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As I consider whether to subscribe to the 2013 Club Eternia, I thought I’d run through all the reveals and pass on my thoughts.

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Me…why did it have to be me?


Not too much of a surprise, as most of his body was revealed with the Snake Men two-pack. Still, it’s a good-looking figure and a classic character, so I’m happy with this reveal.

It’s gonna be clamp this, clamp that. Bada-climp, bada-clamp!


Wow. I mean…wow. This guy is a truly Frankensteinian creation.

Where to start? I’m not happy to see the Roboto chest again, given its notorious tendency to crack. I hope Mattel’s solved the issue, but you’ll forgive me if I don’t assume they have.

I do like the head and the arms, though. They’re definitely the sort of gimmick you saw on the vintage figures, and the fact that the blades appear to be articulated is a big plus. Nonetheless, these 30th Anniversary figures seem to lurch between great figures and kitbashes, and I’d have to say this one leans toward the latter. I could live without him.

Great Unrest Weapons Pack

A definite must-have for me. The Draego-Man accessories, Keldor’s twin swords and Man-At-Arms’s Millennium-style arm cannon make this set far more awesome than any previous weapons pack.

“Your so-called kung-fu… is really… quite pathetic.”


It’s odd. As much of a fan as I was of the Millennium incarnation of MOTU, I have to admit that every single Millennium-original character we’ve seen (Chief Carnivus, the Faceless One) has ultimately left me cold. I don’t think it’s just the fact that I have no nostalgic connection to them, because I did like Draego-Man, for example (and he’s grown on me even more since I wrote that review).

But I just feel no excitement for Dekker. Maybe that will change once I have him in hand…but I tend to doubt it.

Insert umpteenth Burger King joke

Eternos Palace King Randor

I know many fans are disappointed by this figure, and really wanted a Millennium-style Randor. I understand that, but Randor is one of those characters that, as a kid, I wanted due to his frequent appearances on the Filmation cartoon. His 1980s figure was rather unsatisfactory because it looked nothing like the show version.

So, oddly enough, I find myself somewhat excited for this figure. It’d be nice if he didn’t have a bellybutton on his torso, though.

Hulk Hogan, Lich

Castle Grayskullman

Creepy. That’s the best way to describe this figure, which looks like it was conceived by a Nazgûl and a stone tower and borne by a banshee. That face is terrifying, and the hair, while somewhat silly, also adds to the figure’s creepiness.

That said – I really like this figure. It’s a crazy-but-cool design that pays homage to the entire franchise, which is fitting for a 30th Anniversary figure. The swords and shield (based on iconography from the vintage playset) are just the icing on the cake.

“I’m thinking of switching to TrueEnergy.”


I’m not the superfan of Mosquitor that Pixel Dan is, but he did have a neat design and I was disappointed he didn’t get an action figure in the Millennium era (as I hope I’ve made abundantly clear, I never considered the Stactions anywhere near a suitable substitute for a true toy).

This is a great-looking figure with some great newly-tooled parts, and will be a welcome member of my Horde collection.

“This came out of me.”


 When this figure was first announced, I was disappointed. But when I got a closer look at the images, Procrustus instantly became my favorite of the three giants. The “rocky” sculpt and texture look fantastic, and he gives off a very Harryhausen-like vibe I really like. I can see myself displaying him independent of a MOTU display as a generic god-monster. (He would have worked alongside the Inhumanoids, for example.)

“Slow Ride…take it easy…”


Very mixed feelings here. As I’ve said, I genuinely expected the Four Horsemen to veer further away from the Filmation look. I expected him to be able to stand and that his helmet would be a bit more detailed, at the very least. The price point (probably around $100 with shipping) and the lack of an ability to stand may be the sticking points for me.

That said, he is Granamyr. I mean, the very fact that he exists at all as an action figure compels me to get him. We’ll just have to see where my willpower is come December.

“Excuse me, can you direct me to Tron: Legacy?”


What I know about Netossa could be etched on a postage stamp. The main reason I don’t care for heroic POP characters is twofold: I have absolutely no nostalgic attachment to them, and in general I find their designs boring. The cape design here is pretty neat, and she’s got a kind of mid-1980s-fantasy-Neverending-Story kind of vibe to her, but ultimately this is $35 (after shipping) I would regret.

