NA He-Man all but confirmed for MOTUC poster “Arkangel” pointed out something I’d completely missed. The new Bow MOTUC figure doesn’t have boots matching the vintage Bow.

Vintage Bow boots:

MOTUC Bow boots:

Vintage NA He-Man boots:

Anyone doubt we’re getting an NA He-Man as a bonus figure down the road now?

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  • Very cool. I'd love a NA He-Man. I wonder if the hair will be any different? Hopefully, we also get a real NA sword and not the power sword molded in translucent green plastic. A 2nd helmeted head is a must! The more I think about it, the more I'm looking forward to this figure!

  • Yesss, I've been hoping for more New Adventures additions.

    If NA He-Man happens, I hope it comes with the full treatment of plastic gewgaws — the retooled Power Sword, energy shield, chestplate and helmet.

  • As a kid I thought the NA was a decent idea but I didn't like how they changed the look of the figures for the new line. Since all characters for MOTUC have the same classic-ized body style, I'm really looking forward to the NA stuff, especially the man himself.

  • @Barbecue17: My guess as to how this figure will work:

    1.) Two heads–classic and helmeted

    2.) Removable gold chest armor, also with a swappable "sash" armor piece to go across the chest, which is how he usually appeared in the 'toon

    3.) The NA Power Sword (with some sort of weird explanation for it–maybe he has to leave the real Power Sword behind because it can't leave Eternia) and a new shield based on the original. I suppose there's a chance they'll include the regular Power Sword and, hopefully, also the NA Power Sword, but say it's just a regular sword or something.

  • wow… that dude has more time on his hands than i have, but kudos for the catch. i'd wager he's right on the money.

    but if we get an NA power sword, i say the next time we get the business about the millenium skellisword, we riot.

  • NA He-Man was, for all intents & purposes, as good as gold. This "find" confirms it for sure.

    I also think that there's no way that the Horsemen aren't going to sculpt/tool NA He-Man's Power Sword. That was one of his coolest attributes. Ain't no way.

  • I've avoided Matty since Teela came out but I may just have to go back and try to get this guy when he comes out. NA He Man was the first figure I remember buying with my own money as a kid.

  • Poe just said what I'd like to see. Recolored classic sword and NA sword.

    A separate helmeted head would probably be the way to go since removable helmets tend to be big and goofy to fit over sculpted hair. I wondet if they'd do new hair and a less savage face considering how He-Man evolved from somewhat thin to his former roid monster self over the course of the NA toy line.

    I welcome another excellent 4H treatment of an underwhelming classic. Those are some of the best.

  • Over on the .org thread mentioned, I've learned that Bow's boots are unacceptable and they must be corrected immediately.

  • @FakeEyes22: Of course. Though I appreciated the fact that the first major proponent of it (AllesandroJ or something like that) was well aware of the inevitable failure of the enterprise.

  • @Poe: I like this idea but I'm wondering if it might cost too much in terms of the figure budget. Two new head toolings, two new accessory toolings, and two chestpiece toolings sounds like pretty big hit — assuming there isn't any additional new bits (maybe new forearms ? — how about a little removable Thunderpunch bracer?).

  • @Harlan Rosen: Two new head toolings? No, what I called the "classic" head will just be the standard He-Man head.

    He won't need new forearms because, as Baena pointed out to me over on the FANtastic Exclusive forums, Bow's bracers are also a match to NA He-Man (and not vintage Bow). So Bow's basically a "pretool"–like Ice Armor He-Man was to Fisto in the Millennium line.

    As for the rest of the new tooling for an NA He-Man, they've already said that all future bonus figures will be A-list characters with some level of retooling–no more straight repaints like Zodak or the Goddess.

  • Haha! I appreciate when people realize that their passion makes their demands unreasonable. An action figure's choice of shoes is in no way "urgent." My actual shoes are getting pretty beat up and I haven't declared it a crisis…yet.

    I do understand someone taking a personal favorite really seriously, but those boots are holding up an astonishing update to a cheesy toy and was presented alongside a gear-packed Roboto and Vikor McAxemurder. Boots seem trivial in such a nice group.

    Unrelated, but King Hiss detractors(there's a lot) should take a look at some of the clear close-ups of the snake limbs. Even if you dislike the vinage proportion, the detailed sculpt is amazing!

  • Much rather prefer a bonus slot but as a leader, it as well be monthly.

    The other rumored characters for 2011 from recent copyrights (or the ones filed all at once in February 2010 which produced Bow, Grizzlor, and Carnivus): Multi-Bot, Sweet Bee (2nd POP figure for 2011 if the rumored female buck fixes go through), Catra (apparently being remolded-?), Rattlor (same as Catra for some reason), Snout Spout, Lodar, Clamp Champ (but possibly could be for a bio only like Ceratus), and Gwildor (probably Pre-Eternia He-Man's bio for the Cosmic Key).

