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  • This weekend, I hung out with JoshB of CollectionDX, Jester Goblin of…JesterGoblin, and PGPoA lurker and rarely-commenter Sped (PGPoA contributor PrfkTear totally bailed on us). A good time was had by all, as was some minimal trading, though that was all rather amusing because we all had a pile of junk we wanted to unload and no one wanted to actually take more junk back. Maybe it’s time to make some sort of mini-Poe-Con. ArticulatiCon?
  • PGPoA Power Pal John Harmon reviewed the incredibly massive DC Collectibles New 52 Darkseid over at TNI.
  • I’m working on getting the site up to speed on all outstanding MOTUC reviews. The one thing I’m considering skipping is the latest Weapons Pak – unless there’s a lot of interest? Are there people still thinking of picking one up? Or would just really want to see some photos?
  • Sculptor Jason Frailey is going to do a Sculptor’s Commentary for my upcoming review of the Glyos Armorvor. Anything you’d like to know about in particular?
  • Just a reminder – Black Friday (and Black Monday) are coming up. When ordering, please be sure to visit my sponsors, including Big Bad Toy Store and Amazon. If you’re ordering anything through Amazon – anything at all – if you click on my ad link on your way to Amazon, PGPoA will get a little kickback no matter what you get. It’s a quick and easy way to help me keep this site going.
  • McFarlane Toys will be holding a Black Monday sale with 30% off everything. Does McFarlane make anything you collect these days? (Via Battlegrip.)
  • Christmas is coming, and I always like to remind people of my Snow Miser fansite. That thing’s been in existence in one form or another since 1998. Google refuses to crawl it for some reason, though. Not sure why.

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  • Can't speak for anyone else, but I really want to see the continuing adventures of Ven-Dor (or is it Venda?), Heroic Weapons Merchant, in her efforts to unload the assorted madness that is every Weapons Pak. It's one of the highlights of the year for me!

  • I'd like to know what elements of the Armorvor were his own, and which ones were Matt's. Also how so much awesome can be packed in such a little figure.

  • I feel if you wanted to do a gathering, to model them after the CollectionDX summits

  • I'm not a gamer at all but I've been really enjoying the Halo novels. That has really sparked my interest in the McFarlane Halo figures. Thanks to the armor packs I have built quite a nice little army of Reach Spartans and have a few of the new Halo 4 figures as well. If I think about it I might be hitting up the McFarlane store sale.

  • As far as I am concerned, the only parts are of the last weapons pak that need to be reviewed are the parts that were absolutley new(I.E. M@A's Cannon, Keldor's Sword(s), etc.). All of the other weapons or parts that are straight repaints you can link to past review of the previous weapons that you had done reviews on before(I.E. you do link to your Cheif Carnivous review to cover the repaints of his weapons).

    Other than a lot of pics with different characters holding the weapons, especially those who the weapons were meant for:

    Teela Staff and Headdress: Vintage colors for Teela
    Teela Sword: 200X Colors for Green Goddess or Teela
    Teela Shield: for Evil-lyn in her colors
    M@A Cannon
    Keldor/Skeletor Swords
    Horde Prime Staff
    Draego-Man sword, shield, and Fire whip(I also recommend trying the shield w/ DB Skeletor)
    Zoar w/ TOD Sorceress w/ the armor and perch from one of the previous falcons
    Also the Carnivus' weapons were cast in "Central Towers" colors and goes great with CG-Man

  • i probably won't buy anything from the mcf sale, but yes, their halo line continues to impress me, much moreso than any line they've released since the viking set of spawn figs.

    as fo the motuc weapons pak, yeah, have some fun w/ the new weapons but it's probably safe to merely mention the retreads.

    i just don't get the interest, on the whole, for that big darkseid figure… i get it as a reviewer, some readers buy or not buy a toy based on a review and if you're reviewing stuff in a given line or genre, you feel an obligation to buy new stuff in that line or genre… but sweet fancy moses, 70 plus bucks for a single figure? you can dumb that on any of a couple lines if imports and get multiple faces, a small cache of weapons, and hands to hold each one… or a tamashi king kong… how does this semi-static mcf figure stack up for his price tag? especially when the other large scale fig they've released has had breakage issues noted already? this does not inspire the kind of collector confidence that the price point demands. i would advise the average joe undecidedcollector to take that darkseid cash, go to storehorsemen and pick two of your favorite scarabi, snag them and enjoy copiously, and you STILL have cash left over to go get some sushi. and scarabus won't lose an arm trying to loosen his articulation. 😉

  • BTW, i know he's not really a mcf fig, but his articulation scheme reminds me of when mcf was just starting to add in more articulation, but they didn't have it down yet. though of course, those early mcfs were dirt cheap by comparison too.

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