Mighty Marvel Merchandising! Toy Fair 2008

Hey folks, Poe here again. While I have my share of Marvel action figures, I tend to cherry-pick just a few favorites, rather than obsessively collecting them. But you deserve obsessiveness! And so, please give a warm welcome to PGPoA’s newest correspondent, Pete! A frequent commenter here on the site and owner of fanwank.net, Pete’s got the skinny on Hasbro’s Marvelicious plans for you this year.


Don’t hate Hasbro, Marvel fans…Hasbro loves you! Or, rather, your pocketbook…

Because eating through your bank account with all of the new Star Wars and Transformers offerings isn’t enough, Hasbro has unveiled yet another Marvel merchandising blitz this year, just like last year. Also like last year, they’re trying new things, mixing a bit of the new in with your favorite old standbys. So let’s start with the new!

MM SpideyMighty Muggs: As they’re doing with the Star Wars line, Hasbro is creating a line of Marvel Mighty Muggs figures. The “super deformed” gimmick has worked to various degrees in the past, and this looks to be another take on the theme. Wave 1 will feature Spider-Man, Iron Man, Wolverine and Venom, and Wave 2 looks like it will be Hulk, Thing, Captain America, and Doctor Doom.

Marvel Legends Unleashed: The Unleashed tag seems to be an all-purpose moniker for Hasbro. It’s appeared on everything from miniatures to statues, and now it’s branding a line of 8″-scale action figures. We’ve seen Movie Sandman, Spider-Man, and Green Goblin; the new characters revealed at Toy Fair are Iron Man, Black-Suited Spider-Man, and Doc Ock.

Spectacular Spider-Man: Hasbro also unveiled a new line of Spider-Man figures to support the upcoming Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon. Much like the Transformers: Animated toys coming out this year, the line looks like it’ll be blending the show’s unique art style with a fair amount of articulation. Hopefully this line will fare better than Hasbro’s 5″ Spider-Man movie line…

…which brings us to Hasbro’s updates on current toys!

Spider-Man Movie Toys: If you can’t get enough of Hasbro releasing Spider-Man movie toys, or Hasbro re-releasing old toys, you’re in luck! Joking aside, folks, this new line will be in 6″-scale, and will be comprised mostly of figures that appeared previously in the Sandman Build-A-Figure wave released late last year. The series will not, however, include that BAF, and figures will instead come with various accessories.

Differences from the previous wave include a re-release of the Wrestling Outfit Spider-Man from the first movie, and a Symbiote Takeover Spider-Man that will be half black costume, half red-and-blue. Additionally, while the Black Costume Spider-Man figure appears to be the same one released previously, the regular Spider-Man will have a gargoyle base to swing from. Photos indicate the base will have a mounting bracket for hanging–nice touch!

In addition to Hasbro’s 6″ lines, there will also be a Wallcrawler Spider-Man toy, complete with suction cups, that will–as its name implies–actually climb walls. The toy comes complete with a webshooter-styled remote control.

Iron ManIron Man: Of course, those aren’t the only movie toys Hasbro’s making this year. Just hitting stores now is the Iron Man line of movie toys, featuring Iron Man in Prototype, Mark 01, 02, and 03 armor. Of course, Iron Man needs villains to fight, so we’re also getting Iron Monger, as well as Titanium Man (who may or may not be in the movie). Additionally, there will be a “Limited Edition” Repulsor Red Prototype figure (though there doesn’t appear to be any news on how limited), and a movie version of War Machine as well.

Early leaked package shots showed War Machine as an exclusive, so as more information on that becomes available, I’ll be sure to post it.

Outside of the 6″-scale, there will be an Iron Man roleplay set, featuring a mask and disk-firing repulsor gauntlet, as well as what looks to be a clip-fed, air-pump, Iron Man-themed Nerf blaster, called the N.R.F. 425 (the office warrior in me is drooling, folks).

Also on the plate are a couple of 12″-scale Iron Man figures: Invinicible Iron Man, with a whole host of extra snap-on weaponry, and Repulsor Power Iron Man, which appears to be Hasbro’s standard “large electronic figure”.