French Stewart, Olympian weightlifter

Ram Man

I never much cared for the Millennium Ram Man, particularly in retrospect. Somehow he lacked the charm of the vintage character, though I’m not sure I can articulate how. The figure itself was short, but proportioned as if it were huge, which fits with the fact that the 4H probably intended him to be larger than most of the figures in the line but Mattel produced him smaller. He also lacked leg articulation and I think the darker red of his uniform and the way the armor tapered into thin edges turned me off, too.

This figure, on the other hand, looks great. Like others have commented, I don’t like the squinting eyes, but otherwise the figure looks perfect to me. If I end up subscribing next year, this figure more than anything will drive me to do it. (Side note: in the above pic, the legs are backward from the top of the thighs to the top of the boots, so the knees are backwards – you’re looking at the articulation for the back of the knees).

“I got this at Michael Jackson’s estate auction.”


 Jitsu is another vintage classic, but one I never happened to own. He’s basically Fisto‘s evil counterpart. As the last member of the Grayskull poster (well, except for the Wind Raider pilot), I feel obliged to get him.

“You’re welcome! Hahaha, get it?!”

Fang Man

Hey! It’s Fang Man! Remember your favorite character from the Filmation He-Man cartoon, Fang Man? No? Well, maybe that’s because he only appeared in a one episode, “The Time Corridor.” But his distinct design – and the way the episode treated him as as if he were one of the regular Evil Warriors – made him a fan favorite, and I have to admit that his figure looks pretty cool, even if, yet again, I feel like the cartoonishness of the Filmation characters is just not sitting well alongside the MOTUC style. Tempting.

If Hulk Hogan and Triple H had a baby…it would be scientifically significant, to say the least.

King He-Man

A disappointment. The whole concept of a King He-Man has only been introduced into MOTUC – via the bios and the new minicomics – in the last year, so it’s not as if he has some rich tradition in the lore. I just don’t see any reason to get King He-Man when the incentive figure could be, say, Oo-Larr, or a He-Man with Filmation colors and new Filmation-style armor, head, and weapons. If they’re going to go so cartoonish with the Filmation figures, they might as well give us a Filmation He-Man. (Maybe for SDCC next year.)

Fighting Foe-Men (Dittstroyer, Shield Maiden Sherrlyn and Dawg-O-Tor)

OK, so the concepts for these figures come from three disparate sources. The “Fighting Foe-Men” was an extremely early name for the Evil Warriors when the entire MOTU concept was in its infancy at Mattel. When digging up resources for MOTUC, Mattel came across the term and it later turned up in Vikor’s bio.

The visual design for these three characters comes from a line of model kits made by Monogram in the 1980s. These were model kits of various MOTU vehicles that already existed as toys. Oddly enough, the models didn’t actually match their toy counterparts, but featured a bit more detail. The pilots weren’t included but they were pictured on the box art; the blue guy piloted the Roton, the woman piloted the Attak Track, and the green guy piloted the Talon Fighter.

Finally, there are their (incredibly goofy) names: they’re all based on the Four Horsemen’s in-studio employees.

As for the figures themselves…I like Dittstroyer’s design a lot, and the other two are okay. I’m not big on their vehicle-inspired weaponry, but that’s what weapons packs are for. I do wish we’d gotten the aforementioned Wind Raider pilot from the Grayskull poster, though.

This three-pack is far better than the Star Sisters, but it’s still three incredibly obscure characters that most casual fans will pass on.

Strobo, Lord of All Ravers


Strobo appeared in a comic strip in the final issue of He-Man Magazine in 1988. His design clearly suggested an action figure that would use parts from Zodac and Sy-Klone.  He’s certainly less obscure than any of the Fighting Foe-Men. Even better, he’ll come with an unhelmeted Zodak head as an accessory. I may try to track this one down. He’ll also come with the meteor fragment of the “Dark Star” from the story he appeared in. Frankly I think it would be nice if he came with a reprint of that comic, so people would have some idea who the hell he is.

And there you have it…all the MOTUC reveals. I’m still on the fence about the subscription, though I suspect I’ll cave in the end.

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  • Good call on these – personally I never got into the original line, so I have no sentimental attachment to the line, but they still seem to pull at me, and your comments are very welcome perspective to another on the fence guy!
    I am veering towards a sub next year, despite the extra money – The first few figures seem interesting, and the end of this year looks very positive.
    Castle greyskull man looks abit like a knock off – but a surprisingly charming one – I really like it!


    -Frosta will accidentally be painted red. And her forearms will be switched.

    -Strobo's strobe panel on his chest will hypnotize children into worshipping Satan, just like what people thought the He-Man cartoon did back in the '80s.

