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Way back in late 1997, a new magazine caught the interest of then-teenage Poe, who was in his first few months of college. Called ToyFare and produced by the folks behind Wizard magazine, it was the first periodical I’d come across that was devoted solely to action figures. Having just come off a years-long obsession […]

On the Menu > Oculus Orbus

Maybe it’s just the nostalgia talking, but it seems to me that the 1980s was a great time for the odd, eccentric toy. From Food Fighters to Barnyard Commandos to Army Ants to Boglins, the ’80s were a boon for fans of original license action figures. But also in the ’80s, in a trend that […]

On the Menu > Soaron Sky Sentry

When I was designing this site in my head, one thing I knew I wanted were graphics inspired by some of the more random toys I loved as a child. Hence the first “On the Menu” figure, Weed Killer. From time to time I’ll be posting a review/memoir about each character found on the site’s […]

On the Menu > Weed Killer

Note: This article was originally published on an old website of mine on October 24, 1999. It has been edited and updated for this post. Update: I have retroactively tagged this as the first “On the Menu” entry, in which I discuss the various toys represented in Red Kryptonite’s art on this site. So orange […]