his white mailer box and waiting for some loving collector to take him into his home.

So here’s the deal. I thought about saying you just had to post a comment below to enter the contest, but that’s boring. So instead, what I’d like you to do is imagine “Poe Ghostal” was a MOTU character, and then write a mini-bio for him in the style of the MOTU Classics packaging.

The bio should be between 50-75 words. It can be as serious, funny, or mocking as you want. I’ve posted a few sample bios below, so you can get a feel for the style. Feel free to make up a goofy “real name” too.

The contest will start now and end at 12pm on September 1st. I’ll pick a winner based solely on my own judgment. The winning entry will be Photoshopped into an actual MOTUC-style bio, and some runners-up will be posted as well.

I’ll open this up to international Poesters too, with one condition: I’ll pay for shipping up to $20, but you’ll have to pay the difference for anything over that. Sorry to be a jerk, but int’l shipping can get crazy.

As usual, the Power Pals and friends and family are excluded from the contest (“friends” in this case means people I’ve hung out with in person–online acquaintances are free to participate). But if they’d like to write a bio just for fun, feel free!

Click “Read the rest” to see the sample bios!




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  • Aw, fail at being excluded. Grayskull is the only MOTUC figure I own, having He-Ro would be like a mini-collection in itself!

  • GHO-STALL, Action Figure Chronicler!

    Real Name: Po

    Traveling through eras long past and yet to come, GHO-STALL is a watcher, a collector and specter of time all in one. His magical ability to replicate the heroes and villains of legend into miniature plastic statues has filled his keep with a virtual history of time itself. But GHO-STALL knows his quest is far from over, for every sunrise brings word of a new entry into history that he must seek out. But only GHO-STALL will decide if they are worthy of plastic immortality!

  • @Poe: Ha! Sad thing is, I haven't even bought any toys in a couple of months. I wouldn't have anything to write about, unless I started writing about comics…

  • He-Poe: Mystic Blogger

    Real Name: Jay'son Effcee Clarke

    Destined by the internet's ancient creator, Algore, to be a messenger to lost collectors, He-Poe was granted the formidable Power Swordpress. Using this functional, yet attractive weapon alongside the Keyboard of Destiny, He-Poe battles against Matt-el's evil minions, vanquishing any who stand in his way with fierce criticism. The recent murder of Scalp-Or at He-Poe's hands shaped the hero's heart into a mere shard of its past, reducing him to the inner turmoil that fuels his endless war against the iniquities of Matt-el.

  • Po-Go

    Real name: Schtall

    Using the mighty power of his magical bouncing stick, Po-Go is leaps and bounds ahead of his enemies. Using the amazing power of The Timeless Overlords of Trolla (TM), Po-Go soars to heights equalled only by Stratos. Though he fights on the side of good, there are times when his motivations are over his allies' heads.

  • Poe Ghostal; the manevolent scribe whose words come to life. Originally a royal scribe from the planet Edgarondos, Poe was exiled and thrust into a interdimensional time portal. Landing in Eternia, after wandering aimlessly for days, Poe Ghostal was found by Count Marzo who used his amulet to grant Poe the power to bring his words to life. Poe will do anything to find a way to return to his home planet and use his powers to seek revenge on his people.

  • JA-SON (Master blogger of Plastic)

    Real Name : POE GHOSTAL

    Born the son of Ja, from the Ghostal clan of Bostonia…..A young Poe Ghostal with his sidekick Mighty Mouse, learned early on in life from his battles with the likes of Grimlock, Kargosaur, and the Evil Dead, that he would soon take over the action figure community of the Inter-Netias. Even though his work has just begun; with Poe’s wit, charm, candor, and great contests :), as well as his legions of faithful followers, The Poesters, there is nothing this sorcerer of plastic cannot accomplish.

  • Alas, if it were any other figure than this intergalactic fruitcake, then I would bend all my considerable skills to this endeavour. But as it stands I must bid you good day.

  • Po-Stor, Evil & Scares Everyone

    Real Name: Tanyr Stufmont

    As royal taxidermist in King Randor’s court, Tanyr Stufmont’s skill in the art of preserving animal hides was unmatched. Banished for making unwelcome advances toward Queen Marlena, he turned his talents to evil. While few Eternians have lived to tell the tale of their encounters with Po-Stor, it is said that the hideously distorted, preserved hides of his enemies act as signposts on the road to his secret lair in the Mystic Mountains.