Is it worth mentioning the usual “Iron Man driving a car” and “Iron Man on an air-pump launcher” toys? Those are coming too.

HulkThe Incredible Hulk: What, you thought the movie section was done? Of course not! Details on The Incredible Hulk movie toys are a little scant at the moment since the movie doesn’t come out until June and Marvel and Hasbro are focusing their marketing blitz on Iron Man for the moment, but Hasbro did throw us a few bones.

First, there are the Incredible Hulk 6″ action figures: A “variety of Hulk figures with different features and/ or accessories” will be featured, though photos only showed a standard Hulk figure carded. Not carded, however, we saw Mega Clap Hulk, who has a push button sonic clap attack, a playset featuring Hulk and a Hulkbuster-themed Humvee (The playset is named “Hulk Attack Vehicle,” which leaves one to wonder if that’s the name of the vehicle itself, or if it’s borrowing from Hulk’s particular mode of speech), and Super Punch Hulk, shown clutching half of a police car (a la the “Steel Gauntlets” move from Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction–seriously, play it), among other things. Hasbro also appears to be continuing their love for army-builders, with some Hulkbuster soldier figures.

Also on deck are a Hulk roleplay set in the same style as the previously mentioned Iron Man one, and the almost frighteningly adorable Hulkey Pokey Hulk, who joins Sing-Along Spider-Man in the group of “toys I’m ashamed of being interested in.” Yet more Hulk Smash Hands are on the way, in case you didn’t get tired of them during the first movie, or their friends the Thing Hands from the Fantastic Four movies. Nerf fans will see the Hulk Abomination Nerf blaster, which is a repaint of the N-Strike Unity Power System, minus the single-shot Scout blaster.Hulk Operation

Hulk is also getting a collection of board games. There will be a Hulk-themed Operation game for the medically-inclined, then there’s Don’t Wake Hulk, in which players must make it to the finish line before Hulk’s alarm clock goes off…and finally, in a neat idea, there’s the Incredible Hulk Smash game, where players make the game pieces themselves, out of Play-Doh.

But wait! There’s more! Jumping back into 6″-scale and yet out of movie figures, Hasbro finally unveiled the Hulk Legends line, which has been rumored at for over a year now. The line will be two waves of four figures each (instead of Hasbro’s usual one wave of eight figures–don’t ask me), with a Fin Fang Foom build-a-figure. The first wave will feature Savage She-Hulk, Absorbing Man, Wendigo, and Hulk: The End. And speaking of Legends…

Marvel Legends: While there wasn’t a whole lot of information on Hasbro’s upcoming Marvel Legends waves, there was quite a bit on the idea that debuted as a Wal-Mart exclusive last year–the two-packs. As they’ve been rather popular, and are quite a bit more cost-effective than ToyBiz’s box sets, this year we’re getting more. First up are Ultimate Captain America and Nick Fury, with an arsenal of weapons and swappable hands, along with Elektra and a Hand assassin. The Elektra/Hand pack will actually have a variant featuring Elektra as a Skrull! Unfortunately, the Ultimate Nick Fury figure does NOT resemble Samuel L. Jackson. Perhaps Hasbro will give us an actual Sammy figure in the Iron Man line? One can only hope. (“Hand me my SHIELD Helicarrier. It’s the one that says…”)

Let’s see, what else? Oh yeah…

Marvel Transformers: PrfktTear covered the over-arching Transformers: Crossovers line in his report, but they’re legitimate here too! They look to be much smaller than the previous Marvel Metamorphs line–but then, they also look as though they transform much better. The only figures on display at Toy Fair were Iron Man and Hulk, but reports have been heard elsewhere that Venom will be in the line too. The figure that makes the most sense here is Iron Man–one can see Tony Stark building a set of armor just like this for some specific purpose. That said, the entire concept is interesting…it definitely straddles the line between absurdly gimmicky and just plain fun.