    And some other brand new trademarks this month: Modulok (Multi-Bot bio?), Tung Lashor (for Hsss' bio?), Arachne Spider Warriors (the 2011 Army Builder 2-pack?), and Horde Troopers (2-pack or for Catra's bio).

  • @Poe: Aaah okay. I thought by classic you meant something classic to NA — I think He-Man found himself a decent space stylist in the distant future.

    If NA He-Man has the standard He-Man head, that's fine and is a good cost-saving measure.

  • Yeah, the gauntlets are what tipped me off that something was afoot, and then (belt aside) his bottom half just being straight up NA He-Man, it kind of jumps out at you.

    It totally works though, and it also explains why Bow has so much new tooling (aka. is so awesome).

    Two heads, bow, quiver with arrows, arrow accessory, harp, unique armor, two chestpieces, new wrists, new hips, and a new belt/crotch.

  • @Harlan Rosen

    I'm not sure how much it would affect tooling or plastic used, but standard He-Man's hair is a separate piece from the face. It's possible that tooling could only go towards a new helmet and/or hairpiece to be used on the existing face.

  • @ Fakeeyes22

    The King Hiss sculpting on the snake looks fine. It's the design choices that are complete garbage to me.

    It's too small. It needs some bulk to make it actually look intimidating.

    The main mandate in this line is to make the figs look as close to the vintage as possible…well they failed in that respect too. They left out one of the snakes. The one that coils around his neck. This is a case where what they gave us is actually less than the vintage version.

    I also dislike "bendy" toys. I don't mind breaking the sculpt a little on this one to get some articulation. Ball joints at the shoulders and maybe late along the arm would be fine with me.

    No articulated jaws? Heck, even the lame 200x figure had those. What gives?

    Now, the human torso looks quite good. Even though I prefer the 200x look, I think the human version looks amazing and I am actually drooling in anticipation. It's just that they failed so badly on all fronts with the snake version. To me at least. I understand some fans like it, which is fine with me, but this is one of my most anticipated figures.

    Then Toyguru says that there isn't much difference between the vintage and 200x versions? Excuse me? Please. They had better do a 200x version later on. This is one of the few that I thought really would have benefited from two versions.

    On a different note, since Keldor blades are too Anime Hyper Detail for the line, and they won't sculpt a fanny pack for 200x He-Man, is the Pony-tail and NA sword too Anime Hyper Detail as well?

    Their internal logic, or lack thereof :), hurts my brain sometimes.

    Ah well. I am actually looking forward to seeing some more Na characters. But as a He-Man variant I'm not crazy about the NA version. But is he looks half as good as Bow does, he could turn into one of my favorites.

  • A lot of people were bitching about Bow's boots & gauntlets. I think they look better than what the vintage Bow had. I'm not a fan of NA He-Man but I'm sure the Horsemen will be able to make him look cool. A lot of the people that were bitching about Bow changed their opinions after seeing him!

  • I was baffled about the complaints with Bow's gauntlets and boots. Everybody seemed to be perfectly fine that Optikk reused Trap Jaw's/Kronis' arms and legs completely, but now it's a problem that Bow's boots and gauntlets ain't done exactly like the vintage figure's? Give me a break.

  • At SDCC when looking at Bow, the same thought of NA He-Man popped in my head. Glad to see others caught it as well. Bow could not have turned out any more perfect in my opinion, and I am very happy we are receiving two heads since the Filmation version with the mustache is my preferred. At this point 4 Horseman can do no wrong in my book.

  • @Poe:

    But wasn't there a Q&A (from this very site) in which it was said that NA He-Man would have a ponytailed head.

    The question was regarding the lack of a "200X" head for He-Man and if this would mean that we'd have a "vintage" head on He-Man.

  • @Snarf! Snarf!: Hmmm…you're right, there's a discussion of that, but I think it's left a little ambiguous. Not that I mind if we get a new He-Man head.

    At this point, Mattel is showing an increasing willingness to spend money for new tooling, so I still think that new armor, two new heads (or rather, a classic face with new hair, since the hair part of He-Man's head is a separate piece), and a new sword and shield are entirely possible.

    Frankly, Vikor makes just about anything possible. The guy has a new head, new bracelets, a necklace, a new bicep band, new loincloth, a new fur cape, and three new weapons. If Vikor can get that sort of treatment, I'd hope we'd get that much for NA He-Man.

    And frankly, I think we will, if only because Mattel knows they need to make yet another He-guise more appealing as a bonus figure.