  • I think these three packs are hurting the line. We all know how the Star Sisters were received, and the Foe Men, while a little more in line with MOTUC, look like customs and are just to darn obscure for the price tag. I mean, $75 is a lot of money for a single toy purchase! I think most fans would shell it out for a Horde Trooper pack, a Filmation M-A-A, Teela and He-Man repaint pack or whatever the MYP equivalent would be. But for three obscure figures with so-so iffy designs? That's crazy and it troubles me about the line's future. I really would have though TG would have learned from the Sisters last year, but I guess not.

    Ram Man is a disappointment to me. He just looks too much like an MYP creation, even though I have no reference to however he looked on the show and in toy form. Hopefully he gets to looking a little more toy-like by the time of his release.

    I've been wondering how seriously I should take plans for Filmation figures. I have a ton of affection for that era of cartoons, but I actually find Schemier's He-Man a little insulting. So dumbed down and smug. (She-Ra, on the other hand, has been a fun discovery for me, as it is a much better show.) But it is undeniably a part of my childhood, and while that great Marlena figure has had me on the fence, the new Rando has pushed me over the edge. If they ever do a Dutch Boy He-Man, I suspect I'll be putting up a shelf just for Filmation. With Granamyr, Rando, Marlena, Fang Man, Sorceress and Prince Adam/Orko, you suddenly have a nice little cartoon display.

    Anyway, that's a long way of saying that Randor was easily my favorite reveal from the weekend.

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  • I'm just going to bullet the reveals and my opinions so I don't end up writing a 35 page thesus on my thoughts lol…

    Rattlor – Looks Great! Like Poe said, not a huge surprise, but the design, sculpt and paint adhere dutifully to what I love best about MOTUC line and I'm pumped for him.

    Cy Chop – Meh. I'm glad I didn't buy into the 30th anniversary sub.

    Great Unrest Weapons Pack – This is the first weapons pack I've actually been excited for. Draego Man is the only 30th anniversary figure I own and I'm psyched to get his other weapons. MAA's arm cannon, vintage color Teela gear, a vintage color shield for Evil Lyn AND white Zoar…. very cool.

    Dekker – I really enjoyed the 200x MOTU as well, but I'd have to agree with Poe. The figures they've done just really haven't made an impact and Dekker least of all so far. He's got a great design and I really do like his torso armor, but there's just nothing there for me.

    Filmation Randor – I think he's awesome, and hilarious. I would've preferred a filmation style Hordak ( though we already have 2 Hordaks ). Not my favorite reveal, but a solid one.

    Castle Greyskull Man – Again, very happy I didn't sub into the 30th line. I feel bad for the guy who designed him because he's probably going to read a lot of not so nice criticisms. I don't think it's a horrible looking figure but I don't think it's great either. I do appreciate that the designer used everything from the flags, the door and the face of Greyskull in designing the character and I think it's actually a pretty cool concept. He may grow on me, but I don't think he'll be a figure I must have.

    Mosquitor – Same category as Rattlor. Great looking! I was never as big a fan of him as some, but I did own him when I was younger so he'll be a welcomed addition.

    Procrustus – Blah! Now granted, it's a great looking figure… If I were playing Titans of Olympus and needed a Chronos, but again, there's just no real connection for me. It's $50 of something that won't mean enough to me to even display. I said it before, but I wish they would've made Horde Prime as a giant, ah well.

    Granamyr – I think the design is pretty solid, though it does seem that now that they have the filmation rites they aren't being as creative with the figure designs. I liked Poe's idea of adding some extra detailing to the helmet. I was upset to learn that he's a $100 figure and that, though posable, he can't really stand on his own. I probably will get him eventually but not in December. Maybe I'll make him a wheelchair… hmm

    Netossa – Unlike Poe, I do have a nostalgic connection to POP ( my mom was very open minded ) though out of all the POP figures, Netossa was the one that I didn't have. While I like the design ( mostly because I can see Peek-A-Blue's parts in there ) I don't really understand what prompted Mattel to make her next… what about Glimmer, Castaspella, Sweet Bee? It just seems like an odd choice.

    Ram Man – Love him! He's perfect. I can see why people have some complaints, but I always remember him being kind of a goon so I think the face really works. I don't however understand the second head.

    Jitsu – Another joining the ranks of Rattlor and Mesquitor… well done!

