Iron Merchandising has posted images of a second Iron Monger figure in the the movie line–one that features an unmasked Obadiah Stane. The figure will be part of a sort of ‘Wave 1.5’–it’s expected to release later in the summer, well after the movie, in fact.



Pete says: Rock on! More un-masked versions of characters, please! It’s not quite having the characters in business attire (something that is certainly feasible–see DCSH Clark Kent), but it does make customs of that exact thing possible. This is the kind of variety I like to see in a line, though truth be told, I don’t see why the first Iron Monger figure couldn’t have the same thing…it certainly beats an action feature.

You can see a larger photo of Obadiah’s head here. The likeness is…yeah.


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  1. Niiiiiiiiiiiiice, you will be mine Bridges, you will be mine.

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