Space Ghost: Speaker to Speaker

Back in college, I used my then-awesome digital camera to create a “figuretoon” inspired by the show Space Ghost: Coast to Coast. Now, thanks to the magic of Flickr, you too can enjoy it! Featuring interviews with Pee-Wee Herman, Randy “The Macho Man” Savage, and the inevitable brawl, complete with chair-bashing.

Click on the photo below to start the slideshow.



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  1. Poe

    Yeah, this Comicraft file I have has a bunch of different balloons–big, small, different angles, and so forth.

  2. Huh. I just make mine as PNG files using Paint.NET, then import them as a new layer and drag and stretch them as I need to. I actually only have about 10 different bubbles–I just reshape them over and over.

  3. Poe

    Actually, I use a file I got from I think nearly ten years ago. I can send it along if you'd like it. You need something like Photoshop to use them. You don't need to actually carve them out with PS, but you do need it to extract and use them.

  4. I'm always down with Paul Reubens lynchings. 😀

  5. 'Cause I read it off flickr, and it's time for a new one!

    Incidentally, what did you use for the word balloons? I use, what is it, Planetwide's comic software, since I don't have the time or skill for photoshop or drawing ovals. A blog I liked used to do a cut-and-paste technique that sounded just punishingly hard and time-consuming, but looked great; so I'm always curious how everyone else does it.

  6. Poe

    …no comments on this one at all? Sad 🙁

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