  • POE GHOSTAL: Friendliest Ghost with the Most You Know

    Real Name: Ecktor Plasmus

    Poe Ghostal was born the illegitmate son of evil ghost Scareglow and Eternia's Queen Marlena. Renouncing the spookier side of his conflicted heritage the only bone he picks now are for Eternian rights and freedoms as the heroic editor of the Grayskull Gazette.

  • Poe Ghostal the Evil Ghostal of Skeletor is known to go postal on The Masters of the Universe. Poe Ghostal is an evil demon who once was a man. Joe Poe was a post office worker who one day went postal and evil. Hordak of the evil horde was searching the universes for more evil doers. He found Joe Poe on the planet Earth and was kidnapped by Hordak to do his evil bidding. Hordak turned Evil Poe in to a ghost/demon who had the power to mimic and living being. He first used his power to mimic Skeltor to scare Skeletor forces making them think Skeletor was turning on them. Then Hordak could claim his rightfull spot as evil leader of eternia.

  • Poe Ghostal®, Heroic Hunter Gatherer™

    Real Name: Ed-Gar Alin™

    Ed-Gar Alin™ worked tirelessly gathering data in the Randor Library until an attack by Skeletor® destroyed the library and his life’s work. Due to a rare Eternian condition causing him to mispronounce phrases, Ed-Gar threatened to henceforth “po gostal” for the damaged caused him that day. With his twin Swords of Oafe and their deadly Points of Articulation, the knowledgeable Ed-Gar fights bravely alongside the heroic Masters of the Universe®.

  • I couldn't resist =)

    Poe Ghostal® Savage Philatelist

    of Skeletor™

    Real Name: Cappoe Ghostaliari™

    Once the proprietor of an Eternian™ convenience store, Poe Ghostal® lost his eyesight in a freak pornography accident. From that day on he devoted his life to inconveniencing He-Man®.

    Like others of his race, Ghostaliari possesses the abilities to pawn work off onto colleagues, remain motionless for hours at a time, and sleep at the slightest provocation.

    His most feared ability is his Photo-Chop™ attack, which can render sane men speechless.

    Heroic Cosmic Courier

    Real Name: Poester of Ghostus

    Charged with the collection of powerful artifacts by the Overlords of Trolla, Po-Go journeyed to the very edge of the universe.There, he discovered the Sword of He teetering on the brink of a doorway to the dread Dimension of Despondos. Po-Go leapt into battle against the villainous Demo-Man for the sword, banishing the creature and sealing the rift before unveiling the sword to an excited audience.

  • Poe- Scribe- Mystic Historian of Justice

    Real name- Poe Ghostal

    The spirit of knowledge, Poe-Scribe must survey the universe and record all he sees. With his pen of truth he records the most important events in the universe into his tome of ages, casting judgment on the acts of mortals. Often his red-eyed gaze is drawn to Eternia. Silently he watches He-Man battle the forces of Skeletor, knowing what hangs in the balance. Although he possesses great foresight, even Poe-Scribe cannot predict a clear victor.

  • Poe Ghostal®
    Spectral Cosmic Collector

    Real Name: Unpronounceable on the Eternian dimensional plain.

    An extra-dimensional entity existing as only a specter in the lands of Eternia™. Wanted by both The Masters of the Universe® and Skeletor’s® forces for his knowledge of their secrets. When questioned by He-Man® this ghost told him the secrets of Castle Grayskull™ are taught to the youngest of children in his homeland. He then produced toys of He-Man® and Prince Adam®. He asked the assembled Masters if they noticed anything about the two, anything similar. Before he vanished, he whispered to Teela, “Adam isn’t the coward you think he is”

  • You guys are hysterically witty and clever!! I am loving reading these!!

  • Ghostalor

    Real Name: Poe Spectorus Fanstasmix

    A by-product of the fusion of Keldor and Demo-Man, Ghostalor is the minion of Scare Glow and resides in the mysterious cylinder chained to his arm. Ghostalor serves as a scout and look-out for his master but secretly plots to combine himself, Skeletor and Scare Glow into one being, an all powerful and reborn Demo-Man.


