Review > Bow (Masters of the Universe Classics)

[Poe’s note: Welcome to the new look for our reviews! Much thanks to OB1 for helping put this together.] Just as Teela was the token woman among the mostly sausage-fest that was the Heroic Warriors, Bow represents the token man in the Great Rebellion (unless you count Kowl, I guess…and I think Swiftwind might be […]

Mr. Potato Head drops weight, goes from spud to stud

I missed this at Toy Fair, but apparently Hasbro unveiled a brand-new, slimmed down Mr. Potato Head called “Active Adventures Mr. Potato Head.” I’m all for encouraging kids to exercise more, but are we really going to blame the traditional Mr. Potato Head for encouraging childhood obesity? That’s not fair. I’m making a logical fallacy […]

Scarabus goes up for pre-order this Tuesday, March 1

The 10-pack of the long, long-awaited Scarabus figure from the Four Horsemen’s FANtastic Exclusive goes up for pre-order this Tuesday. (I own the black/white variants from the Toypocalypse event, and they’re on my long, long list of backlogged reviews.) Looks like the figures themselves will arrive in June. Details after the jump.

Last day to vote for Man-E-Faces’s colors

Just a reminder–the poll about the colors for MOTUC Man-E-Faces ends today. Vote now! The Four Horsemen and all four Roast Gooble hosts have stated they want the flesh-toned MEF. I voted for the middle ground, which should be classic Poe to those of you who know me personally. Anyway, barring a big last-minute surge, […]