Fengschwing’s Review > 1:6 Eleventh Doctor Figure (Doctor Who, Big Chief)

Even as little as five years ago, Doctor Who might have needed an introduction outside of the UK. These days, thanks to the efforts of Russell T. Davies and Steven Moffat, Doctor Who is the UK’s most successful TV export and is making waves on both sides of the Atlantic. British company Character Options has […]

Review > Disneyland Paris Exclusive Indiana Jones

Poe’s note: This figure appears to be identical to the Disneyland Exclusive Indiana Jones from a few years back. This year I was lucky enough to go to Disneyland Paris for our family holidays. It’s been the second time we have been with our kids, everyone enjoys themselves a great deal, but I like to […]

Guest Review > Sci-Fi Revoltech Predator

I first saw Predator at the age of 13 in 1987. I was mildly indifferent to it at first–sure, it had Schwarzenegger in it, but even as a kid I knew a B-Movie when I saw one. Yeah, they’ll go into the jungle and eventually some cheesy half-assed man in a suit alien would jump […]

Guest Review > Little Shadow (Ashley Wood, threeA)

Say Ashley Wood and I suspect the first thing that may come to mind will be his World War Robot toys. Giant, clanking war-bots with vinyl limbs, preposterously huge weapons, an unexpected amount of articulation and amazing paint jobs (or ‘colourways’ as they are known in threeA land). Quite aside from his comics, Wood (along […]