Justin “Willy Wampa” Aclin leaves ToyFare

ToyFare editor Justin Aclin, whom I interviewed just last month, has stepped down from his position as senior editor (which is below Zach Oat’s “Editor” position, apparently) and moved on.

On Wizard’s message boards, Justin wrote:

Since you’re all my special Internet friends, I just wanted to let everybody know the good news: Monday the 28th is my last day as Senior Editor of ToyFare.

Why is this good news, you ask? A few reasons:

1) I’ve been at ToyFare for nearly 6 years now, which is about 20% of my entire life, and while I’m going to miss these guys like crazy, I’m really exciting about the next step my career is taking.

2) Zach, Jon, Adam and whoever they get to replace me will still be bringing you the same ToyFare you know and love month after month.

3) This isn’t the end for me and ToyFare, either. I’m still going to be contributing to Twisted ToyFare, and I’ll still be hanging around the WUMB from time to time, bugging you about how you liked the latest TTT installment.

So there you have it. I’m going to miss having being on here as one of my career duties, but all told I’m pretty psyched.

Thank you guys for making the last two years of my ToyFare experience very gratifying, by letting us know that people out there are reading and digging the magazine. Keep it up!

Justin Aclin

I’ve read ToyFare for years now, and I’ve always enjoyed the antics of Justin and his fellow editors in the “Monkeyhouse” section. Judging from the number of bylines Justin has in the magazine and on the website, he put a lot of hard work (and love) into his role. He will be missed.

Paul of Toy Bender also posted his comments on Justin’s departure here.


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  1. Poe

    @Zach–"Senior editor" does sound more impressive in casual conversation, unless you can find a way to emphasize the "E" in "Editor"…maybe do some sort of MOTU think, like Edi-Tor, Heroic Master of Editing. Thanks for stopping by, btw!

    @Paul–I saw Junior sometime around when it came out, I think. I scarcely remember it…when it comes to Arnold Schwarzenegger comedies, I'll stick with Twins, though it's been more than a decade since I've seen that, too…

  2. I've never seen Junior… its one of the few Arnold movies that I'm afraid of seeing, otherwise I'm a huge fan.

    Wow Zach Oat left a comment?! Color me jealous.

  3. Zach Oat

    C'mon, Poe – is our masthead really that hard to understand? That said, I am considering taking his title, because I like it better. – Z

  4. Poe

    I was referring to Esbat's…it was a Junior joke. Remember Junior? It's back…in blog form.

  5. Wow, that's more than I ever wanted to know about Mr. Willy Wampa.

  6. Poe

    Sure, but can you handle the over-sensitive nipples?

  7. Esbat

    My offer to bear his children is still on the table.

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