Castle Grayskull wasn’t built in a day (by Tytus), but by MOTU fans, over several weeks

Yeah, it went through – and then some. We’re getting Castle Grayskull, folks. Start saving those pennies. You’ve got about a year.

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  • …was there every any real doubt? The negative hit the line would have taken had they offered and then snatched this away might very well have been a real death knell.

    Not that that stopped Nietlich from playing the Drama Queen, per the usual.

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    • Says who?

      But yes, the truth, which I don't think I've been that secretive about, is that I'm not as into MOTUC as I used to be. That doesn't mean I think anything's wrong with the line or that getting Grayskull isn't a huge deal. I just tend to go through fads. Eventually I'm sure MOTU will come around again. In the meantime, plenty of other sites are super-pumped.

      This faddishness plays hell on my traffic, though…

      • That's why I when I lost Toy Bender I didn't start a toy blog. I go through so many fads with my interests that I figured I'd want to write more about toy collecting.

  • i'm amazed that we haven't gotten a video from scott yet w/ a tranny hooker, two lines of columbian marching powder and neal patrick harris doing vodka in his eye from a syringe in the background yet.

    • Neal Patrick Harris? I'm not even going to go there… I am interested in how it went from so borderline to smashed out of the park, though.

      I'd also like to know at when and if the point arrives where the project develops further as Scott implied… point dread anyone?

  • I still think 'boy who cried wolf'. I just don't trust Mattel and I doubt there was ever a chance that it wouldn't be made.

  • Wow, surprised this went through. Good for the fans who want one, as I’m sure it’ll turn out spectacular. I am still suspect about the price, but even if I could afford it I couldn’t fit it in the house!

  • haven't been to this site in a while, and after reading all the comments, rife with negativity and two-bit conspiracy theories, I remember why.

    • I think there is a good mix of opinions on this site in general, MOTUC tends to get a bit more of a negative slant, but it's nowhere as bad as the org gets. And there are issues with what is an expensive product – my own personal bugbear is the black plastic issue.

      It is a conversation, though, and one of the things I have always liked about this site is the lack of flaming. I wouldn't have even bothered with it if it hadn't been for Poe (and the shipping adjustment).

  • I'm pleasantly surprised this went through. I had some doubt it would go through but with all the excitement from Scott I didn't think he'd let go down without a fight.

    I am also curious what the higher numbers and continued preorders through January might allow them to add to the product. As mentioned, a Point Dread add-on would be awesome but I imagine the most we can expect is maybe the playmat that has been shown and possibly the Castle Robot guy in some form.

    Regardless of what is added on, I'm getting really excited for Toy Fair next spring and the reveal of this bad boy.

  • I just cannot get excited about or motivated for this thing. I'm glad the pre-order will continue so I can dither for a little while longer. The vintage castle, which I never had, holds more appeal to me. If I wasn't so worried that I might regret skipping the pre-order, I'd happily tuck away some money for the right vintage piece instead of this thing.

    • let me save you some scratch ero… i own both castle grayskull and snake mountain, and while snake mountain kinda sorta plays w/ motuc, castle grayskull… not so much. the guys are just too big to really interact w/ the set. they don't fit in the throne chair (though that's also because they can't sit well) they don't fit through the trap door, and more than half the collection of figures can't stand well enough to lifted on the elevator (which wobbles a bit as you lift it, so anyone w/ unstable ankles… they're taking the nestea plunge) so the only place you can really display them in one dude per tower floor (or one, if you have point dread attached) or in front of the place. and if you're going to have the guys just standing in front of the castle, it's likely a boatload cheaper to just go to kinkos and color print a photo of the thing… you could even scale up the photo to be motuc scale. 🙂

      and it goes without saying that they can't hold any of the weapons or use the combat trainer… it hits them mid-abs. on the plus side, they can kind of grip the tower cannon…

      • To be fair, though, I was rarely ever able to lift the elevator with a vintage figure on it and have the figure actually stand all the way to the top, either.

      • Thanks, dayraven. Indeed, there is no way that MOTUC looks good with the vintage stuff, let alone plays well. This is becoming the case, to my eyes, even more so with GI Joe. Of the few vintage vehicles I have, I've started posing with ARAH stuff and NOT modern era, even to the point that the POC Wolfhound and 25th Hiss Tank are getting ARAH drivers and not modern era figures. They just don't look right together. Some have turned their back on anything vintage, and that used to include me, but I'm more interested now in being true to each specific piece, as opposed to a blanket rule for any brand I collect. Thus, if I have a vintage Cobra Moray, it gets the vintage Lamprey and not the modern era figure. And so on.

        Still, I've been trying to figure out what my hesitation is all about when it comes to the castle. Maybe I'm just like Poe right now and my enthusiasm has waned. Or maybe it's just that I'm not sure I need vehicles and playsets to enjoy this line. I mean, the Wind Raider is a beautiful piece, and yet it doesn't bother me at all that I have it in storage. Maybe I'm just happy having MOTUC figures. (I've kinda been picking up on this vibe with other collectors, too.)

  • I'm excited but I don't think interest is really going to explode until they show off the prototype. I'm hoping everyone who wants one manages to get one, even after the preorders close, but I'm definitely praying that Mattel doesn't stock the end of next year with another high-end item, or even an especially big month for sub figures. They've been bad about the timing of that for at this year and the last, with the Wind Raider dropping in a 3 figure month and Granamyr arriving the same time as Procrustus, Mosquitor & ToD Sorceress.

    But hey, enough worrying: one of the most impossible things in the toy market today, a full-on playset, just got green-lit and this one is especially targeted towards impressing us. I have zero doubt that Mattel's going to make this worth it

    • I concur regarding orders improving once they show a proto…problem is, they will close preorders on January 4, and only "hope" to have some kind of proto sculpt to show at Toy Fair – a full month later.

      Oh, Mattel. You so cray-cray!

  • I think it's no surprise it went through, but this time i did not feel the 'cry wolf' thing i felt during the Sub fiasco. the progress showed teh castle at 70 % a week before the last date.. adn at arnd the 80% mark 2 days before.. so i don't think ppl shd be surprised..

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