Review > Skeleflex Skullkor

First off, allow me to give credit where it’s due: I first read about Skeleflex in a post by edcomics over at the FANtastic Forum. Manufactured by Wild Planet Toys, they’ve only recently arrived in stores. What is Skeleflex? Here’s the rundown the official website: Skeleflex is a creative ball-and-socket building system that puts kids […]

Cleatus the Fox Sports Robot

When it comes to toys, I’ve always tended to be “into” one franchise or another at any given time. Right now it’s DC Universe; before that it was Halo, and before that, Hellboy, and so on. But I’m always on the lookout for cool toys, even if they don’t fit my current obsession. And once […]

Rama vs. He-Man?

I haven’t really been on board with the various religious action figure lines, though that may be because there really aren’t any interesting-looking or badass Bible characters. (Though I’d definitely be interested in a Bible Fight line.) Most of them are just guys in robes, except maybe for Goliath or the Leviathan. However, there are […]