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Poe’s note: This figure appears to be identical to the Disneyland Exclusive Indiana Jones from a few years back.

This year I was lucky enough to go to Disneyland Paris for our family holidays. It’s been the second time we have been with our kids, everyone enjoys themselves a great deal, but I like to make a bee-line for Adventure Land and the Temple of Peril ride in particular, not so much for the ride you understand, but for the toys.

When I last visited a few years ago, I heard there was an exclusive Indiana Jones action figure and I was desperate to pick him up. This was before Hasbro released their line and Indy toys were pretty lacking to say the least. I managed to track him down and although he was in the three and three quarter inch scale and only moved at the big five, he was kind of cool, even if only as a nice holiday souvenir.

This time around I had very few expectations at all, so you can imagine how surprised I was to find a six inch scale exclusive figure on sale. Indiana Jones in six inches? I had to get that!

Packaging: Not much to write home about here, just a simple blister and card affair, no bio and only a photo of the figure on the card back. The figure is displayed nicely (as are the accessories), so if you’re in the MOC crowd you should be pleased, although in some of the blisters, Indy’s hat had fallen off.

Design and Sculpt: I have no idea who we can thank for the sculpt, but I have to say it’s a pretty good likeness of Harrison Ford. They seem to of done very well especially around his mouth and nose. It actually never occurred to me how prominent his nose is before until viewing this figure!
Indy’s clothes are fairly well sculpted, his trousers and jacket have the right amount of wrinkles and baggyness. There is some nice detailing on the stitching on his shirt.

He has a rubber jacket that fits over his torso and flexes very nicely. There’s an empty holster glued to his belt, sadly it’s not functional, but it’s a nice addition. He also has a separate satchel, but it’s kept firmly in place by the rubber jacket.

At just under seven inches, Indy is just a shade taller than DCUC and as you can see in the picture, he’s also a smidge taller than DC Direct First Appearance Batman, but he holds his own well against Hellboy.

Plastic and Paint: The paint work here is okay, nothing to shout home about in terms of detail but at least it’s executed pretty well. His hairline can get a little wonky, and his eyes are very simply painted, a touch of brown on white. Indy’s clothes receive a little dry brushing to bring out the folds, wrinkles and wear. Maybe a touch of mud there would have been better.

The quality of the plastic seems fine, but there are a few minor niggles that we’ll cover later on.

Articulation: Indy has a hinge and post neck, hinge and post shoulders, hinged elbows, ball jointed wrists, a cut waist, hinge and post crotch, hinged knees and what appear to be ball jointed ankles. It’s not on a Marvel Legends scale by any means, and the lack of a cut joint at the top of his thighs means that you can’t pose the legs in any running poses at all. Also, the sculpt of his trousers means that his feet have very little movement either.

Accessories: Indy has a very nice set of accessories, it has to be said this was one of the main draws for me. Included is the iconic fertility idol from Raiders of the Lost Ark— if you’re going to get one extraneous accessory, you might as well make it a good one! The idol is painted a rather flat gold compared to its glittering appearance in the movie. We also get a scimitar, which looks similar to the one brandished at Indy in the Cairo market place also in Raiders, but maybe it’s a nod to Temple of Doom?

We also get a revolver, while looking a little crushed is still nicely detailed. Indy can hold it pretty well, but isn’t able to get his fingers in the trigger guard. Possibly my favourite accessory is the diary. It’s a small, leather bound book, with a band around it to hold it shut and a book mark sculpted into it too. There’s some nice crisp, white paint on the pages (which are also sculpted) and darker brown on the band. While I guess this could be Indy’s pocket book from Raiders, I like to think it’s his dad’s Grail Diary from Last Crusade, which would make sense if the other items represent the other two movies (I’m guessing this figure was produced before Crystal Skull hit the screens). Now on to the mystery accessory, some kind of short plastic peg. Again, it’s brown with a slightly banded end. I have no idea what this thing is, a pen? Partly smoked cigar? It’s not a foot peg as the feet have no holes for it. Answers on a post card please. [It’s the vial of antidote from the opening scene of Temple of Doom – ed.]

You can’t have an Indiana Jones figure without two very important items; his fedora and whip.

The hat is a separate piece, made from fairly flexible plastic and given a dark brown wash. It looks nicely battered and it fits pretty firmly on his head. You can actually put it a few angles for a bit of versatility. One niggle is that I think it’s maybe just a shade too big.

The whip is one piece of plastic, unpainted but nicely textured with a wrist strap sculpted to the haft and a few tassels on the business end. No wires here, so your posing options are a little limited. It’s worth noting that I foolishly stored mine folded up and now, of course, it’s bent into a stupid shape. I expect some hot water will sort it out, but you might want to take care.

Last, but not least, we have the base. This comes in three parts (four if you include the little bits of bamboo) and snaps together nicely to form a small section of ruined temple; a few fallen blocks of stone and an old column. It’s a little flat looking and very plasticy, with visible mould lines and not the best paint job, in fact, it looks a little like something you might find in a fish tank, but it shows off the figure nicely and in a good context.

Quality Control: We have a few issues to deal with here alas. The side to side movement on Indy’s head seems non existent. I’m afraid to try and force the issue as I don’t really want to decapitate him. The same is true for his right hand, which is also stuck fast. His fingers have some pretty ugly mould lines and excess plastic on them too.

Lastly, there’s a pretty ugly gap on his neck where it looks like the two halves of his torso were glued together. Not a deal breaker, but not good either.

Fun Factor: I think any fan of Indiana Jones would be pretty happy with this. Kids would flat out love it and I think the novelty of an Indy in this scale would attract collectors, despite the quirks.

Overall: At 17.50 Euros ($24.60 or £15.30) and with the amount of accessories included, I certainly don’t feel ripped off, but as a quality toy, Disneyland Exclusive Indiana Jones could do better; the QC issues, the funky leg articulation and the odd size work against him. But as a cool souvenir of a great holiday, he rocks.



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  1. I have this figure and LOVE it! I had been trying to find one on eBay at a decent price for a while when I stumbled onto one, still on the card, for $5 at a toy show. I bought it faster than Toht dropping a hot medallion.

    Awesome review!

  2. wugmanmax

    If it's identical to the one before, his head will never turn side to side. I don't believe it was designed to do so. I remember investigating it at the time I got mine, and while they could have made it have some sort of side to side articulation, they joined the head to the neck with a square peg, making any such movement impossible. Pretty big oversight, if you ask me.

    Even with that flaw, I still love having an Indy figure at that scale!

  3. RageTreb

    I don't think that's exclusive to Disneyland or Disneyland Paris. I got one in 2008 in Disney World.

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