    Once thought of only as a legend, Poog-He is the last survivor of a warrior race from a time gone by. He is foretold in Eternia’s “Lost book of Mysticism” as the “Power that Divides”. Powerful as is wise, however his benevolence was betrayed by an ally that trapped him in the stone Un’durra. Placed in deep slumber he is again awakened by the Power Sword’s seeker-aurora; breaking the spell and releasing once more the power of Poog-He. But, in such a long time spell-bound, is he still a protector of Eternia or the ravager of land’s presaged by Skeletor!

  • Po-Ghostak-Tor: Heroic Guardian and Documentarian of all Eternian things collectible and prized!

    Real Name: Po-Tor-Dak

    Formed in a dark and distant dimension known as the Eight-Ees, Po-Tor-Dak always acknowledged that the pen is truly mightier than the Power Sword. Using words to disarm his enemies, Po took on the mantle of Po-Ghostak-Tor and, with mystical typewriter of supremacy at hand, he fights injustice and evil alongside He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, and manages to find the time to create scriptures documenting each new item inducted into the Castle Grayskull trophy hall.

  • Poe Ghostar

    Real Name: Pocefus Stalstein

    Bio: Ace reporter Pocefus was interviewing Teela about her relationship with Beast Man for his Eternian gossip rag, Points of Articulation, when she was attacked by Hordak, Evil Leader of the Evil Horde of Evil. His hands were damaged badly in the attack, but Man At Arms constructed mechanical appendages allowing him to type at hyper sonic speeds. Pocefus was also given a WhitChip to combat Skeletor and Hordak's catty quips.

  • GHOSTAC the Cosmic Balancer

    Real Name: Unknown

    It is unknown the allegiance of Ghostac, either with the forces of good or with the evil Skeletor. Ghostac articulately studies the fighter’s strong points and also their weaknesses. He is wearing a living computerize battle armor and using its onboard computer to accumulate data. Also armed with the tablet of Poe, on which he uses to cast spells on his opponents. Ghostac likes to lurk in the shadows to………

  • Poghostor

    Real Name: Poe Ghostal

    One of the most mysterious characters on Eternia. All that is known of Poe is he was once a Cosmic Enforcer with the Zodac Brothers, but due to having too many strong views and not being impartial they kicked him out. Following this he took the the name Poghostor and started a website for the Eternians to post comments and express opinions. It is rumoured the it was Pogohostor that caused The Great Unrest and the following battles as he kept causing arguments between the MOTU and Skeletors minionsby asking if they preferd their 80's outfits or their 2002 outfits, if the enjoyed their time in space and what they thought about Etheria. With the aid of The Four Horse Men from the planet Mattel Poeghostor is bringing about the Classics War.

  • Poe Ghostal

    Cosmic Archiver

    Real Name: Ed-Garr

    Originally hailing from a future time on a far off planet, Ed-Garr was brought to this time by the Overlords of Trolla and set on a task to archive stories of any planets greatest heroes and villains. Coming to Eternia he took the name Poe Ghostal and observed the deeds of both He-Man and his companions as well as his rivals, recording and critiquing each as they became known to him. Siding with neither he remained neutral and observed from afar.

  • Poe Ghostal, Sorcerer of Vodoo

    REAL NAME: Poverty Patrick Gee

    In tradtions honoring his ancestor, P-Schwayze, Ghostal transcended inter-dimensional boundaries to surprise his victims. Most notably, he was able to capture He-Ro to clone and miniaturize him. The action figure was then electronically bountied to the scribe that pandered most to Poe Ghostal's frightening conceit.

    Real Name: Po-Gho-Stal

    After fleeing the swamps of Oafe the all knowing, Po-Gho-Stal struck out on his own. Po-Gho-Stal was far more interested in educating his fellow Eternians about his passions than straight combat, but his skill with the pen was matched only by his skill with the sword. His enimies so fear him Po-Ghos-Tal is now known throughout Eternia as HUNTER RAVEN for his skill in combat and distaste for mediocre action figures.

