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This Shortpacked! strip takes a shot at the online action figure community, a topic I just wrote about. It’s targeted specifically toward Marvel Legends collectors. While I admit they’re a rambunctious bunch–particularly since the Hasbro takeover of ML–the journalist in me wonders whether Willis was feeling a little defensive about the makers of his favorite toys (Transformers).

Another thing…I’ve always assumed that the online community of action figure collectors was no different than geeks in any other geekdom–movie fans, Tolkien fans, science fiction television fans and so forth. But this strip makes me wonder if action figure collectors don’t have some unique characteristics aside from their preferred topics and vocabulary. Is there something about the character of your average adult action figure collector that is different from, say, a comic book geek? A videogame geek?

(PS. I’d intended to write a more substantive post today, but I was sidetracked by six hours of Mass Effect. I offer no excuse, just sincere apologies.)

(PPS. I’d be remiss if I didn’t post a link to my favorite Shortpacked! strip of all time.)

(PPPS. I hope Butterbur sends this promptly. A worthy man, but his memory is like a lumber-room: thing wanted always buried. If he forgets, I shall roast him. And now back to Mass Effect…)


Batman, circa 1990


Whither modern Red Tornado?


  1. Esbat

    Collectibles: The Tar and Rocks for the Gaping Holes In Life

  2. Poe

    Oh, I've played plenty of Halo 3…just not lately. I've gotten kind of burned out on first-person shooters. Mass Effect is fun, but I'm kind of in a hurry to beat it so I can move on to Godzilla Unleashed on the Wii…and once I've unlocked all the monsters in that, I'm going to sit back and enjoy Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure

  3. Poe

    Yes, Mass Effect was the distraction. That and it’s been months since I played Halo 3, and I was probably going to suck…

  4. Tom-Tom

    it aint that hard once you get used to the controls…or play it at a time where you have nothing else to do.

  5. Now I know what to blame for you not joining me in Halo… or at least I'd like to think it was because of Mass Effect.

  6. Tom-Tom

    oh that is teh suxorz!!!!

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