    Fang Man – I really really like him. I guess if I had to choose between having a filmation character that made a single appearance, a 200x character or a NA figure I'd choose the single appearance filmation character. The whole thing from the sculpt to the colors, it just brings me right back to 1983 and that's what I love about MOTU.

    King He Man – another Meh. Someone else said it somewhere, and I feel the same, that I'm getting a little tired of the 32 flavors of He Man. It was cool concept in the beginning but now it feels tired. Especially after getting Shadow Weaver last year. I don't think King Heman will be a big incentive for anyone to sub in, though I do want to read that comic!

    Fighting Foe Men – I actually really really like them, and I'm surprised by that. I just think they fit in really well. I LOVE Dittstroyer and I personally think the incorporation of the vehicle design into the weapons and armor was done really well. Finally, a 3 pack I'm excited for.

    Strobo – I had no idea who he was but I think it was really smart to include that maskless 200x head.

  • King He-Man doesn't excite me. He's essentially Randor-Ro. If I was going to imagine He-Man some day retiring from combat to lead Eternia, I'd give the poor guy some britches. He's earned 'em.


    Is that the Holy Grail and Spear of Destiny with Randor? I guess they're really going for the whole King Arthur thing.

    Is Dekker's younger face sculpt based on Cornboy? Looks quite a bit like him.

    If Mattel makes a Filmation-style He-Man, I hope to heck he's not a subscription exclusive. I'd really want that (as I suspect many fans would), but I have no interest in getting every single figure.

  • Wait!

    You need comments from The Guy Who Still Doesn't Collect These Toys!

    I don't like Rattlor's blue stripes on his legs. I gather/half-remember that they're accurate to the vintage design, but they're distracting and silly.

    Greyskullman's gaping maw is unsettling, as is his hair. I kinda sorta want him.

    Mosquitor triggers my lingering "200X is better" sentiments 'cause while I agree with you that stactions were a poor substitute for action figures (even if said action figures didn't boast much better articulation than the stactions, in retrospect), the Mosquitor staction LOOKED SO GOOD. This figure's appearance is mediocre.

    I'd seen photos of Procrustus elsewhere but I hadn't realized he was a giant. Will he be available to non-subscribers? If so, what'll he cost? As you note, Poe, this guy would be GREAT as a generic monster. I want to photograph him with some Joes alongside Treebeard and the like.

    I'm stunned that anyone would have a negative or even lukewarm reaction to Ram Man. For my money, they nailed it. He looks amazing. That said, I also absolutely adored the 200X version.

    I never cared about Jitsu even though I've always loved Fisto, but the Classics version's chest armor looks awesome, and should lend itself to some sweet kitbashes.

    Is it just me, or does King He-Man have a bad case of giraffe neck? Also, is he "our" He-Man after he ascends to the throne, or some past incarnation of He or whatever?

    Not sure why, but I really, really like Shield Maiden Sherrlyn.

    Finally, Strobo's alternate head is badass, and I shall endeavor to obtain him because of it.

  • I think I'm most excited about the new Weapon Pak. I'll get Jitsu and Ram Man, and probably Castle Grayskullman.
    Out of the three pack I really like Dittstroyer and Sherrlyn (with her swappable chest piece). I really hope we see Dittstroyer's hood show again soon as a new Skeletor head, possibly 200x style; but even if they use the original Skeletor face, the better hood would really help out.

  • I hate my iPad! I had a huge write up on here and it glitched. As such, I am only mentioning one thing: Fang Man was in more than one ep.

    • Really? I checked it in James Eatock's Unofficial Cartoon Guide to He-Man and the Masters of the Universe before writing the entry. But I'll admit I thought I had remembered him appearing in more than one ep – perhaps a typo or indexing error somewhere?

      • Yup, I started an appearance list myself for the first eps before giving up, and I remember that he and Strong Arm both appeared in the first ep (I think) but Strong Arm appeared no more and Fangy did.

        On that note, doesn't Cy-Chop's face look like they plan on doing Strong Arm?

        • Fang Man & Strong Arm each appeared in just one episode apiece. Neither of them was in ep 1.

  • Ugh, i wasnt really into procrustus, but then you just had to reference inhumanoids. Now, I want it. Badly. And with that, I miss my biga$$ inhumanoid monster figures. They disappeared a few years ago and I suspect that my father sold them in one of his notoriously sneaky garage sales. That is exactly why, when the time comes, he's going into the old folks home with the whips and the daily enemas.

