Transfer to new host complete


1.) Update your RSS and Atom feeds to and respectively. If you’re using Google or Yahoo readers, you’ll have to delete the old PGPoA feeds and add the new ones.

2.) Make sure your bookmark is for


5 Questions with: Jim Bell of Foamheads


Review > DC Universe Classics Wave 1


  1. Tom-Tom


  2. OB1

    If you are reading this comment, you are seeing the new host. Go ahead and update your feed!

  3. OB1

    Hey, I should have also added that if you can't comment, then I am moving stuff and don't want it to get lost in the shuffle. Should only be during tomorrow morning hours though.

  4. Esbat

    updated my bookmark, you're lucky i like you… not in that way, ya know, but in like the way i like nachoes.

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