NA He-Man all but confirmed for MOTUC poster “Arkangel” pointed out something I’d completely missed. The new Bow MOTUC figure doesn’t have boots matching the vintage Bow.

Vintage Bow boots:

MOTUC Bow boots:

Vintage NA He-Man boots:

Anyone doubt we’re getting an NA He-Man as a bonus figure down the road now?


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  1. Poe

    @Snarf! Snarf!: Hmmm…you're right, there's a discussion of that, but I think it's left a little ambiguous. Not that I mind if we get a new He-Man head.

    At this point, Mattel is showing an increasing willingness to spend money for new tooling, so I still think that new armor, two new heads (or rather, a classic face with new hair, since the hair part of He-Man's head is a separate piece), and a new sword and shield are entirely possible.

    Frankly, Vikor makes just about anything possible. The guy has a new head, new bracelets, a necklace, a new bicep band, new loincloth, a new fur cape, and three new weapons. If Vikor can get that sort of treatment, I'd hope we'd get that much for NA He-Man.

    And frankly, I think we will, if only because Mattel knows they need to make yet another He-guise more appealing as a bonus figure.

  2. Snarf! Snarf!


    But wasn't there a Q&A (from this very site) in which it was said that NA He-Man would have a ponytailed head.

    The question was regarding the lack of a "200X" head for He-Man and if this would mean that we'd have a "vintage" head on He-Man.

  3. Lovable-Bill

    At SDCC when looking at Bow, the same thought of NA He-Man popped in my head. Glad to see others caught it as well. Bow could not have turned out any more perfect in my opinion, and I am very happy we are receiving two heads since the Filmation version with the mustache is my preferred. At this point 4 Horseman can do no wrong in my book.

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