  • The Fighting Foe Men 3-pack is kind of a disappointment. I'd rather have a Horde trooper 3 pack. 2 regular Horde troopers (1 of which could have been battle damaged) and the third could have been He-Man in Horde trooper disguise with a removable helmet.

    • EXACTLY. And the disguise version could have the Filmation coloring, thus taking care of the vintage purists and the toon fans. That is a pack worth the $75 price tag.

  • I don't know if I'm ready to drop any cash, but I kinda like the Fighting Foe Men. And I want King Randor's grail!

  • I actually am very happy with the reveals!

    Granamyr is spectacular in person, pictures do not do him justice!!!

    Fighting Foe-Men really grew on me as I stared at them at SDCC.

    I will admit at first glance I was not sure about Castle Greyskull Man…but now I can see him as an army builder figure. I can see these guys as statues all over Castle Grayskull. When they are needed they come to life to protect the castle.

  • I loved King He-man, Jitsu, Castle Grayskull man, Ram man and Procustrus!!

    I´ll buy the subscription!!!

    The only figure I really hated in the panel was Cy-Chop!!!

  • None of the reveals for 2013 have tempted me to get a sub, so I'll be passing on it nest year. I mainly got a 2012 sub because of Shadow Weaver, but have been happy with and kept many of this year's regular figures.

    Granamyr looks neat in person, but I don't think I can justify paying $80+ for a figure that can't stand on its own.

    The weapons pack is fantastic. Lots of good variants and I'll finally be able to give Draego -Man all his weapons.

    Castle Grayskullman is incredibly terrifying in person. I don't know if I would be able to sleep at night with that thing staring at me.

  • I've already bought the sub for next year, happy with everybody except Fang Man. Fang Man…it's a strange design. I think that the pics just aren't doing it justice, really – like if I tried to sell you on Nozone from Toxic Crusaders with a front-on pic.

  • I'm really digging Dekker, Jitsu, Fang Man and Procrustus. Procrustus might be too expensive for me to justify purchasing him second hand, but I'll definitely have to get the other three I mentioned. I think this was a decent set of reveals, but the three Pilots and King He-Man really threw me when I first saw them, because I had no idea who they were supposed to be.

    Mosquitor is neat too, though I find it odd that he's got the buff-est body of all the MOTUC figures.

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  • One thing about Jitsu… I wish they had given him an alternate Filmation hand! The huge hand made him kinda cool and different from being just a bad version of Fisto and it made him flawed liked any good character should be.

    • Fisto had a giant human hand in the 200X cartoon (briefly). I prefer the metal hands, they look like they can do more damage. I wonder if Jitsu’s hand will be vac metal, like the vintage one?

  • The Fighting Foe Men in their own weird way feel like the figures of old.

    And to finally see a Granamyr in 3D is something else. He was always seated anyway. An amazing addition to the line.

  • I really like Ram-man, Jitsu (although a more realistic metal katana would have been nice), the weapons pack and Procrustus – they really hit these guys out of the park.

    Granamyr looks awesome but too big and expensive for me – with shipping and customs to the UK likely $120-$130.

    I liked Dekker but felt that an unhelmeted MAA head would have been a better choice to shift the figure. Not sure if the young Dekker head could be used for this purpose – the skin tone seems too dark.

    Castle Grayskullman – love the idea, design and execution however the name truly sucks… He'll be my Grayskull Gargoyle.

    The FFM are inbteresting but very expensive for such obscure characters.

    The only character I didnt like was Netossa/Rio Carnival Barbie – very bland figure and sparse on the accessories.

  • I think some 200X characters' problem is that they are more like background characters fleshing the world out, rather than actual toy fodder. Dekker is a retired guy, Carnivus looks neat, but never kicked any ass in MYP and Faceless One is Evil-Lyn's neat looking father.

    Count Marzo is probably the best out of those releases, due to his five appearances. Evilseed, Prahvus or the ABC Giants might be better received due to having more battlefield roles.

  • I really wouldn't expect Cy-Chop's torso to be any different than Roboto's. It's not really Mattel's fault either. The torso is made of acrylic, as it would have to be to be so hard and still perfectly clear. Acrylic is wont to crack like that when undue pressure is applied.

    • My vintage Roboto is still intact after 20 years. Mattel really has no excuses for not building these new figures to last.

  • I really want Castle Greyskullman. It has so much potential. it could be an ancient Golem guard or He Man fused to the spirit of Greyskull by a curse, hell, it could be an evil genie’s literal interpretation of skeletor’s wish!

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