Show and Tell > Mezco 3.75-Inch Hellboy (by Monte)

As a metalhead raised on a steady diet of Number of the Beast, How the Gods Kill and South of Heaven, routinely accused by my peers of Satan worship, predisposed to favor the darker corners of popular culture, I really should have discovered the wonders of Hellboy sooner; I didn’t become a fan until the […]

Show and Tell > Boeing Vertol CH-46 Sea Knight Model

My grandfather on my mother’s side was a Navy helicopter pilot. His favorite helicopter was the Boeing Vertol CH-46 Sea Knight. He never took it into battle – the Navy was a bit squeamish about the prospect of being financially responsible for his seven children and widow – but it wasn’t for lack of trying. My […]

Show and Tell > An Amazing Find

There’s a mall near me that has one of the old-school little toy junk shops you used to find everywhere, but seem increasingly rare these days. I stop there every couple of weeks. It has an impressive assortment of action figures, from carded Playmates Dick Tracy toys to loose Kenner Ghostbusters and TMNT to a […]

Show and Tell > Vending Machine Sci-Fi Toys

You’ll recall a few weeks ago I asked for help identifying a few toys. The success of that got me thinking about other toys I remembered as a kid that I couldn’t identify. The one that jumped to mind was a tiny, cheap plastic UFO toy I owned. My memory was so vague that I […]

Show and Tell > McDonalds Muppet Babies

After seeing The Muppets earlier this week, it got me thinking of my personal favorite incarnation of the franchise, Muppet Babies. As I mentioned in my article last week, to me, Muppet Babies was Saturday morning. The show was well-written with lots of heart and good lessons for kids, but made it more palatable than a lot of […]

Show & Tell > Eleven Best Finds at Church Fairs

Every year starting mid-November to early December local churches and synagogues start having their annual holiday fairs. These bazaars are usually quite the spectacle, drawing people from all over. As a child I had fond memories of going to these fairs and I decided I wanted to try and capture that feeling once again by […]

Show and Tell > Forest Ghosts versus Arçelik the Turkish Robot! by Monte

“Forest ghost brings you love and luck”. I never met Sharon, my mother-in-law. Sounds like the opener to a tired joke, but it’s the simple truth; my wife Tara and I got together in 1997, by which time her mom had been dead from lung cancer for nearly three years. By all accounts, it’s my […]

Show & Tell > What’s on Poe’s desk at work?

(click for larger version) Just for fun, here are the toys on my desk at work right now. (Apologies for the crappy cellphone pic.) From left to right: Toynami Bender DC Retro Action DC Superheroes Batman and Two-Face MOTUC Skeletor Funko POP Heroes Batman Tower Records Exclusive Knuckle Bear Batman Cake Topper (from my 30th […]

Show and Tell > Talking Santa Claus (Kurt Adler)

As you may recall, last year I posted that I was on the lookout for a Kurt Adler Santa Claus decorations from the 1990s. The reason I wanted it was that it was basically an action figure (you can read a review of it here). Since that day last December, I had a saved search […]