  • Poe Ghostal: Evil Reviewer of Toys

    Real Name: Por-Tur Gah

    At one time,Por-Tur Gah was a simple toy reviewer for King Randor and Queen Marlena. The Overlord of Evil, Skeletor, was thwarted by He-Man, in his attempt to become ruler of Eternia. Realizing that he had met his match, Skeletor decided to destroy all of the toys of Eternia to keep the next generation of Eternians from enjoying their lives. Skeletor and his minions captured Por-Tur and forced him to seek out the toys and make the children miserable and filled with hate. Por-Tur began liking his importance and was no longer Por-Tur Gah…Poe Ghostal was born.

  • Poe for the love you have shown me in the past I will do you one better. Once the bio is done the second phase of of this contest will be hosted by Passion Designs. Character designs of "Poe Ghostal" can be submitted. After a due date we will have a poll of this character design. The winning character design/artist will get a custom MOTUC Poe Ghostal Figure.

  • KOLEK TOR (demigod of Eternia)

    real name: Poe Ghostal

    Twin brother to the Sorceress and offspring of a magical race, Poe falsely allied himself as the former guardian of Castle Grayskull in order to learn its deepest secrets. Rebuffed by its unfathomable power, and some say driven mad, Kolek Tor uses its ancient knowledge and power to pit the people and creatures of Eternia in endless battles of good vs. evil. Legend has it he grants eternal life to those who interest him by incarnating them into fully articulated figurines.

  • Poe Ghostal™ Good and Reviews Everything

    Real Name: Hector Alan Poe

    Poe Ghostal™ was born into the royal family of Ravenites and led them in their Pre-Eternian battle for the mountain-top city of Avion against the rival Birdmen. Poe Ghostal™ was blasted down the mountain and encased in a frozen tundra for many hundreds of years. In the epic battle for Eternia® the evil forces of Skeletor® discovered Ghostal and thawed him in hopes that he would join their nefarious army. Poe Ghostal originally battled the Masters of the Universe® alongside Skeletor®, before being convinced by King Randor™ that the Ravenites and the Birdmen had lived together in peace for much of the time that Ghostal was encased in ice. Skeletor® was the true enemy having destroyed the rest of the Ravenite race in his attempted conquest of Eternia®, leaving Poe Ghostal™ the last of his kind. Now Poe Ghostal™ carefully reviews every situation before swooping into battle with his Tell-Tale Tonfas of Trolla.


    Real Name: N/A

    While Keldor paid a price during his transformation into Skeletor, Hordak was unaware that a small portion of Demo-Man's essence, escaped during the transformation process. Because of this, Demo-Man's essence was able to be controlled by Keldor's mind. Known as Poe Ghostal to Eternians, he wanders the land of Eternia in a spiritual form, seeking to re-unite with the rest of its spirit, for when he does, the demon will then control the man.

  • Ghost-at-Toys

    Real Name: Poe Ghostal

    Heroic Savage Collector

    Whatever took the life of this tragic character, even his beloved wife Doc-tor Mrs. Ghostal was unable to prevent. Searching even after death for the figures he was denied in life, Ghost-at-Toys haunts toy aisles, collector forums, and his own blog to this day. While ostensibly a heroic figure, Ghost-at-Toys may sometimes slip into a savage rage, particularly when faced with his nemesis Scalp-Or.

  • Poe Ghostal – Real Name: Whata Ful

    In life, Ful was a shifty action figure hunter who spent years attempting to break into Mattel's offices, obsessed with legends that within lay the power to re-create the mighty 30 inch Anti-Monitor. In death, he was cursed and banished into the dimension of Walmartia – forever chained to his past crimes by being forced to wander it's great halls, filled with space for aisles and aisles of action figures, but was always empty. He was brought back to Eternia by a magical spell of light cast by Skeletor to locate the most evil warriors in the five dimensions. Provided with a Price Scanner of Doom, Ful agreed to join forces with Skeletor and quickly became known as “Poe Ghostal” due to his ability to burst forth and freeze his enemies with fright (and then steal their action figures).

    Actually, rumor has it, he just liked the name.

  • Poe-Etic Man

    Real: Allan Poe.

    This magical raven-like creature is said to hold the Ghost Spirit of Eternia; was brought forth by the King of ancient times to maintain peace among civilians;ironically was shot down during Randor Civil War and hasn't been seen since(People believe he is hidden in a trap door). His long hiatus makes He-man wonder if there ever will be true equality among those who collect the ancients scrolls of knowledge written by Poe.