Super Hero Squad: I would be remiss if I left these guys out. Last year, we got specific Spider-Man Movie SHS figures, and this year, Hasbro is repeating that trend. In addition to new releases to the main SHS line, we’re getting Iron Man and Hulk movie-specific two-packs and box sets. There’s a lot, so I’m just gonna list them:

Superhero Squad

  • Iron Man Face Off box set: Iron Man, War Machine, Crimson Dynamo, and Titanium Man
  • Iron Man Hall of Armor box set: Tony Stark, Silver Centurion, First Appearance Iron Man, and Hulkbuster Iron Man
  • Hulk two packs: Planet Hulk and Savage Surfer, Hulk and Hulkbuster Soldier, King Hulk and Iron Man
  • Spider-Man: Ben Reilly Spider-Man and Carnage, Spider-Man and Daredevil, Spider-Man and Venom, Black-Suit Spider-Man and Doc Ock, Spider-Man and Hobgoblin
  • And the rest: Wolverine and Psylocke, Ghost Rider and Flame Cycle, Thor and Ares, Wolverine and Hand Ninja

For my money, I really like the Ben Reilly suit…I’ve always felt that was a nice variation on the original, clone story aside. I tend to agree with Poe about Wolvie’s “clown suit,” but I do like the Logan featured there….his adventures in Japan just don’t get enough attention these days.

And that (finally) brings my report on Hasbro’s 2008 Marvel offerings to a close.


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  2. I'm a little worried about the Fin Fang Foom wave: if there's a glut of movie stuff, I'm afraid it could end up underordered. Also, the second four don't seem to be set yet, and I'm really hoping for Valkyrie. I'm not positive I'll even buy all the Fin wave, but I am tempted.

  3. Tom-Tom: You're right, it is…I admit I'm not too familiar with the character, and one of the first reports I read erroneously referred to the figure as a Hand ninja. For some reason my mind just won't let go of that…

  4. Poe

    On another unrelated note, did you know that the name of the dude in the original Operation board game is "Cavity Sam"? Yecch.

  5. OB1

    That Lego Iron Man is awesome!

    On an unrelated note, anyone else find it funny that everyone writing for this site has a name or nickname that starts with a "P"?

  6. Tom-Tom

    i thought the guy with elektra was ronin?

  7. Yeah, they're supposed to be about on par with FO Hulk. That's one of the FO packs I never got, so I don't really have a point of comparison.

    I'm curious about the lineup for Wave 2…back when the things were first rumored, there were six figures in each wave, which means we're losing at least four out of the remaining eight (for now, I doubt Hasbro will scrap the characters entirely).

    I hope that Hulkbuster comes individually packed, and not as a pack-in with a Hulk figure or something…given the 9.99 price point of the movie figs, plus Hasbro's love for the army builders so far, I'm betting he will be.

    As to Iron Man, I suppose I can't really complain about the flood of Iron Man figs, when I keep buying them all…the character doesn't have more than a passing interest to me, but the armor is just always so cool looking!

    On a related note, this is awesome.

  8. Poe

    How big will the Hulk Legends figures be? 6" scale, but the size of, say, FO Hulk?

    In my opinion, there has yet to be an equal to Face-Off Hulk. There probably never will be (though I do wish he had fists).

    I'm planning on getting Iron Monger from the movie Iron Man line, the basic Hulk from the movie Hulk line, and Wendigo from Hulk Legends. Depending on the size and articulation (the Hydra Soldier was a disappointment), I may get the Hulkbuster army dude, too.

  9. I will have the entire set of IM movie toys.

    I cherry-picked out of the Ghost Rider line (Blackheart, GR w/Flame Cycle, Caretaker, and Nick Cage-to-GR), but this entire line interests me for some reason. I can't wait for it!

    And there's a lot of fanboy whining over the price point of Hulk Legends, but I see it as a very necessary shift given the size of the figures and the (STILL) rising prices of oil.

  10. Those Mighty Mugs are just too super cute! I was checking out those TF: Crossovers again, and the Hulk may have won me over. It depends on how sore my wallet is feeling after the Animated comes out. Also, I think I've got to pick up an Ironman figure for good measure.


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