RamaI haven’t really been on board with the various religious action figure lines, though that may be because there really aren’t any interesting-looking or badass Bible characters. (Though I’d definitely be interested in a Bible Fight line.) Most of them are just guys in robes, except maybe for Goliath or the Leviathan.

HanumanHowever, there are some religions whose holy texts have some pretty awesome characters, and one of those is the Hindu Ramayan. How can you go wrong with a blue-skinned warrior god and the monkey king himself?

A company called Kridana apparently thought the same thing, and so you can now order action figures of Rama and Hanuman. I don’t own either of them (yet), but I have to say, they look pretty neat. The site says they stand seven inches tall, which means you can have Rama mix it up with Kratos. And there’s always room for another monkey action figure.