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Just for fun, here are the toys on my desk at work right now. (Apologies for the crappy cellphone pic.) From left to right:

  • Toynami Bender
  • DC Retro Action DC Superheroes Batman and Two-Face
  • MOTUC Skeletor
  • Funko POP Heroes Batman
  • Tower Records Exclusive Knuckle Bear
  • Batman Cake Topper (from my 30th birthday cake)
  • Samurai Leonardo
  • Glyos Rig

Two-Face’s pistol comes from the Disney Exclusive Indiana Jones figure. Didn’t I read recently that they’re going to be making another of those?


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  1. Not to try to sponge traffic from you (because I don't think I can post pics directly), but here's a picture of my collection:

    I love seeing people's work collections 🙂

    New to the site, by the way. Enjoying it 🙂

  2. I have a virtual mini-toy box on my shelf at work. I have, I think last I counted, 9 various Star Wars figures, 5 various G.I. Joe figures, Deadpool, The Crow, two McFarlane Cincinnati Bengals, a Spider-Man from Spidey 2, the Spiderman & Friends set, Usagi Yojimbo from the Turtles, a Office zombie from The Cubes line, a couple Batmans, a Robin, the Simpsons figurines from the movie combo pack, Dragon Lightning McQueen and Boost from Cars, 3 Mitsubishi Lancer Evos from Hot Wheels…

    …and maybe somewhere in there, a Partridge in a Pear Tree.

    If I get a second today, I'll snap a pic and share. It's awesome. No one says crap to me, as I build a second mini-collection at work. 🙂

  3. Poe

    I actually just swapped out Samurai Leo for Slash today.

  4. Samurai Leo, Undercover Don, Astronaut Raph, and Surfin' Mike were probably my favorite variants from the TMNT line. Somehow I ended up with a Sword of Omens, which I gave to Leo.

    My desk is pretty sparse, they kind of frown upon that type of stuff in my dept, but I do have a Boston Celtics Mr. Potato Head, and Brave and the Bold Batman & Joker Happy Meal toys. There's a guy who works in another department (re: higher up the totem pole) and his area is covered, he's got MOC Movie Maniacs, Cult Classics, amongst various posters and such. At one point he had a Jason Voorhees figure, 18" Ash, and a little Batman & Robin maquette. If it wouldn't be so conspicuous I'd take a picture to share.

  5. 3B

    We're not allowed to leave personal items on our consoles. Plus they rotate us around everyday, so you never know who you'll be sharing the desk with. I DO, however always have a ToyFare or Wizard with me, but that will soon change…

  6. My desk currently has… Mighty Muggs Darth Vader, some weird blue Spider-Man knockoff, EVE from WALL-E, Paleo Patrol Mikey with a giant bug, Robot Heroes Ratchet and Barricade, a LEGO Mexican and a LEGO Indian Chief.

    And a loaded NERF Maverick.

  7. Rustin Parr

    excellent call on Samurai Leo!

  8. misterbigbo

    My little boy loves his Funko Batman!

    For lots of reasons I don't have toys out on my desk at work, but I do have my NECA TMNT Leo perched up on my filing cabinet behind my desk next to the old-school Playmates version. Shocking how many teenagers see them and don't know what they are…

  9. Poe

    @Russ: I like the Funko Batman, and my wife has Wonder Woman and Batgirl. I'm tempted to get the Joker too.

    @George: Yeah, I like that it has the blue inseam on the cape.

    @barbecue17: That sounds potentially deadly.

  10. barbecue17

    Very cool. We need a whole thread dedicated to the weird stuff folks have on their desks. I have managed to squeeze quite a few cool toys in my office at work.

    Since I work for a social services agency, we also get lots of food donations. One of my other weird collections on my desk is non-perishable food items that are severely outdated which people still donate to us. My prize piece might be a boxed Caesar salad kit from Canada that produly proclaims (in both French and English) that it is the best new Canadian product of 1990.

  11. George

    Sanurai Leo was/is my favorite TMNT figure. And I got that Batman cake topper thing for my 20th birthday! Haha good times. By the way you posed Two-face extremely well.

  12. Russ

    Nice set up Poe! How do you like the Funko POP Heroes? Do they look as nice in person as they do in the publicity photos?

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