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Most poison doesn’t work that way: eating a little every day doesn’t build up your immunity, it just lodges in your liver or whatever until it kills you. Well, kills you, Conan’s made of sterner stuff than that.

I think I’ve eaten veal twice in my life, and it might be cruel and inhumane and mean but by gum it’s tasty. I’m not a ‘foodie’ or whatever, but am an unrepentant carnivore. That said, I was thinking about looking for toys and getting Taco Bell for lunch, and that’s barely meat, right? Pretty sure vegans can eat there now…

Review > Bow (Masters of the Universe Classics)

[Poe’s note: Welcome to the new look for our reviews! Much thanks to OB1 for helping put this together.]

Just as Teela was the token woman among the mostly sausage-fest that was the Heroic Warriors, Bow represents the token man in the Great Rebellion (unless you count Kowl, I guess…and I think Swiftwind might be a dude…). Having never watched She-Ra, I can’t say I have an attachment to the character. But I have an attachment to Masters of the Universe Classics, so, here we are.

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The original Bow figure wasn’t that impressive. As part of the Princess of Power line, he lacked the insanely-muscled physique of the vintage MOTU figures, reminding those boys who were interested in POP that the line wasn’t really meant for them. That said, Bow is arguably a forerunner of the New Adventures of He-Man toyline, which featured more realistic anatomical proportions. That’s probably why MOTUC Bow’s legs, particularly his boots, are quite obviously based not on Bow’s vintage figure, but on NA He-Man. (And now that I’ve gotten a better look at them, his gauntlets appear to be based on NA He-Man’s as well.)

For MOTUC, Bow has been updated to match the house style, meaning he finally gets to show off his abs like all the other dudes.

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Mr. Potato Head drops weight, goes from spud to stud

I missed this at Toy Fair, but apparently Hasbro unveiled a brand-new, slimmed down Mr. Potato Head called “Active Adventures Mr. Potato Head.” I’m all for encouraging kids to exercise more, but are we really going to blame the traditional Mr. Potato Head for encouraging childhood obesity?

That’s not fair. I’m making a logical fallacy here–just because Hasbro is introducing this “Active” Mr. Potato Head doesn’t mean they think the old MPH is a (ahem) couch potato. But still, this seems a bit like an excuse just to sell the public another Mr. Potato Head toy–and grab some good PR while they’re at it.

Also: maybe I’m just resistant to change, but I don’t like the pants. They look like maternity pants. The pants make him look fatter. Are we to assume that the classic MPH is so fat his pants are riding so low on his waistline only his shoes are visible? Or has he suddenly become sensitive about his spudity? I mean, nudity.

On a final note, who would you rather hang out with–MPH or NPH?

(Thanks to PrfktTear for the heads-up on this.)

Scarabus goes up for pre-order this Tuesday, March 1

The 10-pack of the long, long-awaited Scarabus figure from the Four Horsemen’s FANtastic Exclusive goes up for pre-order this Tuesday. (I own the black/white variants from the Toypocalypse event, and they’re on my long, long list of backlogged reviews.) Looks like the figures themselves will arrive in June.

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Last day to vote for Man-E-Faces’s colors

Just a reminder–the poll about the colors for MOTUC Man-E-Faces ends today. Vote now!

The Four Horsemen and all four Roast Gooble hosts have stated they want the flesh-toned MEF. I voted for the middle ground, which should be classic Poe to those of you who know me personally. Anyway, barring a big last-minute surge, it looks the middle ground is going to win.

1,200 votes seems surprisingly low to me….far more action figures will be produced than there are people voting for it.

That said, we can always get the flesh-toned MEF in a DC vs. MOTU 2-pack with Two-Face–if those keep going. Given my inability to find on at any TRU anywhere, I’m not sure what the likelihood of that is.