  • Konnoisseur®

    Balanced Eternian Guardian

    Real Name: Poe Ghostal

    As a Guardian of Eternia™, Konnoisseur® is the one who guides and records all the battles of Eternia™. Unknown too both The Masters of the Universe® and Skeletor’s® forces. As a recorder he writes all the legendary battles from HE-RO™ to the new warrior of Castle Grayskull™ HE-Man™. As a Guider he plans the battles of Eternia™ with his magic battle board and character totems. He asks one question too all, Can you guide you own life or are you all just my "Toys"?

  • Real name: Pogue O'Stahl

    A mysterious spirit clad in black, many would think Poe Ghostal a villain. He is fickle, but not evil. He is fanatically devoted to one pursuit at a time, collecting all the knowledge he can. But when that mysterious switch flips in his mind, he discards all he had acquired and begins anew. The Masters know if they ask, Poe will be an invaluable ally against the evil forces of Skeletor – it's just a question of catching this walking ghost's attention.

  • Ghost-All

    Magical Ghostly Avenger

    Real Name : Scriptor Vir

    A writer and poet by trade, Scriptor was killed in Horde raid on his village while defending a group of children. Saddened and angered by the attack, his soul refused to leave this plane. Eventually Scriptor was found by The Sorceress and granted great magic through The Lenses of Logic, The Cap of Courage, and the Pen of Power. Now, Ghost-All uses his amazing ablities to help the forces of good throughout the universe!

  • Scarepoe – Ghostal Poe's Ghost

    Real Name: Barak Ghoul

    In life, Ghoul was a nifty toy hunter who spent years attempting to break into Castle Gleekskull, obsessed with legends that within lay the power to become the Master Toy Collector of the Universe. In death, he was cursed and banished into the dimension of Wallmartia – forever chained to his past crimes. He was brought back to Internetia by a magical spell of light cast by Ghostal Poe to locate the most evil toys in the all dimensions. Provided with a Scythe of Doom, Ghoul agreed to join forces with Ghostal Poe and quickly became known as “Scarepoe” due to his ability to burst forth and freeze his enemies with fright.

  • Poe (or Po') Ghostal

    Real Name: Philip Ghostinski

    Philip was an Eternian postal carrier with dreams of heroism that one day coalesced into a plan: mail himself to Snake Mountain and slay the Evil Skeletor.

    Philip knew the delivery would take exactly three moon cycles, so he packaged himself along with food, water and a clock.

    The ticking clock caught the attention of the authorities before Philip even left the post office, and he was blown to bits by the Eternian bomb squad.

    Philip now haunts the regions he once served, keeping them safe from Evil spies and unruly Eternians alike.

    And Eternian children everywhere sing this bedtime rhyme:

    "Po'po' Ghostal: He went postal. Blown to toast, now he's bi-coastal."

    Too many words? Oh well. It was fun anyways 🙂

  • @Diego Zubrycky:

    Sorry, bad english… The right sentence is: "He was brought back to Internetia by a magical spell of light cast by Ghostal Poe to locate the most evil toys in all dimensions"

    Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. :p

  • POE GHOSTAL (Evil Spectral Scribe of Skeletor)

    Real Name: Jas’n of the House of Clarke

    Once an Eternian Nobleman and renowned chronicler of the ancient Mattelian empire, Jas’n discovered a place of unnatural power known as Articulation Point and, tricked into servitude by Skeletor, entered into the dastardly tomb where he alone would lay claim to the supposed vast amount of treasures within. Upon his entry he was transformed into the evil POE GHOSTAL and blighted to live as a faceless shade forever bound to his desire to discover and scribe the wondrous secrets of Mattel.

  • Poe Ghostal- Eternian Detective

    Real Name: Po Stahl

    Poe awoke one day without a body and only fragments of his memories. Poe discovered he now has psychic abilities and can take over people's bodies for a limited time which is the only way he can communicate with others. He is now on a journey to discover who he is and how he became the way he is, along the way he has found other people just as lost and missing important things in their life as he and so he has taken it upon himself to not only solve the mystery of his life but others mysteries as well. Po Stahl has now become Eternia's greatest detective Poe Ghostal.